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Animal in Me Examples A Monkey in Me There is a monkey in me With arms like swinging vines PowerPoint Presentation
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Animal in Me Examples A Monkey in Me There is a monkey in me With arms like swinging vines

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Animal in Me Examples A Monkey in Me There is a monkey in me With arms like swinging vines - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Animal in Me Examples A Monkey in Me There is a monkey in me With arms like swinging vines And legs like bouncy beans It chatters like a popcorn machine It swings from tree to tree like Tarzan. It lives in my heart And makes me hyper It makes me feel like climbing a tree

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Presentation Transcript

Animal in Me


A Monkey in Me

There is a monkey in me

With arms like swinging vines

And legs like bouncy beans

It chatters like a popcorn machineIt swings from tree to tree like Tarzan.

It lives in my heart

And makes me hyper

It makes me feel like climbing a tree

And swinging from

Branch to branch.


This Zoo

Inside of me there is a zoo,

I have many changing personalities

I’m fast like a wolf, chasing its prey.

I’m timid at times like a deer in the woods.

I clown around like a monkey banging its head on a tree

I sleep like an owl would, only during the day,

I love the water like a dolphin does,

I’m sly like a fox,

And am smart like an elephant.

I guess in a way the people around me are

The zoo keepers trying to keep me under control



There is a________inside me

With________(body part, fin, fur, etc.) like________

And________(another body part, fin, fur, etc.) like________

It________(hisses, roars, etc.) like________

It________(wiggles, flaps. creeps, etc.)like________

It lives in my(body part of yours [most fitting])________and

Makes me________

I wish________ (Choice of ending)


It makes me want to________ (Choice of ending)


It makes me feel like________ (Choice of ending)


Personal Experience



One dark night while I did sleep

Into my room my dad did creep.

Phone in hand, he woke me up,

I took the phone and then sat up

“Hello?” I whispered into the phone

“Hi” the caller said in such low tones

Annalyce, I was surprised,

“Why are you calling so late at night?”

“I have some news you need to hear. I went to see the

doctor here. He said I have two days to live.

To you there’s something I need to give.”

Tears welled up in my green eyes,

My best friend was gonna die.

The very next day we went over, slowly I climbed up the stairs.

I knocked one time upon the door, then knocked again just to make sure.


She opened up and the she smiled,

I had to make this worth our while.

I went inside, we played around.

Then with a box, she came around.

“Here you go, look inside.”

I opened it and was surprised.

The copper bracelet that she wore

“Is this for me? Are you sure?”

“How sure can people possibly be?

This is a gift for you from me.

I closed the box and held it tight.

I’d never forget that scared night.

The bracelet to the funeral I wore,

I won’t see Annalyce anymore.


Personal Poem Starters

_____________ (special interest/sport) makes me feel like……

It turns _________________ to __________________ and….

Things were never the same after…

I never understood why…

My ______________ (sister, grandmother, niece, etc) was like ___________________



Weather Metaphor



Thunder comes in loud with a lion’s roar

Answering the call of lightning

By opening its mouth

And rumbling

It turns the quiet night sky into a jungle

Violent and angry

Echoing then leaving on the pads of lions’ feet.



Title (form of nature chosen)

Line # 1: Title and how it arrives or begins as an animal would arrive

Line # 2: Tell what “it” (animal/weather) does

Line # 3: Tell how “it” (animal/weather) does it

Line # 4: Tell where “it” (animal/weather) is

Line # 5: Tell how “it” leaves (as an animal would leave)


Thunder and the roar of a lion

It comes after lightning

Opens its mouth and roars

In the jungle/In the sky

Echoes off the mountains then disappears




I am a cell phone

I like to chat all the time.

I come in a variety of shapes and sizes

And I am very helpful in an emergency.

I often play games with my owner,

But sometimes I interrupt when my owner is busy.

I feel important wherever I go.

I am a cell phone.



I am (a) ________________________

I like (to) _______________________

I (verb) + (describing phrase)

I am (action phrase)

I (always or often) + (action phrase)

I feel __________________________

I am (a) ________________________




~Take Time~

Tasty turtle

Tasty Tortoise

Takes time to talk to Terrible Tommy

Tasty Turtle

Tasty Tortoise

Told Terrible Tommy to tell

Talkative Timmy

To Take time to teeter-totter.

Talkative Timmy told Toothless Tammy

To take time to terrify teachers.

This tongue twister is told to

Take your time.


~Dirty Dog~

The dirty dog ate

Daisies and daffodils

For dinner.

Did the dirty dog eat

daisies and daffodils

For dinner?

If the dirty dog ate

Daisies and daffodils

For dinner, where are the

Daisies and daffodils

the dirty dog ate?


~Alliteration/Tongue Twister~Format

1.Choose a character

2.Choose an event

3.Choose an ending

4.Choose a letter

5.Brainstorm verbs, adjectives, nouns, and adverbs that begin with that letter

6.Circle the words you want to use





By: Danielle Caryl

The click of the clock, the creak of the stair, the squeak of the mouse and the swoosh of the air.

The groan of the house as it settles below, and outside the window, the patter of snow.

The scruff of the dogs paws below where I rest,

The rattle of the window that seems to face west.

The jingle of bells from the wind chime next door

The unearthly sound of a truly loud snore.

The crunching of snow under an animals feet.

The honk of a horn from right down the street.

So many noises I just want to weep,

Is it to much to ask for some sleep?


Onomatopoeia Examples

I know all the sounds the animals make,

And make them all day from the moment I wake

I roar like a mouse and purr like a moose,

I hoot like a duck and I moo like a goose

I squeak like a cat and quack like a frog,

I oink like a bear and honk like a hog.

I croak like a cow and I bark like a bee,

No wonder the animals marvel me.




*Pick a place

*List the sounds you might hear in your place.

*make sure your sounds are onomatopoeia words.

*Write a story(beginning, middle, and end) about a character in your place.

(Include your onomatopoeia words in your story.)


I ate a spicy pepper

I ate a spicy pepper

From my brother on a dare.

The pepper caught my head on fire

And burned off all my hair.

My mouth erupted of lava

And my tongue began to melt

My ears were shooting jets of steam

At least that’s how I felt

I ricocheted around the room,

I ran across the ceiling

I dove right in the freezer

To relieve the burning feeling

I drank a thousand soda pops

And chewed a ton of ice

To try to stop the scorching

Of that spicy pepper’s spice.

At last the flames extinguished,

I admitted to my brother

“That pepper was the best one yet

May I please have another?”




1.Pick something to write about

2.Pick a characteristic of the thing/person you are writing about.

3.Exaggerate that characteristic in every way you can think of.

4.Take your list of ideas and turn them into a poem.


Like What



Fear is like the midnight sky, smells like rotting

Flesh in a grave yard feels slimy and cold, sending shivers up your spine. Fear tastes like worms crawling on a rotten chevy. Is cold like a week old murder victim is warm like a sunset shining over a tombstone fear looks like someone else’s shadow on a wall sounds like sharp finger nails on a black board. Glides swiftly, temping and daring, as a snake but don’t be afraid ‘cause fear is your friend.


Loyalty is blue like the sky in the heavens hot like warmth of your heart it sounds like silence in the still air. Loyalty is purple like the tropical islands flies through the air like a beautiful butterfly looks like the soft wool of a lamb

It smells like the fresh scent of mulberries and sounds like birds singing in the trees loyalty tastes as sweet as candy. It looks like the waves of the sea hitting the beach


Like what


Color like…

Hot like…

Cold like…

Sounds like…

Tastes like…

Smells like…

Looks like… (size , shape)

Texture like…(rough , slimy)

Moves like…




Hushed wisdom

His eyes search for a time his ears listen for a moment… his mouth opens to let them know he’s there.

But a hand in the face silences his words. Maybe while they sleep maybe in their dreams, he will speak, pour the wisdom into their minds, letting them know he’s in their way. They won’t be there, in their heads, making them go insane. This is part of his hushed


Shouted Whispers

I hear a faint crying of a baby

The leaves rustling

Rain pouring down on the lake

wind blowing in the hills

Children Playing in the hills

It all seems like shouts

Giving me a headache

Although it is just whispers

That sound like a wonderful song

These shouted whispers make me feel confused


Crazy titles

Hushed wisdom Awfully good

Silent screams Adult Children

Shouted whispers Burning Cold

Jumbo shrimp Brilliantly Dull

Secret rumors Budget Deficit

Alone together

Work Party

Pretty ugly

Head Butt

Same Difference

Dodge Ram

Tax Return

Virtual Reality

Working vacation

Living dead

Taped Live

Almost done




The red blossom bends

And drips its dew to the ground

Like a tear it falls

-Donna Brock




Contains 3 lines. 1st line is 5 syllables, 2nd is 7 and 3rd is 5 syllables.

Choose a general topic, an image- usually about nature. Don’t tell a story and don’t involve people. An emotion or reflective thought is okay.

Choose a season Winter- cold, sadness, hunger, tranquility or peace.Summer- Warmth, vibrancy, love, anger and temptation, sky beaches heat and romance.Autumn- Decay, jealousy, loss, regret, saying good bye, falling leaves, shadowsSpring- Innocence, youth, passion, fickleness, blossom, silk, warm rains.

Add contrast