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FINANCIAL CONSULTATIONS 2010 Registration and - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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FINANCIAL CONSULTATIONS 2010 Registration and. Welcome Domestic Arrangements Opening Prayers. Introduction Brian Newey Chairman of the Board of Finance. Where we thought we were before the economic downturn. Average share increases near inflation till 2010 (3.5% indicated)

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Registration and



Domestic Arrangements

Opening Prayers



Brian Newey

Chairman of the Board of Finance

where we thought we were before the economic downturn
Where we thought we were before the economic downturn
  • Average share increases near inflation till 2010 (3.5% indicated)
  • Limited use of reserves to assist this – possible because parish share so reliably paid that we could work with a smaller reserve
  • We responded in 2009 and this year with lower average increases
the impact of the recession on you me and our congregations
The impact of the recession on you, me, and our congregations
  • How people have been affected – pay, job loss, low returns on savings, minimal pension increases
  • Some of you report decline in church income (others up)
  • Some report smaller congregations (others also up)
  • Use of reserves to pay the Share quite widespread
  • Is there a link between 40% of parishes with no ‘stewardship person’ and the 40% with lower income?
the impact of the recession on the church of england
The impact of the recession on the Church of England
  • Overall income holding up well
  • Outstrips performance of all charities – as does its Gift Aid
  • Some dioceses had early-year problems in collecting Share…..
  • ……but nearly all report the year to August nearly at target increase on last year
the financial position of our diocese
The financial position of our diocese
  • Good general position but some immediate budget problems – cost of uniquely low number of clergy vacancies since autumn 2009!
  • Stringent cost control in response – some permanent
  • 3% average Share increase indicated next year
  • Main cost of clergy pay and housing, and of training new clergy cannot be quickly changed
the financial position of our diocese contd
The financial position of our diocese contd…..
  • Hope of further improved investment income but can’t count chickens by budgeting based on hope
  • Other key considerations – re-investing for the future?; new challenges that need attention?
the future of the church in our three counties
The future of the church in our three counties
  • Need to replace old (1990s) pastoral plans? (40% of C of E clergy will retire in next ten years)
  • New housing will need new ministry
  • Encouraging clergy morale as they need, embrace and lead change
  • Challenges on which we need to work together.

Forecast 2010,

Draft Budget 2011 and beyond

Nigel WearneDirector of Finance

parish giving opening a new chapter
Parish GivingOpening a New Chapter

Robin Brunner-Ellis

Christian Giving and Funding Adviser

healthy stewardship audit
 There is a regular pattern of prayer for financial resources.

 There is a regular approach to teaching and preaching about stewardship of money and of our ‘time and talents’.

 There is an individual or group responsible for promoting stewardship within the parish.

 There is an annual budgetary process connected with a renewal of planned giving needs.

 Requests for money are led by the parish vision and future plans, rather than ‘what can we afford?’

Healthy Stewardship Audit
healthy stewardship audit1
6.  Planned givers receive regular letters of thanks for their contributions.

 The parish gives away 10% or more of its general funds to external organizations.

 The ‘giving profile’ (ie. how many give how much, eg. 5% give £1-£5 per week; 20% give £5-£10 per week) is reviewed regularly by the PCC.

 Full stewardship programmes occur regularly, ie. at least every 5 years, eg.

Mission-shaped Giving, Giving in Grace or others.

10.  Our PCC has promoted giving of legacies in

the last 5 years.

Healthy Stewardship Audit
will aid 2010
1 letter explaining to your church how to use the pack

1 large poster

1 small poster

1 booklet about Will Aid

1 leaflet to prepare legators prior to meeting a solicitor

Will Aid 2010

Legacy packs have arrived!

These packs will be mailed to you.

critical steps to growing generosity
Preaching and teaching generous giving

Link giving to mission and ministry

Annual review of giving

Thanking givers on an annual basis

Critical Steps to Growing Generosity

Giving for Life

does it work
“Resourcing God’s Mission” giving leaflet

PLUS Christian Giving Parish Pack

PLUS “Mission-shaped Giving” PCC learning

PLUS a Stewardship Planning Group

OR an individual who promotes stewardship

Does It Work?

(a) Evaluating levels of engagement

does it work1
Resourcing God’s Mission

40% of churches saw 1-10% giving increase

30% saw 11-20% giving increase

30% saw 21-30% giving increase

PLUS Christian Giving Parish Pack

33% saw 1-10% giving increase

33% saw 11-21% giving increase

18% saw 21-30% giving increase

6% saw 31+% giving increase

Does It Work?

(b) Evaluating resources against giving patterns:

does it work2
3. PLUS Mission-shaped Giving learning exercise

46% sawof churchesgiving increased by 11-20%

17% saw 21-30% giving increase

17% saw 31+% giving increase

PLUS a Stewardship Group OR individual

In 15% saw 1-10%giving increase

In 29% saw 11-20%giving increase

AND… 43% saw31%+giving increase

Does It Work?

(b) Evaluating resources against giving patterns:

sharing good giving practice1
The “Wales” problem

Our local challenge

A real and lasting difference

Sharing Good Giving Practice
parish stewardship promoters
Identifying who promotes stewardship

Connecting them with others

Supporting this network

Providing training opportunities

Helping to discern people to take up some of the less technical aspects

Parish Stewardship Promoters

What is this network about?

parish stewardship promoters1
A communications gap

False perceptions

Parish Stewardship Promoters

Challenging current problems

Filling the communications gap

parish stewardship promoters2
Berkshire Archdeaconry

Launched in July 2010, network being grown

Oxford Archdeaconry

Launch on 18 November Benson Church

7 December Woodstock Church

Buckinghamshire Archdeaconry

Launch in late February 2011

Parish Stewardship Promoters

Progress Report

treasurers next steps
Who is undertaking some /all of your stewardship activities (Gift Aid, Planned Giving, stewardship group chair)?

Support and encourage your PSP.

If it is you, is there someone who could take on some of these tasks?

Do I have your and/or their details?

Treasurers: Next Steps?
one urgent news flash
Tax rates Ordinary Rate Higher Rate

2000-2008 22% 18%

2008-2011 20% 20%

PLUS additional 3p for every £1

2011 onwards 20% 20%

LOSS of additional 3p for every £1

One Urgent News Flash!!!

6 April 2011

For every £100 Gift Aided by church members

You will lose £3

growing a healthy stewp cycle
Growing a Healthy Stewp Cycle


Evaluating & discerning


  • Mission & Ministry priorities
  • Goals for year
  • Parish Plan
  • Resourcing the Plan

Preaching Teaching Prayer

Growing a Healthy Stewardship Cycle




Preaching Teaching Prayer


Engaging with church membership

Asking members to share in the vision

Encouraging them to live life more generously

one last request
One Last Request


Help to cascade information down

to and around your church!



and Comments