Reduce Cart Abandonment Rate Significantly: Follow Social Media
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Reduce Cart Abandonment Rate Significantly- Social Marketing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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According to a survey almost 47% of the carts are abandoned because of shipping cost. People often do not carry on to the payment part of the whole transaction due to the fact that the shipping charges are a bit of a put off for them. So Ship Free!

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Free Shipping Media

According to a survey almost 47% of the carts are abandoned because of shipping cost. People often do not carry on to the payment part of the whole transaction due to the fact that the shipping charges are a bit of a put off for them.So Ship Free!

Customers feel cheated and think that they have  Media wasted a lot of time, when they find out that there are hidden charges on the products they have selected. Make sure that there are no hidden charges that are charged on the products.

All time Visible Shopping Cart Media

The whole idea of the online stores and e-commerce is to create an amazing shopping experience. Why do you want to spoil that experience by making them backtrack to cart every time they add or want to cancel a product? If there is way you can help customers to view the cart irrespective of which page they are on, it would be a great thing.

Better Hosting Media

Recently Amazon hauled a lot of dollars just to speed up their website by milliseconds. Though it sounds a bit preposterous, but it’s true. A speedy website, which is responsive to each and every click and opens pages without any fuss is really appreciated by the customers. So do not hesitate in spending on better hosting options.

One Point Checkout Media

More than 12% of the customers abandon their cart just because there are too many pages on the checkout. A single checkout page e-commerce engine is what you need to persuade customers to go through the payments.

Unique Payment Options Media

Customers really appreciate lots of payment options such as credit cards, reward point conversions, debit card, pay pal account, cheque, on line payments and what not. Just add more and more payment options, so that customers can choose the mode of payment they are comfortable with

Remind Customers about Abandoned Carts Media

The customers should be reminded every time that they have a cart filled with products, but they haven’t gone through the payments. The cart should be saved like a wish list, and every time the customer enters your website, they should get a reminder.

Social Logins is the Way to Go Media

Research show quiet clearly that people who are active on social media websites tend to be aware of the ongoing sale or discounts and buy more. It is particularly good for the e-commerce business as well as customers talk about the products on these sites. It helps in their social media marketing and product awareness.

High Quality Product Images Media

Often the compromised images of products are a letdown for the customers. If you can, you should upload the best quality images at all times.