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Sovereign Hill

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Sovereign Hill

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Sovereign Hill

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  1. Sovereign Hill By Jamie Fidanza

  2. The Guide

  3. Day 1 Day1 we have arrived at school to go, they packed our bags to go. We stoped at the park to eat some snack and a play. And we stoped at the Ballarat Art Gallery to have some lunch and do stuff. Finley camp we arrived at camp and everyone just wanted to now were there cabins were. In the mine we go down down and dark some people were afraid. How did we get down the mine we went by cart a big Cart!. In the best bit of camp for me was Gold Fever . We had a performance it was funny and cool

  4. Day 2 We woke up in the morning to eat Breakfast. I had rice Bubbles and tost .After that we went down a mine to see something it was fun. We went how they made loiles it was yummy. Then we went to eat lunch it taste weird, then we went to see the Red coast , we got our photos with them

  5. Day 3 The last day of camp we went shopping and it was fun, The first shop we went to was the water loo shop I bought a walking stick and a harmonica it was cool. At the Candy shop it was packed with people I got acid drops and I still have some left. We packed our bags. Then we left, When we got back you couldn't get out