the adventures of walter the water drop n.
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The Adventures of… Walter the Water Drop PowerPoint Presentation
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The Adventures of… Walter the Water Drop

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The Adventures of… Walter the Water Drop - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Adventures of… Walter the Water Drop
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  1. The Adventures of…Walter the Water Drop Watch as Walter wanders through the Water Cycle... Science SOL 3.8By Mrs. Miller

  2. One cloudy day in early spring, Walter, a happy water drop, was swimming in the Pacific Ocean.

  3. All of a sudden, the clouds began to move and Mrs. Sun came out of hiding.

  4. Walter began to get very warm, and feel very strange.

  5. Oh, NOOO! • He was turning into… WATER VAPOR!

  6. As Walter rose high into the sky, he was terrified! Yikes!

  7. Suddenly, it began to get quite chilly. Walter began to turn back into his old self again.

  8. As the wind pushed him across the sky, he ran into some old water drop friends, Wanda and Willy, and met some new friends.

  9. They decided to stick together and see what kind of adventure they would have.

  10. Together they joined hands and formed a cloud.

  11. They drifted across the United States, the Atlantic Ocean, and Europe.

  12. More friends joined along the way, and they laughed and talked about previous adventures they’d had.

  13. Soon, there were too many water drops and they began to fall.

  14. They kept falling and falling...

  15. …right into the Tiber River in Rome!

  16. As they floated along, they realized they had to say goodbye for now, knowing they would one day meet again for another adventure.

  17. Join us again as… • “Walter joins… Harold the Hurricane!”