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Zohere’s CSE3 Final PowerPoint Presentation
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Zohere’s CSE3 Final

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Zohere’s CSE3 Final - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Zohere’s CSE3 Final. Dynamic Webpage Programming with JavaScript. Data Analysis and Visualization with MS Excel. Computational Thinking.

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Zohere’s CSE3 Final

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Zohere’s CSE3 Final

Dynamic Webpage Programming with JavaScript

Data Analysis and Visualization with MS Excel

Computational Thinking

JavaScript helped give me the ability to create sophisticated webpages. While I knew from an earlier lab how to design a web page, I was able to greatly enhance my ability and make a more impressive page. I can now create interactive webpages which gives users a closer feel to the website. I will be able to create a website that will be able to represent my business properly and attract buyers.

In the course, CSE3: Fluency in Information Technology, I learned many ways to use technology to help me and my career. I learned that if I want to start my own business there are key skills I need such as: word, excel, PowerPoint, Alice, and JavaScript.

PowerPoint cannot by my only tool in giving my investors a status update about the business. I will need to produce sophisticated spreadsheets. I was completely unfamiliar with excel before this class. However, I now am able to use excel with ease. I have become so adept at it that I can also now list it on my resume.

Presentation of Information with MS PowerPoint

I created a homepage to help show viewers my qualifications. I was able to display the courses I’m taking and post a picture that relates to my major and career plans. I also was also able to link to another page with a list of all my projects from this year. This HTML training has given me the ability to do this.

Making Information Available to the World with HTML and Web Pages

I am now able to use PowerPoint at a whole new level. If I really do have plans to start my own business then I will need to create presentations to show investors about the business. I am now able to create pie charts and bar graphs which gives the reader an easier look at a business’s wellbeing.

Visual Programming with Alice

Alice, a program created by students at Claremont McKenna, was a great program to transition me to JavaScript. Much of the instructions are the same. I was able to gain experience in declaring variable and using them properly. The program also gives immediate results and was ways to use. It was a great friend to someone who was completely unfamiliar to programming beforehand.

Desktop Publishing with MS Word

I am able to create a complete word document that displays information in a much more sophisticated manner. I can change layouts, color schemes, create text boxes, add images, and convert word documents to a PDF document. All key skills for my plans to create my own business. In addition, I can now create a resume that does not follow the boring traditional format. I can spice it up and give people a good impression while also demonstrating my tech savvy.