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(Your Presentation/ Paper Title) PowerPoint Presentation
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(Your Presentation/ Paper Title)

(Your Presentation/ Paper Title)

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(Your Presentation/ Paper Title)

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  1. (Your Presentation/Paper Title) • (Presenter’s Name) • (Company/Organization Name)

  2. Instructions • DO NOT MODIFY THE MASTER SLIDE IN ANY WAY • This AFS PowerPoint Presentation Template has been preformatted to provide font size and color combinations that will ensure maximum visibility in the large Metalcasting Congress conference rooms. • For maximum visibility in these large rooms, AFS recommends that you maintain the setting in this template. • Please follow guidelines in AFS Presenting Author’s Information when creating this presentation. • Continued on next slide

  3. Instructions • To create new slides, use the ‘Insert + New Slide’, the new slide icon or (CTRL+M). The new slide will automatically come up in the congress format. • You can use the sample slides in this template by importing any tables, charts, photos or artwork directly into the slide in the boxes provided. You may also choose your own slide format by inserting a new slide. • Send your presentation in to AFS prior to Congress. We will have your presentation loaded on the computer and ready for you when you arrive. • AFS will provide the computer and the projector. Plan on giving your presentation from the podium using the AFS laptop computer

  4. Instructions • Submission: • All PowerPoint presentations must be submitted to AFS in advance of the Congress presentation. Your presentation will be reviewed for adherence to AFS standards. After approval, your presentation will be pre-loaded on the Congress computer and ready for you to present when you arrive. • You will be able to review your presentation in the AFS author’s lounge at anytime during Congress show hours. • All PowerPoint Presentations are due at AFS by February 15th

  5. Instructions • COMMERCIALISM • All presentations must conform to AFS commercialism standards. (see AFS Author’s Guide for the 2014 Congress) • If you desire, your company logo can be attached to the opening slide of your presentation only. • No other use of the logo is permitted and will not be allowed on other slides. • Your name and company affiliation will be included in the official program and on the opening slide for the session. Speaker contact information may be included on the final slide.

  6. Instructions • COMMERCIALISM • All presentations will be reviewed for commercialism. AFS reserves the right to modify any presentation to remove commercial references. • If you change or modify your PowerPoint presentation and bring a revised version (different than the one submitted before the congress) to AFS staff on-site at the Congress, you will not be able to present the revised PowerPoint until the presentation has been reviewed for compliance with the commercialism guidelines. Please provide adequate time for review. • AFS reserves the right to stop any presentation in progress which violates the commercialism guidelines.

  7. Instructions VIDEO Please follow these instructions if you plan to use any video clips in your presentation. Step 1: Select the “Insert Tab” Step 2: Within the “Media” pane, select “Video” then select “Video from File.” Step 3: Browse for video Do Not Copy and Paste the File or Video Itself in the PPT File

  8. Instructions • VIDEO – Cont’d. • All video clips should be submitted in ‘AVI’ or ‘MPEG1’ formats. • Please use standard formats. • (For example AVI files encoded with mpeg4 is not standard and requires special codes to run.) • File size: 150KB MPEG1 (352x240) is about 10.2MB and runs for about 1 minute.

  9. For additional information, please contact: • Name • Address • Phone • Fax • Email • Web Site Address Your name and company affiliation will be included in AFS Congress promotional material, in the official program and on the opening slide for the session. Speaker contact information may be included on the final slide as indicated above if desired.