Infrastructure recovery services e mail recovery solution emrs
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Infrastructure Recovery Services – e-mail recovery solution (EMRS). E-mail Recovery Solution (EMRS). EMRS provides 60-second e-mail continuity. The EMRS Value Proposition.

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Infrastructure recovery services e mail recovery solution emrs

Infrastructure Recovery Services – e-mail recovery solution (EMRS)

E mail recovery solution emrs
E-mail Recovery Solution (EMRS)

EMRS provides 60-second e-mail continuity

The EMRS Value Proposition

No matter what happens to your physical facilities, data center(s), servers, software, network connectivity or even IT staff, IBM’s E-mail Recovery Solution (EMRS) ensures that e-mail will always be up and running. With EMRS, e-mail between company executives, staff and employees, customers, prospects, and suppliers, will always work.

The challenge of current environments
The Challenge of Current Environments

The Challenge…

  • E-mail has evolved to an enterprise wide, mission-critical application -- but most organization’s recovery solutions do not meet current business continuity requirements

    • Management presumes e-mail is highly available

    • Significant impact on business operations:

      • Revenue

      • Productivity

      • Reputation

        “Can’t recover if you can’t communicate”

        Current Solution…

  • Implement a high availability email recovery environment

    • Typically, these solutions are too costly and complex to implement and maintain

      • Traditional replication solutions require redundant infrastructure, complex recovery procedures and highly skilled staff.

      • Management, maintenance and testing of these solutions taxes valuable resources

      • Viruses and database corruption issues still pose a significant risk.

E mail will fail
E-mail Will Fail

E-mail has become the #1 most critical enterprise application…

….but is not highly reliable today

E-mail Will Fail

E-mail Outages Have Real Costs

  • A 5,000 person health care provider lost $3 million during 8-hour outage when IT staff accidentally shut down data center power

  • Five financial services firms were fined a total of $8.25 million for failure to protect and preserve e-mail communications

  • A 2,000 person national law firm CIO estimates a recent e-mail outage cost the firm $100,000/hr in lost revenue and productivity

  • A national financial services lost $6 million from virus-related e-mail outage plus damage as retail financial planners lost access to calendar used to track customer appointments

Fact: 74% of e-mail systems will fail in the next 12 months

High availability of e mail
High Availability of E-mail

When e-mail fails, companies need strategies for recovery and continuity

EMRS Provides E-mail Continuity in 60-seconds

Emrs features
EMRS features

EMRS is a stand-by e-mail system that ensures continuous access to e-mail

E-mail & BlackBerry Continuity

Immediate fail-over messaging system provides e-mail & BlackBerry access despite any type of problem in your primary system

Transparent Activation

Activate in 60-seconds and communicate: completely transparent to outside users

Automated Synchronization

Automatically “syncs” corporate directories, user accounts, contacts, calendars, and distribution lists to secure IBM data centers

Designed for Immunity

Linux-based system provides immunity from viruses and database corruptions that may cause downtime in the primary system

Quick Recovery

Automatically moves all sent and received e-mail on EMRS to the primary system after recovery


E-mail Recovery Solution

Activemailbox for emrs exchange
ActiveMailbox for EMRS - Exchange

ActiveMailbox provides direct access to your e-mail inbox during an outage


EMRS ActiveMailbox

Access Historical E-mail

Directly access historical e-mail (including sent, received & internal mail) during an EMRS activation.

Balance Cost v. Continuity

Control whether each user has access to 90, 60, 30, or 7 days of historical e-mail or no history at all.

Manage Security and Retention

Every message is securely transported and stored with full encryption and deleted and permanently deleted at the end of your specified retention period.

Quick Installation, No Upfront Costs

EMRS and ActiveMailbox can be deployed in hours and don’t require investment in expensive hardware, software, storage, or deployment services.

Dependable Continuity

ActiveMailbox is part of EMRS, so it’s always ready to activate within 60-seconds during any type of outage.

How emrs works
How EMRS Works

EMRS provides simple and effective e-mail continuity in 5 steps

Wrap up
Wrap up...

  • E-mail protection: Designed to help enterprises deal with a range of scenarios…

    • Technology: line cut, hardware or server outage, software glitch, migration

    • Natural: flood, fire, typhoon, earthquake

    • Man-made: virus, Spam, Dos attack, terrorist attack

  • …with a secure, easy-to-use e-mail protection continuity system…

    • Rapid fail-over: within minutes of declaration

    • Transparent to clients, partners, the outside world

    • Fully automated directory sync with primary email system

    • Seamless restoration of emails to the production email system post-disaster

    • Easily tested on a regular basis

    • Hosted with IBM

  • … Message - Easy to implement; Easy to manage; Easy to Deploy…

Infrastructure recovery services e mail recovery solution emrs1

Infrastructure Recovery Services – e-mail recovery solution (EMRS)