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Lower Your Cart Abandonment Rate Using These Tricks PowerPoint Presentation
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Lower Your Cart Abandonment Rate Using These Tricks

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Lower Your Cart Abandonment Rate Using These Tricks - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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If your e-commerce store is experiencing a high cart abandonment rate, you can surely lower it with some handy tricks. Take a look at a few of them. For more details visit at http://e2logy.com/

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lower lower your


Lower Your

Your Cart

Cart Abandonment

Abandonment Rate

Rate Using

Using These

These Tricks


You are in the middle of adding items in your online shopping cart and just before you could go ahead

and make the final purchase, a very important call comes and you leave your shopping cart halfway,

continuing other important day-to-day tasks, totally forgetting about your abandoned cart in the

process. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

If your e-commerce store is experiencing something similar due to which your cart abandonment rate

in high, you can lower it with some handy tricks. Take a look at a few of them:

Optimize your page load time- Like all good things, the goodness of a fast loading website is surely

underrated. A slow loading website is not only considered poor by Google but it frustrates users as

well. If your e-commerce website is painfully slow, it can have dire consequences on the bounce rate

of your website. This is one of the most common reason users abandon their shopping carts halfway.

By optimizing your page load time, you can significantly lower your cart abandonment rate.

Send reminder emails- Sometimes, people leave their shopping carts to continue other day-to-day

tasks and often forget that they have items that they abandoned in their carts. One great trick by

which you can bring your users back to their abandoned carts and encourage them to go ahead and

purchase the items is by sending them regular reminders about their abandoned carts. This can help

you optimize your conversions. Email remarketing is a great way to remind your customers about the

product they want to buy.

Build trust in your transaction forms- Transaction forms are not a mere formality, they are just as

important in your site as any other part of the sales process. By getting your customers to fill out a

transaction form, you ask them to trust you with their personal information, which consists of not just

contact details but other details like credit card information, etc, as well. Not everyone is comfortable

filling out their sensitive information, so, you’ll need to establish and build trust in your contact forms.

Reduce checkout fears- Make sure your online store does not ask for unnecessary information from

users at or just before the checkout, which could induce some level of fear in them. Your online

store’s goals should be to reduce as many checkout fears as possible and make it a stressfree process

for them.

There should be a progress indicator on checkout pages - Things that prolong the checkout process

should be avoided in any e-commerce experience. One of the best ways you could do this is by

including a progress indicator on your checkout pages. When users have a clear idea about where

they are in the checkout process, they do not have to worry that about how much time it might take.

It assures them that they’re almost done. It also helps eliminate ambiguity and makes the process

clearer and easier for customers to understand.

offer multiple payment options limited payment

Offer multiple payment options - Limited payment options might limit your clientele. There are some

customers who prefer cash on delivery, while some that prefer to pay in installments. You need to

have a variety of payment options in your e-commerce store so that users can pick the most preferred

option they are comfortable with. Since the world has turned into a mobile-first world lately, mobile

wallet payment options, such as, LinePay, T-Cash, GCash, MayBankPay, MOLWallet etc are a must


Offer a guest checkout option - Collecting data of your users is surely important and all that but if you

make it compulsory for your users to sign up or logging in, it might not go well with them. And it

might discourage them from going ahead with their purchase. Failing to offer a guest checkout option

is one of the leading causes of shopping cart abandonment.

Have a strong CTA on your checkout page - Do not be one of those e-commerce stores that fail to

include any calls to action on their checkout pages whatsoever. Even if a prospective customer has

added something to his cart, he might still need an incentive to actually buy it. Checkout pages are

the perfect place for strong and clear calls-to-action. Use active verbs and descriptive phrases in your


Communicate your return policies - Be upfront about their return policy. This gives customers a long

enough time to check out the product and there are more chances that they will confidently go ahead

to make the purchase.

Be clear about all your shipping charges - Keep your prices transparent and preferably inclusive of

taxes. Customers absolutely hate being overcharged and deceived. Further, you should tell them

about your shipping rates early in the buying cycle. Users can prefer to buy even an expensive product

rather than buy a cheap product and then reach the cart and realize that the taxes haven’t yet been


Content Source : https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/lower-your-cart-abandonment-rate-using-tricks-ruchhir-agarwal/

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