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Presenting your Extended Project

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Presenting your Extended Project. How long does it take to make a first impression?. 7 seconds. How much does body language account for in conveying your message?. 55%. How much does voice account for in conveying your message?. 38%.

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visual aids
Visual aids
  • Avoid lots of typing onto your slides – it is very boring and distracting for the audience. They should be listening to you and engaging with your subject rather than reading your slides. If you want something for them to go home with – produce a leaflet in publisher or something similar so that you don’t bamboozle them or make the go to sleep. If you put too much closely typed script on a slide they will not be listening to you and will probably be trying to get through the reading before you finish speaking about this slide. If you get to the point where you are reading this text, wave at me with both hands because I am obviously boring you!
visual aids1
Visual aids
  • Eye catching images are the way to go!
advice from the aqa board
Advice from the aqa board
  • Your presentation is on both your dissertation/artefact/performance and what you have learned from the process
  • Be prepared for some challenging questions
  • Answer your questions honestly but don’t be afraid to take a minute to think about what you want to say