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Group:. Rice-based systems Joe Tindwa , Danny Coyne, Victor Afari-Sefa , Bakari Kaoneka, George Mhina, Silvest Samali , Jonne Rodenburg. What combination of technologies would potentially fit in this system (bearing constraints in mind) ?. Vegetable production constraints.

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Rice-based systemsJoe Tindwa, Danny Coyne, Victor Afari-Sefa, Bakari Kaoneka, George Mhina, SilvestSamali, Jonne Rodenburg

What combination of technologies would potentially fit in this system bearing constraints in mind
What combination of technologies would potentially fit in this system (bearing constraints in mind)?

Vegetable production constraints

Rice production constraints

Weeds (incl. wild rice)

Pests (incl. birds) & diseases

Soil fertility


Harvest & post harvest losses

The big five production constraints

  • Input access (e.g. quality seeds)

  • Pests & diseases

  • Water access

  • Post harvest

  • Markets

What combination of technologies would potentially fit in this system (bearing constraints in mind)?

Technologies addressing major constraints using GAP

  • Community-based seed and seedling systems

    • Improved cv’s, good quality and clean seeds, healthy seedlings, promotion of good planting methods (e.g. timing, land preparation)

  • Integrated crop management

    • Timing of operations, cropping sequences (rotations), labour-saving technologies, small-mechanization

  • Water-management

    • WUE-enhancing technologies (e.g. drip irrigation, AWD/aerobic rice systems), water harvesting/ water conservation (e.g. bunding, ridging)

  • Harvest and post-harvest handling

    • Small mechanization (e.g. harvesters, threshers), improved packaging, grading and standardization

  • Markets

    • Warehouse receipt systems, farmer organizations to improve market access, farmer access to dedicated markets (avoiding trader’s and elevated prices), food quality and safety standards

What tangible research activities should we undertake to test if our combination fits this system? NOW?

  • Assess current situation – ex-ante impact study, incl. biophysical constraint assessment: yield gap, diagnostic and base-line surveys (NOW) (AfricaRice already developed surveys for this)

  • Establish Multi-Stakeholder Platform (MSP)’s for stakeholder/farmer meetings to assess resources, constraints, needs and opportunities in terms of intensification & diversification (NOW) … along the value chain…

  • Community sensitization and training/awareness (NOW)

  • Demonstrations and evaluation of seed and seedling systems (NOW)

  • Community-based demonstration trials on rice-vegetable(-livestock) integrated systems (NOW)

  • Water management demo trials (NOW)

  • Mechanization: introduction, evaluation (NOW) (and adaptation)

  • Participatory variety evaluation (rice and vegetables) (NOW)

  • Introducing and evaluating improved post harvest handling practices (e.g. packaging, processing) (NOW)

  • Economic analyses and farmer evaluation exercises (now)

  • Establish farmer groups and dedicated markets (NOW)

Who should be part of the research team partners
Who should be part test if our combination fits this system? of the research team?PARTNERS

  • Farmer organizations

  • ARI’s: IITA, AfricaRice, AVRDC, ILRI

  • DALDO’s of Kilombero and Mvomero

  • HORTI-Tengeru

  • TPRI

  • SUA

  • KATRIN and Dakawa - ARI

Who could we partner with collaborators
Who could we partner with? test if our combination fits this system? COLLABORATORS


  • Agro dealers

  • Seed suppliers/companies

  • KATC

  • Intermech Engineering


  • MAFC

  • SIDO

  • NGO’s

  • US universities (…)

Africa RISING’s Niche- test if our combination fits this system? Integrated Research

  • Crop

  • Soil

  • Livestock

  • CropSoil√

  • CropLivestock √

  • SoilLivestock √

  • CropSoilLivestock √

1. Crop/Shrubs/Tree






2. Soil/Water