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“Healthy School Meals Best Practices” PowerPoint Presentation
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“Healthy School Meals Best Practices”

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“Healthy School Meals Best Practices” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“Healthy School Meals Best Practices”
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  1. “Healthy School Meals Best Practices” Submitted To Virginia School Boards Association 10-31-11 Loudoun County Public Schools 21000 Education Court Ashburn, Va. 20148

  2. Loudoun County Public Schools Food Service Department Targeted Three Areas To Promote Healthy Meals Develop Presentation And Marketing Methods To Increase Vegetable And Fruit Consumption Product Research and Menu Design That Enables Us To Offer Foods Children Will Choose And Still Meet The Lower Fat And Saturated Fat Guidelines Per Week Help Children With Food Allergies Or Special Needs Participate In Our School Lunch Program By Providing Ingredient And Carbohydrate Listings Online

  3. Presentation Changes Have Increased Healthy Choices By Mixing Fruits, Vegetables, Colors, Shapes And Sizes On Serving Trays

  4. Taco Tuna Marketing Items To Meet More Than One Goal Promoting Vegetables By Offering Different Choices Serving Them Fresh, Full Of Color And Packaged To Go Chicken Caesar Chef Promoting Reimbursable Meal Sales By Having Multiple Components Packaged Together Vegetarian

  5. Skim, 1%, Plain, Chocolate And Strawberry Choices Encourage Children To Choose Milk And Get Important Nutrients Vegetarian Choices Allow Members Of Our Diverse Population To Join Their Peers For Meals At School

  6. Pairing Healthier Foods With Popular Items Helps Balance Out The Overall Nutrition While Promoting Participation

  7. The Ingredient List Provides A Way To Search And Highlight An Ingredient So It Can Easily Be Seen In All The Descriptions Using The Ingredient List Parents And Students Can Work Together At Home To Find Foods That Are Safe For The Student To Choose In The School Cafeteria

  8. The Carbohydrate Count Listing Helps Diabetics And Weight Conscious Patrons Make Choices That Fit Their Needs Using The Carbohydrate List Parents And Students Can Work Together At Home To Plan Their Meals So The Student Can Be Like Everyone Else And Have Lunch In The School Cafeteria

  9. Link to Loudoun County Public Schools - Carbohydrate Count counts%20Elementary%20-%202011-2012.pdf Link to Loudoun County Public Schools – Ingredient List Loudoun County Public Schools Contact Person: WaydeByard Public Information Officer 571-252-1040