the monroe administration the era of good feelings n.
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The Monroe Administration The Era of Good Feelings PowerPoint Presentation
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The Monroe Administration The Era of Good Feelings

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The Monroe Administration The Era of Good Feelings

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The Monroe Administration The Era of Good Feelings

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  1. The Monroe AdministrationThe Era of Good Feelings

  2. Where the name comes from The phrase "Era of Good Feeling," first appearing in the Boston "Columbian Centennial," took root during Monroe's tour of New England. This marked the first time since Washington and the last time in American history that the President had the support of the entire country.

  3. The idea of the Era of Good Feeling originated from the deepest political desires of the time. Political theorist believed that parties were bad for democracy and the framers of the Constitution had hoped that there would not be any political parties. The collapse of the Federalist Party resulted in people with diverse political views joining the Republican Party. Within a short period of time the party had lost its cohesion and instead of partisanship politics devolved into a period of factionalism.

  4. Extension of boundaries The U.S. was interested in obtaining Florida. They had already claimed Alabama as a part of the Louisiana Purchase. 1816 Jackson marched troops East Florida in pursuit of Seminole Indians 1817 Jackson wen beyond orders and began the occupation of East Florida. 1819 under the Adams-Onis Treaty the U.S. received Florida by paying 5 million in Spanish Citizen claims.

  5. Moving west John Jacob Astor funding a fur trade exploration in Oregon. Increased the movement west, which brought colorful individuals. Jim Bridger, Kit Carson. They explored the Rockies and married and adapted to Native Culture.

  6. Native relations In pairs of two Look at pages 215-216 What Native groups are affected by the westward movement? How do the Natives deal with these changes.

  7. Mississippi As Natives were being pushed out white settlers flooded Mississippi. 1810= 1/7 population in the area beyond the Appalachians 1840=1/3 of the country lived in the area. Much of this land went to farmers in a prosperous period post 1812.

  8. Transportation The first Federal Transportation project. The National Road stretched between Cumberland, Maryland, and Virginia. This toll road helped the basic traveler more than major businesses. By 1815 The Ohio, Mississippi rivers developed a large system of float boats. John Fitch would develop the first idea for a steam powered ship.

  9. Canals The U.S. also developed a system of canals to transport agricultural goods in the west to port cities. Lead to creation of the famous Erie Canal .