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Mrs. Bruckner

Mrs. Bruckner

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Mrs. Bruckner

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  1. Mrs. Bruckner Be Sun Safe!

  2. What do you do in the sun? What do all these pictures have in common?

  3. True or False? • You can get sun-burned on a cloudy day. • Dark skin people can’t get skin damage/cancer. • You can get sun exposure through the car window. • You can get sun exposure while skiing on a mountain.

  4. Answers • You can get sun-burned on a cloudy day. TRUE • Dark skin people can’t get skin damage/cancer. FALSE • You can get sun exposure through the car window. TRUE • You can get sun exposure while skiing on a mountain. TRUE

  5. The SUN…. Your best friend or your worst nightmare??!!?? BenefitsVs. Risks Energy Sunburn Vitamin D Cancer Recreational fun Immune suppression Warmth Wrinkles Growth Eye Damage

  6. UVA vs UVB • There are two main types of rays the sun gives off. • UVA= WRINKLES! • UVB = CANCER AND SUNBURNS • SUN= CARCINOGEN • Melanoma= Skin Cancer Melanoma is the most common form of cancer ages 25-29.

  7. Skin Cancer Facts • One blistering sunburn in childhood more than doubles a person's chances of developing melanoma later in life. • A person's risk for melanoma also doubles if he or she has had five or more sunburns at any age. • Dermatologists (skin doctors) say you should wear sunscreen everyday, even in the winter. • If you have a mole that changes color or increases in size, see a dermatologist right away! It could be sign of skin cancer.

  8. How do we measure UV radiation levels? 11+ We use the UV Index Scale. The weather channel and many radio stations will tell you what the UV index is each day. 10 9 8 7 6 If the index is 5-6 or higher, be extra careful. 5 4 3 2 1 UV index Introduction

  9. SPF • Sunblock does EXPIRE! • Waterproof sunblock is not permanent. It needs to be reapplied after long times in the water. • Wear a sunscreen with an SPF with at least 15.

  10. AHHHH…. TANNING BEDS!! • The use of tanning beds increases a person's cancer risk by 75% if used before the age of 30. • UVA intensity from tanning beds is 15xs stronger than the midday sun.

  11. Laws against Tanning beds • The WHO (world health organization) has declared tanning beds a carcinogen. • In Suffolk county (where we live) you can not go to a tanning bed under 14 without your parents permission.

  12. But I like being TAN! It looks good! • Wear makeup. • Use tanning lotions like Jergens or Dove. • Get a spray tan.

  13. How Can You Become Sun Safe?

  14. SunWise Sun Safety Action Steps Seek shade between 10am- 4pm Slide on Sunglasses Slither into the Shade Slop on Sunscreen Slap on a shirt or a rashguard Steer clear of tanning beds Surely watch the UV Index Slip on a hat Health Effects

  15. Vocabulary Words Do you know what all these words mean? Now is the time to check. • Recreational • Immune suppression • Melanoma • Dermatologists • Radiation • UV index scale

  16. Project Task Create a poster showing at least 5 of the 8 sun safety steps. • Paper can not be bigger than a regular 81/2 x 11. • Color must be used. • Your name must be on the BACK of the paper. • The top posters will be entered in a National Contest. • First place prize is a trip to Disney World!