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Lenovo Brand Positioning Technology For Those Who Do PowerPoint Presentation
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Lenovo Brand Positioning Technology For Those Who Do

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Lenovo Brand Positioning Technology For Those Who Do - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ThinkPad ® Edge. Lenovo Brand Positioning Technology For Those Who Do

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Presentation Transcript

ThinkPad® Edge

Lenovo Brand Positioning

Technology For Those Who Do

Lenovo designs tools for those who are driven by accomplishment. Individuals who live for the opportunity to roll up their sleeves, achieve great feats, and leave their mark on the world around them. Lenovo creates Technology For Those Who Do.

ThinkPad Edge: ‘Do Machines’ for Small Business

  • Succeed with Style
  • Dependable performance in the boardroom, at the café, or behind a desk. The sleek, progressive design turns heads and makes a lasting impression.
  • Time is Money
  • Built-in features and services drive down immediate and long-term costs. These products empower employees and businesses to get more out of each day- more uptime, more efficiency, more done.
  • Innovate with Focus
  • Every tool is carefully developed with purposeful intent to ensure an enhanced experience for small business customers. Products are built for everyday achievers, and favor streamlined usability features over complex functionality so that users are more productive.


Technology For Those Who Do

Do Machines for small business

Do Machines for large business

Do Machines for consumers

Succeed with Style

Time is Money

Innovate with Focus

Succeed with Substance

Time is Money

Innovate with Intent

Inspire Creativity


Go the Distance

Captivate & Entertain

Do Machines for anywhere

Explore from Anywhere


ThinkPad® Edge E320

Wow Features

  • Succeed with Style:
  • Only 1.74kg with a 6cell battery and 1.2” thin, so it can go everywhere you do
  • Durable construction with reinforced metal hinges and spill-resistant keyboard
  • Time is Money:
  • RapidBoot technology enables a boot-up time up to 30% faster than a typical Windows 7 laptop
  • Innovate with Focus:
  • Excellent VoIP and video conferencing w/ light-adaptive webcams, noise suppression technology, & high-quality speakers
  • Simplified keyboard layout with Direct Access Multimedia Keys for fast & easy access to conferencing, audio, video, & entertainment features.

ThinkPad® Edge


ThinkPad Edge laptops provide the reliability and usability features that keep small business professionals productive, secure, and entertained… all in a clean, contemporary design.


ThinkPad Edge E320/E420/E520

ThinkPad Edge 11”/13”/14”/15”

  • IS
  • a small business laptop balancing reliability, usability, and style
  • a thin and light, high-performance ultraportable laptop
  • a business laptop with an excellent multimedia experience
  • IS NOT
  • a no-nonsense, classic business laptop [Try ThinkPad X/T/L Series]
  • a netbook [Try IdeaPad S Series]
  • a portable workstation [Try ThinkPad W Series]

ThinkPad® Edge E320/E325

  • TARGET AUDIENCE: On-the-Go Small Business Professional
  • Whether they’re a independent consultant, a student, or a lawyer in a boutique law firm, today’s on-the-go small business professionals value mobility, performance, and design. These individuals don’t stand still and wait for things to happen. They need a laptop that can perform everywhere they do, and won’t weigh them down in the process. A computer that can handle the business tasks thrown at it and looks good while doing so. A tool they can rely on to keep them productive, connected, and entertained wherever they may be.
  • who values dependable reliability
  • who wants to make an impression
  • who travels frequently and works in varied settings
  • who wants the cheapest solution
  • who is content working in the background
  • who works only in the office


I’m Stefan- a marketing rep for a small internet startup. My work can happen at the office, in the café around the corner, and even on my living room couch- so I need a computer that I can just pick up and take with me wherever I’m headed. The semi-regular trips to visit clients and tradeshows make things like style and portability even more important. Right now, I have to lug around a big heavy laptop, and while it performs well enough it’s also inconvenient and unattractive. I need something that is reliable, has long battery life, and won’t kill my shoulder after carrying it around. A laptop that I’m NOT embarrassed to pull out to run our latest demo. Since I often find myself with unexpected downtime, it would also be great to have something that can keep me connected and entertained.


ThinkPad® Edge E320


For small business professionals on the go, the ThinkPad Edge E320 is a stylish, thin & light ultraportable notebook with durable construction, long battery life, excellent multimedia & communication capabilities, and time-saving enhancements that keep you productive.

  • Intel HD Graphics
  • Display outputs: VGA, HDMI
  • Connectivity: Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth 3.0, optional 3G
  • 3 USB inputs (1 powered USB)
  • 4-in-1 media card reader
  • Low Light Sensitive HD Webcam, digital mic w/ noise suppression
  • Up to 7.5 hrs battery life1 with 6 cell battery
  • Up to Intel 2nd Gen i3/i5 processor
  • Home Premium, Pro
  • 13.3” HD (1366x768 resolution), Anti-Glare
  • Up to 8GB DDR3 (2 DIMM slot)
  • Only 1.74 and 1.2” thin
  • Up to 320 GB 7200 HDD with APS OR optional 128 GB SSD
  • Succeed with Style
  • Built for Mobility: Only 1.74kg and 1.2” thin
  • Available in either Heatwave Red2 or Midnight Black soft touch matte finish
  • Durable construction with reinforced metal hinges
  • Spill-resistant keyboard with contemporary keycap design
  • TrackPoint and large multi-gesture clickpad to accommodate various control preferences
  • Time is Money
  • Lenovo RapidBoot technology enables a boot-up time which is up to 30% faster than the typical Windows 7 laptop (even faster performance with optional Lenovo RapidDrive)
  • ‘Active Protection System’ and ‘Rescue and Recovery’ protect your data while on the move
  • Energy Star 5.0, and RoHS promote energy efficiency and save you money
  • Innovate with Focus
  • Excellent VoIP and video conferencing w/ light-adaptive webcams, noise suppression technology, high-quality speakers, and dedicated software.
  • Legendary ThinkPad keyboard with simplified layout and Direct Access Multimedia Keys for fast & easy access to conferencing, audio, video, & entertainment features.
  • HDMI 1.4 output enables the display of high-definition content on HDTVs and HD projectors.
  • Multiple connectivity options (Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth, WWAN [optional, Intel only]) keep you connected anywhere you work.

1 Actual battery life is depends on usage

2 Available on selected models only