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Ted Bundy
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Ted Bundy

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  1. By: Kirby Wiley

    Ted Bundy

  2. Serial killer: a person who kills one by one in a series.
  3. BACKGROUND: -Birth date: November 24, 1946- January 24, 1989 -Born at Elizabeth Lund’s home for Unwed Mothers in -Burlington, Vermont. -The father remains a mystery, birth certificate names a Lloyd Marshall. -Samuel and Eleanor Cowell (his grandparents) claimed him as their child. -Grew up believing that his mother was his older sister. -First few years of life lived with his mother in Philadelphia then him and his “sister” moved to Tacoma, Washington with some relatives where their last name was changed to Nelson. -Adopted by Johnny Bundy, many brothers and sisters. -Emotionally unattached from his stepfather.
  4. -Shy in high school and beginning of college. -As a young boy he was fascinated by pictures of sex and violence. -Called his “bad” part of him “the entity” -Before out of high school he was a compulsive thief and a shop lifter. -Arrested twice as a juvenile. -Graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School and got a scholarship by the University of Puget Sound. -Transferred to University of Washington. -Worked at a grocery store, and other odd jobs. -Volunteer at Seattle’s Suicide Hot Line. -Relationship with Stephanie Brooks, who was a pseudonym. -When Stephanie Brooks and him broke up he was devastated and resentful towards women in general.
  5. Physical appearance -Changes for disguise.
  6. The many murders of Ted Bundy The actual number of people that Ted Bundy murdered is still unknown. Ted took this fact with him to his grave. He confessed to thirty murders, but there could be as many as one-hundred of them. The estimated amount of murders is 35.Ted went after young women from ages 12-26.
  7. BUNDY’S METHOD Ted Bundy went after young women from ages 12-26. He had many different methods that he used, but before he first got caught he would use the same one. He would drive around in his car looking for a victim. He would walk over to them women limping and ask for help back to his car. Most women felt bad and would help him. When they reached his car Ted would beat the women with an iron bar then he would drive somewhere lonely and rape and kill the victim.
  8. Bundy’s arrests First arrest on August 16, 1975 in Salt Lake City for failure to stop for a police officer, he was then connected to his recent kidnapping, he was sentenced to fifteen years in Utah State Prison. While in court for trial, he went to the second floor library during a break and jumped from a building and ran away. Bundy was found six days later and taken back to jail. He sawed through the ceiling and was about to fit through the hole to escape. Bundy was then arrested in Florida for stealing a car and was taken to jail. Bundy told them his name was Ken Misner, but his fingerprints were taken and the police knew who he really was. Bundy then went to trial for some people he murdered at Chi Omega in 1979 in Dade County.
  9. Evidence used- -Teeth marks on girls bodies. -Found bodies of girls. -Volts wagon beetle car. -In his car: Ski mask, crowbar, handcuffs, trash bags, icepick and other items that were to be burglary tools.
  10. THE JONI LENZ STORY On January 5, 1974 she was found in the basement bedroom of the house she shared with a few of her girlfriends in Seattle. She was eighteen years old and was one of the very few survivors to Ted Bundy’s attacks. She was beaten with an iron rod and raped. She was beaten until unconscious and then Ted Bundy exited through an unlocked window of the downstairs basement. She was not found until the next afternoon.
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