Librarians vs automation
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Librarians vs. Automation. Carolyn Weber Lucio Campanelli Will Hohyon Ryu. What Librarians Do. Public Services Librarian Technical Service Librarian Acquisitions/Serials Librarian Cataloging Librarian. What Computers can Do. Public Services Librarian People use computers to find books.

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Librarians vs automation

Librarians vs. Automation

Carolyn Weber


Will HohyonRyu

What librarians do
What Librarians Do

  • Public Services Librarian

  • Technical Service Librarian

  • Acquisitions/Serials Librarian

  • Cataloging Librarian

What computers can do
What Computers can Do

  • Public Services Librarian

    • People use computers to find books.

  • Technical Service Librarian

    • They work for computers

  • Acquisitions/Serials Librarian

    • Computers can decide what to buy or not using automated statistics

  • Cataloging Librarian

    • Automatic Index and Automatic Classification

It seems we do not need librarians anymore
(It seems…)We do not need librarians anymore!

  • Automatic Indexing

    • No need to make a catalog

  • Automatic Classification

    • Even assigning Dewey Codes can be done by librarians

  • Vocabulary Control

    • Limits the range of words used

    • No creative actions!

  • Automatic Abstracting

    • Computers provide information that librarians don’t.

Automatic indexing
Automatic Indexing

  • Definition

    • When the assignment of the content identifiers is carried out with the aid of modern computing equipment the operation becomes automatic indexing.

Procedure of automatic indexing
Procedure of Automatic Indexing

Produces an Index Table

Extracts Index Terms







No catalogers anymore
No Catalogers Anymore

  • Isn’t Google Books better than WorldCAT?

Automatic classification
Automatic Classification

  • Find a right category of a book.

  • Involves machine learning algorithms: SVM, Neural Network, Naïve Bayes Theorem

Procedure of ai s automatic classification learning
Procedure of AI’s Automatic Classification Learning

Suggests Classification

Analyzes Index Terms

Library Management

Procedure of ai s automatic classification
Procedure of AI’s Automatic Classification

Suggests Classification

Analyzes Index Terms

Computers can assign dewey codes
Computers can assign Dewey Codes!

  • Based on full text - Librarians can’t

  • Additional weight on the title and authors

  • Give librarians suggestions

Definition of vocabulary control
Definition of Vocabulary Control

  • The standardization of indexing and the labeling of items for future reference. The systematic selection of preferred terms. (Davis and Rush)

  • A limited set of terms that must be used to represent the subject matter of documents (Lancaster)

What is a information retrieval thesaurus
What is a information retrieval thesaurus?

  • Term applied in the 1950’s.

  • A tool used for the subject indexing of documents

  • Primary arrangement is alphabetical

  • Helps indexers choose between synonyms and near synonyms when they occur

  • Cross references help navigate the vocabulary and select the suitable terms

  • Often used for indexing in databases or as a source of subject metadata

Origin and development of the thesaurus

Formal standards began the early 20th century

Library of Congress Subject Headings

Sears’ Subject Headings for a Small Library


UF Land Snails


BT Gastropoda

NT Edible snails

Freshwater snails

Introduced snails



Origin and development of the thesaurus

Why are thesauri important
Why are Thesauri Important?

  • Headings can be used to organize physical files if required

  • Can be used as a search tool

  • Can help to formulate and modify searches without being seen by the searcher

  • Can function as a browse and navigation tool

  • Is a source of subject metadata for digital library resources

Project thesauri for zines
Project: Thesauri for Zines

  • Definition of a zine “a small, handmade amateur publication done purely out of passion, rarely making a profit or breaking even.” -Factsheet Five

  • Have to be manually created

    • “alternative” culture & terms

    • New materials handled by libraries

    • Local collection: Queer Zine Archive Project Digital Library

Questions to ponder
Questions to Ponder….

  • What are the benefits or disadvantages to providing a thesauri for digital libraries?

  • As libraries and publishers become more automated, is this the best solution for all types of materials? Why or why not?

  • Zines are one type of alternative material which libraries are turning to manual thesaurus construction to provide more effective searching for users. Can you think of any other media or materials that may also require manual thesaurus construction?

Lucio s part goes here
Lucio’s Part goes here

  • Suggested Topics:

    • How Well Automatic Summary Works

    • What Automatic Summary can do in libraries

  • You can ignore the suggestions entirely!