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Swansboro High School

Swansboro High School. 2014-2015 Registration Special thanks to Stacie Friebel for the awesome cover! I will send out this PPT for you to review and use. . ONSLOW COUNTY SCHOOLS Secondary Course of Study. Write your name on the front cover of your Secondary Course of Study.

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Swansboro High School

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  1. Swansboro High School 2014-2015 Registration Special thanks to Stacie Friebel for the awesome cover! I will send out this PPT for you to review and use.

  2. ONSLOW COUNTY SCHOOLSSecondary Course of Study • Write your name on the front cover of your Secondary Course of Study. • Leave your Secondary Course Guide with your homeroom teacher when you leave today. We will be using the guides in homeroom again tomorrow. You may take your guide home after homeroom tomorrow. • You will need to bring your Secondary Course of Study when you come to Registration Night. • Teachers: write the names of absent students on a guide. If they are absent again on Tuesday, please send their guide to the office during homeroom.

  3. ONSLOW COUNTY SCHOOLSSECONDARY COURSE OF STUDY • BRIEF overview of pages 6-10 • Pg 6 No schedule changes after courses have been submitted • Pg 7 Credits required for grade promotion • Pg 7 Minimum College Admission Requirements • Pg 8 Scholars program & SAT (ACT Scores now accepted) Scholarship Info • Pg9 Required state testing (no exemptions) • EOCs-Math I, Biology, English II, CTE • 10th Graders - PLAN • 11th Graders - ACT • 12th Graders - WorkKeys • Final Exams for selected courses

  4. Future Ready Core Requirements • Current 11th: pgs. 10-12 • Entered 2011-2012 • 21 credits • CPR Training • Current 11th graders may register for a social studies elective (AP Psychology or Turning Points in American History)

  5. Future Ready Core Requirements • Current 10th and 9thpg. 13-15 • Entered 2012-2013 and beyond • 22 credits • CPR Training • Current 9th: Register for American History I or register Turning Points in American History if planning to take AP US History as a junior. • Turning Pts./AP Commitment form required • Current10th: Register for American History II or AP US History (must have taken Turning Points)

  6. NCVPS Pg. 16 • NCVPS (online courses) Highlight the 1st sentence • See www.ncvps.org for offerings. • Foreign Language NOT recommended • SBHS requires a minimum of 3.0 Weighted GPA for enrollment. • Application and Commitment for must be signed and returned to Mrs. Friebel. • Forms can be picked up during registration night.

  7. OCS SECONDARY COURSE GUIDE • Pg.18 is critical for understanding the guide • Pgs. 19-25 are middle school courses (Review for your purposes only…not to students.) • Pgs. 26-78 – Course Descriptions for high school courses • Follow along as we highlight changes to courses • Remember, courses are offered based on ENROLLMENT numbers during registration.

  8. CTE New Courses • Pg. 43 Drafting II – Engineering • Pg. 44 Drafting III – Engineering • Still offering Drafting II – Architectural and Drafting III – Architectural (courses we have offered in the past) • Review course descriptions for details

  9. ENGLISH • Pg. 50: Special Interest English Composition – Honors (aka Advanced Composition)

  10. MATH • Pg. 51: Foundations of Math II • Pg. 52: Foundations of Math III • Pg. 52: Math III • Algebra 2 only ONLINE through NCVPS. • The fourth math option next school year is AFM. • Special Topics in Math is only available for current 11th gradersnot going to a university.

  11. Performing Arts (Pages 53-58) • All students enrolling in orchestra, band, vocal music, and theatre arts should enroll in one of the following: • Orchestra – Intermediate - Fall • Orchestra – Intermediate - Spring • Band – Intermediate - Fall • Band – Intermediate - Spring • Theatre Arts – Intermediate • Vocal Music – Intermediate – Fall • Vocal Music – Intermediate – Spring A band and an orchestra course should be scheduled for each semester.

  12. Performing Arts – Pages 53-58Addendum Courses These are not listed in the guide but will be available during online registration. • Marching Band • Guitar - Beginning • Guitar – Intermediate (Guitar- Beginning is a prerequisite.) • Piano • Music Appreciation Write these available course titles at the bottom of page 58.

  13. Physical Education – Pages 59-60 • Pg. 59 Adv. PE • Register by grade level: • I=9th grade (only 2nd semester – must take Health/PE 1st) • II=10th grade • III= 11th grade • IV = 12th grade • Pg. 59 Physical Fitness I – (was called Personal Fitness this year and is recommended for females) • Pg. 60 Weightlifting - Register by grade level for Fall and Spring. • 9th graders can only take weightlifting after COMPLETION of Health/PE in Fall Semester.

  14. New Social Studies Courses • Pg. 66 American History II • Pg. 67 American History II Honors • Pg. 68 Current Affairs & Issues – HONORS ONLY (formerly known as Global Issues) • FOR RISING JUNIORS: Students who have completed American History I will take American History II. • Students who completed Turning Pts will take AP US History.

  15. Visual Arts – Pages 71-73 Addendum Courses These are not listed in the guide but will be available during online registration. • Ceramics – Beginning • Ceramics - Intermediate • Fine Crafts • Global and Folk Art – Intermediate • Introduction of Art History Write these available course titles at the bottom of page 73.

  16. AVID – Page 77 • AVID 9: • Paired with Honors English I • AVID 10: • Paired with Honors English II • AVID 11: • Paired with AP English III • AVID 12: • Paired with AP English IV

  17. OCS CURRICULUM GUIDE • Career & College Promise (CCCC Courses) – Pgs. 79-86 • Requirements : Highlight #2 & #3 on pg. 80 • Junior or Senior • Min. weighted GPA of 3.0 • Min. test scores • To maintain eligibility: • Progress toward graduation • Maintain a 2.0 GPA in college coursework

  18. OCS CURRICULUM GUIDE • Cross Enrollment- pgs. 87-89 • Student would remain enrolled at SBHS while taking a course at another high school. • Student must provide own transportation. • Request can be made at registration night and must then be approved by principal. • Because of the distance and traveling time from SBHS to another high school, it is rare for students to work this into their schedule.

  19. Controlled Enrollment Process – Pages 90-94 • WHY? • To take advantage of a Specialized Program at another high school - (listed on pgs. 72-73) • How does it work? • Complete the application process • NOTE: Transportation is not provided. • Must stay at the other school the entire school year. • Students must be in good standing at their home school for consideration. High expectations must be met – good attendance, grades, discipline, etc.. • How/When do I apply? (pg. 93) • Student must see Ms. Tyndall for intent form & application • Due to receiving school by 5/16/14 • Current Controlled Enrollment students- Intent form is DUE to Mrs. Andre by 4/11/14!

  20. OCS Curriculum Guide • Pg. 95 Drivers License information- • Highlight “Who is not eligible” • Pg. 96 Athletic eligibility- • Highlight attendance & academic requirements • Minimum load is 3 classes/ Must pass at least 3 classes for eligibility • Pg. 97 Grading Scale and weighted course grade chart

  21. IT’S TIME TO REGISTER! • Nightly registration • Registration Checklist • Counselors will have completed checklist for you. • Students will make choices for classes based on what they need (English, Math, Science, Social Studies). • Electives and course requirements on back of completed checklist for assistance with cluster/concentration. Don’t forget graduation requirements!!!! • 11th pages 10-12 • 9thand 10th – pages 13-15

  22. Additional Notes/Suggestions • Math I (taken in 8th grade) DOES count as one of their 4 math courses. • Example: 8th: Math I, 9th: Math II, 10th: Math III, 11th: AFM, 12: AP Statistics • Fourth Math Options are: • AFM - Advanced Functions & Modeling • AFM - Advanced Functions & Modeling – Honors • Special Topics in Mathematics – Eligible students must NOT be going to a university (for current 11th only) • Current 9th will register for Honors Biology or Physical Science (teachers can provide recommendations based on performance in EE) • If registered for PS as 10th, regular Biology will be taken next. • Chemistry is a difficult course if you haven’t taken Physical Science. Math III or (Algebra 2) is recommended before taking Chemistry. Discuss the best course option with your current science teacher.

  23. Dates/Times of Registration • March 10 (Monday) & 11 (Tuesday): Guides and PowerPoint provided to students in homeroom • March 19 (Wednesday): Continued Registration Information in homeroom (Clarify questions and times for registration)

  24. Dates/Times of Registration • Current 11th graders • March 17th • 3:30-4:00pm AIG Meeting (11th only) • 4:00-5:00pm A - I • 5:00-6:00 J-R • 6:00-7:00 S-Z

  25. Dates/Times of Registration • Current 10th graders • March 19th • 3:30-4:00pm AIG Meeting (10th only) • 4:00-5:00pm A - I • 5:00-6:00 J-R • 6:00-7:00 S-Z

  26. Dates/Times of Registration • Current 9th graders • March 26th • 3:30-4:00pm AIG Meeting (9th only) • 4:00-5:00pm A - I • 5:00-6:00 J-R • 6:00-7:00 S-Z

  27. Where do I fit?

  28. Pirate Academy Registration Process • On Registration Process sheet, indicate the night and time of registration the student should attend. • Please make an announcement that families with siblings can come on the SAME night. • Students should take home Secondary Course Guide and Registration Process sheet on Tuesday.

  29. Registration Night Process • Students/Parents will report to the cafeteria. • Pick up their registration folder. • Make course selections in cafeteria. • Obtain approval from counselor at table in lobby. • Students will report to media center to input classes into PowerSchool. • Parents will report to the media center for survey completion and then join their student in the media center computer lab.



  32. STAFF RESPONSIBLITIES • Homeroom teachers must be present during a 2 hour time slot on the registration night for their grade. • 3:45-5:45 • 4:30-6:30 • 5:30-7:30 • All other teachers will signing up for a 2 hour time slot to assist parents and students during registration.

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