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Electronic Questionnaire for Investigation Processing ( e- QIP) JSAC Workshop February 28, 2007

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Electronic Questionnaire for Investigation Processing ( e- QIP) JSAC Workshop February 28, 2007 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Electronic Questionnaire for Investigation Processing ( e- QIP) JSAC Workshop February 28, 2007. June E. Martin Raytheon. Electronic Questionnaire for Investigation Processing ( e- QIP) JSAC Workshop. Acknowledgement Office of Personnel Management (OPM) DSS Customer Service Center.

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electronic questionnaire for investigation processing e qip jsac workshop february 28 2007
Electronic Questionnaire for Investigation Processing (e-QIP) JSAC WorkshopFebruary 28, 2007

June E. Martin


electronic questionnaire for investigation processing e qip jsac workshop

Electronic Questionnaire for Investigation Processing (e-QIP) JSAC Workshop


Office of Personnel Management (OPM)

DSS Customer Service Center


What is eQIP

  • e-QIP is a secure website designed to process and store all personnel investigative forms for DoD
  • DoD is currently only using e-QIP for processing the SF-86,“Questionnaire for National Security Positions”
  • The e-QIP system has been utilized and maintained by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) for several years.
  • e-QIP has replaced the EPSQ system effective July 7, 2005

eQIP Functionality

  • e-QIP can be done from anywhere with any computer that can access the Internet
  • e-QIP electronically allows Applicants to enter, update, and release their personal investigative data over a secure Internet connection to their sponsoring agency for review, approval, and submission to investigation provider

JPAS and e-QIP

  • JPAS and e-QIP is currently used by the Department of Defense and Industry

JPAS/e-QIP Requirements

  • After a JPAS User has been granted authorization, the “Investigation Request” hyperlink will become activated
  • Before a JPAS User can initiate a request, they must have an Owning or Servicing relationship with the Applicant
  • Once an Investigation Request has been initiated, the Requesting SMO will continuously receive notifications (via JPAS) as to the status of the request throughout the entire e-QIP process
initiation process
Initiation Process
  • To initiate request, click on “Investigation Request” hyperlink - located below the “In/Out Process” hyperlink
  • If the “Investigation Request” link is NOT there:
    • Ensure the “Correct” Person Category is being displayed
    • Ensure you have a relationship with the person
    • Check “Investigation Summary” section for an active investigation request
    • Ensure the person has “DoD Contractor Companies” displayed in the “Service/Agency” of the Add/Modify screen

Initiation Process


“Add/Modify Investigation Request” screen

  • “Additional Scope Information”
    • Form Type = SF86 (auto populated)
    • Date of Birth = Automatically Populated
    • Access Codes: click on drop-down box and select Investigation Type.
      • Top Secret
      • Secret
      • Confidential
    • Sensitivity ADP = Leave Blank
initiation process2
Initiation Process


  • “Additional Request Information”
    • “Requesting Official” section (Contact for Investigation Info)
      • Requester’s Name
      • Requester’s Phone
      • Requester’s Job Title
      • Requester’s Extension
    • “Security Folder” section (location of Applicant’s Security folder)
      • Location Options (Industry’s only option is “Other”)
        • None
        • SOI (Submitting Office Identifier)
        • NPI (No Pertinent Information)
        • Other (must enter location name, address, city, state and zip)

(State & zip must match)

initiation process3
Initiation Process


  • “Official Personnel Folder” (location of Applicant’s Personnel folder)
      • Location Options (Industry’s only option is “Other”)
        • None
        • NPRC (National Personnel Records Center)
        • SON (Submitting Office Number)
        • Other (must enter location name, address, city, state and zip)
  • Click “Initiate” to submit request
  • Check JPAS Notifications for “Initiated” request
  • Applicant Notification
    • Provide Applicant with “eQIP Instruction” sheet
initiation process4
Initiation Process


  • Applicant has 30 days from the date when the Investigation Request was initiated to “start” the PSQ or the Investigation Request is terminated
  • Applicant has 90 days from the date when the Investigation Request was initiated to “submit” the PSQ or the Investigation Request is terminated
  • If the Requesting SMO places the investigation request in “Pending PSI” status, the time limits do not start until the “Initiate PSI” button is activated
  • Suggestion: Once Applicant completes PSQ, but before he/she “certifies” PSQ, have them bring in a hard copy of their PSQ, minus the privacy section for your review.
initiation process5
Initiation Process


  • Suggestion: Once you’ve notified Applicant of any changes or if there are no required changes - make a “signoff” appointment with Applicant to come to your office
  • Once all changes have been made:
    • Print out releases (has eQIP number) and have Applicant sign (Mandatory)
    • Print copy of the Archived PSQ (Completed PSQ)
    • Have Applicant “Certify” and submit PSQ via web
  • File copy of certified (Archived) PSQ in personnel folder until investigation is completed. (No longer required)
  • Send signed releases to:

eQIP Rapid Response Team


PO Box 618

Boyers, PA 16018

initiation process6
Initiation Process


  • A hyper link will appear in the Person Summary screen under the “Investigation Summary” section when an investigation request has been submitted on a person
  • Investigation Summary:Investigation Request of SSBI, Initiated PSI on 2006 04 12
  • To see this hyper link: You must have a relationship with the person, either owning or servicing
    • You must have the “Request Investigation” privilege activated
  • Only authorized User within the requesting SMO will see the status of the Investigation Request via Notifications
initiation process7
Initiation Process


  • The requesting SMO can “Stop” the Investigation Request” at any time prior to the Applicant certifying and transmitting the PSQ to DISCO
  • Investigation Summary: Investigation Request of SSBI, Initiated PSI (Stopped) on 2006 04 12
  • Once the requesting SMO “stops” the investigation request, they would have to “initiate” a new request if needed
ready for review process






Ready-for-Review Process

Requesting SMO initiates the Personal Security Investigation (PSI) request

  • Applicant completes the Personnel Security Questionnaire (PSQ), releases back to the SMO to review. Requesting SMO receives “Ready-for-Review” notification
    • 123-45-6789 Doe, John A. IndustrySSBI Ready for Review 2006 03 02
  • You will review, reject or approve and release to DISCO.
  • Upon approval at DISCO, Requesting SMO receives “Ready-for-Review” notification
    • 123-45-6789 Doe, John A. IndustrySSBI Ready for Review 2006 03 02
  • DISCO reviews completed PSQ
  • DISCO must either “Approve” or “Stop” request
disco approval process
DISCO Approval Process
  • If NO discrepancies are noted, DISCO “approves” request and forwards “Investigation Request” to e-QIP

Once the “Investigation Request” is received by e-QIP, the requesting SMO receives an “Approved” notification

  • e-QIP sends the “Investigation Request” to PIPS to notify OPM to open an investigation
disco stop process
DISCO Stop Process
  • If discrepancies are noted during the “Ready-for-Review” process, DISCO “stops” the Investigation Request
  • Requesting SMO receives a “Ready-for-Review (Stopped)” notification
  • DISCO notifies requesting SMO of discrepancies via “Message from CAF” notification

1. If stopped SMO must initiate a new request allowing Subject to make corrections and release back to DISCO.

2. New Release forms will have to be submitted to OPM.

released process
Released Process
  • Once the Investigation Request arrives at OPM, their internal system “PIPS” notifies eQIP that the request was successfully received
  • Once the request is successfully loaded into PIPS, the request is automatically “terminated” (Just the request is terminated)
  • eQIP notifies JPAS that the Investigation Request was “released” into PIPS
  • The requesting SMO receives a “Released” notification via JPAS (Investigation loaded to PIPS, assigned to Investigator)

Problem Checklist


  • Releases not dated, signed or legible. Modifications must be initialed by Subject.
  • DOB or POB discrepancy between Finger Print Card (FPC) and SF86.
  • Missing middle name on FPC (Must match SF86). Indicate “NMN”, if there is no middle name. Indicate “IO” if Initial only.
  • Missing City, State and Zip. This is required for ALL residence and employment addresses.
  • The lack of SSNs and POBs for cohabitants on SSBI requests. Listed as adult currently living in household.
  • Employment and residence gaps (see instructions at www.dss.mil for specifics).

Problem Checklist


  • Lack of separation date and residence of spouse in case of separation or divorce.
  • Missing marital status of previous spouse. If unknown, indicate.
  • Missing debt clarification; indicate if still outstanding. Provide comments in remarks section if needed.
  • Subject’s certification of accuracy of EPSQ must be within 180 days.



1. No Contracts?

2. Use eQIP for Special Access?

problem checklist continued
Problem Checklist(Continued)
  • Once you have initiated a clearance request in JPAS and the subject is unable to log into e-QIP due to incorrect data in JPAS, you must call the DSS Customer Help Desk and request the changes made in JPAS be updated in e-QIP. If DSS is not notified of the changes, the Subject will not be able to access e-QIP.

NOTE: This is not an automatic process.

  • If Subject releases his/her e-QIP file before printing off archival file of PSQ and three signature forms, you may request release forms be faxed to you by DSS Customer Service.
  • Subject will have to request a copy of his/her PSQ form which will be mailed directly to his/her home address.

Can I access e-QIP with my personal computer at home? If so, do I need a special internet browser?

Yes, you can use your personal computer - at home or at the office! e-QIP is designed to be accessible from any computer, anywhere in the world. The only requirement is that you use an internet browser capable of 128-bit encryption.

2. What is the process for completing my SF-86 using e-QIP?

Once you have been notified that you have access, login by entering your social security number and answering the three Golden questions. After logging in the first time, you will be prompted to change your golden questions to ensure the security of your data. After changing your Golden questions, e-QIP presents you with the Main Menu. Select the link entitle, “Enter Your Data” from the main menu screen. After reading all instructions, you can now begin entering your personal data. In order to ensure the completeness of your data, a validation routine will run after each page is submitted. The validation routine will point out any errors and provided detailed instructions on how to satisfy each incorrect or missing item. When you are satisfied that your form is complete, select the “Display Your Data” link from the main menu. After a final review of your date, select the “Certify/Submit” button to finish your form. On the last screen make sure to print a copy for your records and print and sign each form that has a blank for your signature. Only after you have printed and signed the appropriate signature pages, should you click on the final link entitled, “Release Request/Transmit to Agency.”

3. Do I have to change my golden questions?

To protect your personal data from unauthorized disclosure it is highly recommended that you change your golden questions/answers to items that are unique and personally specific to you, but could not easily be guessed by others.


4. I cannot login to e-QIP. What should I do?

After verifying all system requirements listed in the e-QIP brochure, contact your sponsoring agency to verify that you currently have an active request in the e-QIP system.

5. When I try to login, e-QIP displays golden questions that I have never created, or that I don’t know the answer to. What should I do?

If you are getting “bogus” Golden Questions that you do not recognize or do not know the answer to, please contact your sponsoring agency to verify that you currently have an active request in the system or to request that your Golden questions be re-set to the default values.

6. I have just logged in and haven’t entered any data. I don’t know where to start from the Main Menu. What do I do?

Click on the link entitled “Enter Your Data” to begin entering your personal data.

7. What does the “Submit” button do?

The “Submit” button saves any data that you have entered on the current screen.

8. What does the Reset button do?

The Reset button clears (removes) any new data recently entered on a screen that has not been previously saved.

9. Do I have to go through the form question by question, in numerical order?

No. You may skip ahead or go back to any question number by selecting the desired question from the Navigation Bar located at the top right-hand side of the screen. This opens a drop down menu that contains all the sections of the form. Simply select the desired question and press the “Go” button to proceed to selected section.


10. Is there a way to tell which questions I have finished?

Yes. At any time you can go to the Navigation Bar at the top of the screen an select the “Validate, Certify, and Release” link. The system will then display all remaining errors that must be satisfied before you can submit the form.

11. Where do I get help for completing a specific question?

Click the “Help” link located upper left hand corner of each page for additional instructions on completing specific questions.

12. What’s the difference between an “Error” and a “Warning” when validating my data?

A “Warning” message alerts you to a potential problem with your data which may require additional explanation. An “Error” must be corrected prior to certifying your completed form.

13. When should I validate my data?

You can validate your data at any time while you are entering/editing data; however every applicant is required to validate their data on the final screen before they are able to certify their form.

14. Can I certify my form with errors?

No, all “Error” and “Warning” messages must be sufficiently satisfied before you can certify and release your e-QIP request.

15. Should I do anything before I certify my data?

After your data has passed validation you should click on the “Display” link in the upper left hand corner of the screen to verify your data and to ensure that your answers are complete and accurate to the best of your knowledge. Then select “Validate, Certify, and Release” from the Navigation Bar in the top right-hand side of the screen and follow the additional instructions. After certifying your data, you will not be able to edit your form.


16. I have completed this form in the past. Why doesn’t this system have that data?

e-QIP can only retrieve data previously entered into the e-QIP system. Data from previously completed paper forms or data from other automated systems has not been loaded into this system.

17. I’ve only entered a little data, but I have to go to a meeting. What should I do?

Click the “SAVE” button at the bottom of the page to save your data. Then click the “Log-out” button at the top of the screen to exit the system.

18. I don’t have a suffix on my name. What do I do?

Leave the suffix field blank.

19. I don’t have a first or middle name. What do I do?

Check the NFN (no first name) or NMN (no middle name) box.

20. I’m not sure of a date. What do I do?

Estimate the date (month and year) to the best of your ability and check the “EST” checkbox, indicating that this is an estimated date.

21. I have a validation error that says that a date has to be after another date. What does this mean?

Many questions involving dates are validated against the birth date entered in question 2.Most date fields pertaining to the applicant (not relatives) must be after the applicant’s birth date.

22. I am 6 feet tall. I entered 6 feet, but I got an error message telling me to enter inches. What do I do?

Select 0 (zero) for inches and submit.


23. I’ve entered as much information as I think I can for questions 9 and 11, but I still get errors. Why?

To correctly complete an e-QIP request you cannot have gaps between your dates. Validation is based on data entered and any time lapse between the end date of one record and the start date of the next record will prompt and error message. You must indicate all period of self-employment, unemployment, or vacation as appropriate. Please provide as complete a set of data as possible. Depending on the type of investigation you will receive, you may be required to provide 10 years of data for some questions. An error message will indicate if this is the case.

24. On question 9, I get an error message about needing a record with “Present”. What does this mean?

Question 9 requires one record to have an end date for which you have checked the Present box, indicating your current residence.

25. I have to enter a foreign address. What do I do for zip code?

If there is a postal code associated with the foreign address, enter it in the comment field.

26. I hit the Back button and something strange happened. What’s wrong?

As a general rule, do not use your browser’s Back button for navigation within the applicant section of e-QIP. Use the question navigation buttons or the buttons at the bottom of the screen instead.

27. I have more than 3 degrees to enter in question 10. What do I do?

Enter three, click Submit. The system will then display additional lines for you to add additional degrees.


28. Can I see if I am qualified for a security clearance even if I am not a Federal employee?

No. It is not possible to "pre-apply" for a security clearance. Not all Federal employees/contractors have security clearances. Individuals who are tentatively selected for government jobs (or as Federal contractors) will be investigated as appropriate. If access to National Security Information is required, you will need to complete a security questionnaire and an investigation will be conducted. If the investigation results are favorable, a security clearance will be granted if appropriate.