innovation and professional development a premier professional development initiative
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Innovation and Professional Development: A Premier Professional Development Initiative

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Innovation and Professional Development: A Premier Professional Development Initiative - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Premier PD Program. Common Vision. Engagement Strategies. Blended Modalities. COLLABORATION. INNOVATION. New Employee Development Program. Performance Based Professional Development. System-Level PD. Leadership Development Institutes. Portal, Repositories, Badges.

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innovation and professional development a premier professional development initiative
Premier PD


Common Vision



Blended Modalities



New Employee Development Program

Performance Based Professional Development

System-Level PD

Leadership Development Institutes

Portal, Repositories, Badges

Innovation and Professional Development: A Premier Professional Development Initiative

Jamie Justice, Kentucky Community and Technical College System

random thoughts on professional development
Random Thoughts on Professional Development

The Reaction

Strategic Plan or Reactive Response

What is “Premier” Professional Development?

Change Management Mechanism

professional development the reaction
Professional Development: The Reaction

Question: What is the first reaction that is most common when “Professional Development” is mentioned or announced?

Why this response?

Why this reaction?

vision for professional development
Vision for Professional Development

What is the most common approach to professional development planning?



think about it
Think About It
  • Think of a time in your past when you attended a professional development program or training and everything just pulled you in, engaged you and when you left you were really excited and charged to apply what you learned.
  • Now think about what it was that made that experience so powerful?
change management mechanism
Change Management Mechanism
  • Professional Development for Change and Innovation:
      • ADKAR
      • Innovation Talent Development
      • School for Innovators
      • TED Talks
      • Technology Applications
climbing mt premier kctcs office for professional development and innovation
Climbing Mt. Premier: KCTCS Office For Professional Development and Innovation
  • New Model and New Vision for KCTCS
  • Collaboratively Designed and Delivered Professional Development Activities
  • Innovation Focused
  • Leadership, Service and Support
climbing mt premier
Climbing Mt. Premier
  • Begin by Beginning
  • Establish a Vision
  • Create a Structure
  • Maximize and Utilize Resources
  • Plan Collaboratively
  • Identify the Pain
  • Innovate, Plan, and React
  • Implement and Adapt
the pain
The Pain
  • System-level Professional Development occurs in One Annual Conference
  • Limited Leadership Development and Supervisor Training
  • Inefficient use of Limited Training Resources
  • No System-level Leadership or Coordination Supporting Colleges
  • Duplication of Professional Development across System
  • Limited Professional Development Opportunities
  • Lack of Support for New Employees
what has happened to date
What has Happened to Date

The Process

  • Formation of the KCTCS PD Peer Team
  • Initial Charter and Charge- Climbing Mount Premier
  • Created the Office for Professional Development and Innovation
  • Peer Team meetings and planning, benchmarking, survey, R&D, and plan proposal
  • Pain Tour 2013/14 –
  • System-wide Survey
  • Operational Plan Development
  • Final Peer Team Recommendations
summary results
Summary Results
  • Areas of Need: Leadership Development and System-level PD.
  • Survey: 1100 responses
  • 70% say PD for their position is offered
  • 83% say they have participated in at least 1 PD per semester
  • Top 5 PD requested from pre-determined list
    • Leadership workshops (488)
    • PeopleSoft Topics (432)
    • Microsoft Excel (431)
    • Conflict Resolution (379)
    • Student Services Topics (343)
  • Create an Enterprise-wide Leadership Development Program
  • Create an Enterprise-wide Professional Development Program
        • Performance Based PD Program and Institutes
        • General Professional Development Program and Institutes
  • Create a New Employee Development Institute
  • Create a one-stop portal
  • Establish process for validation and quality of offerings.
  • Provide regional professional development institutes
enterprise wide leadership development
Enterprise-wide Leadership Development
  • Gaining expertise to boost efficiency and effectiveness
  • Initiatives: Positive Impact and System-wide Impact
  • Identify Skill Gaps: Align Learning Activities and Development Plans
  • Continuous Learning
  • Innovation Pathways
  • Foster Continuous Learning and Improvement
  • Increase Productivity and Work Relations
enterprise wide leadership development1
Enterprise-wide Leadership Development

What will this look Like

  • Year Long for Faculty and Staff
  • Dedicated Management Team
  • An Academy Approach
  • Programs and Specific Pathways
  • Current and Emerging Leadership Training
  • Faculty Staff Programs and Paths
enterprise wide professional development
Enterprise-wide Professional Development
  • KCTCS Certified Trainer network
  • Emphasis on hands on, learner engagement and hi-impact training methodologies
  • Delivered through a coordinated network of certified master trainers.
  • Enhance overall professional development through highly focused, hi-impact managed regional institutes
  • Ensure system-level trainings are consistent across the System
  • Employees participate through a variety of delivery modalities
kctcs performance based institutes
KCTCS Performance Based Institutes
  • ASTD Certified Master Trainers
  • Participation Based Delivery
  • Hi Impact, Hi Demand Focus
  • Standardized/Modularized Program
  • Certifications/Badges/Other
  • Training Pathways
  • Scalable, Measurable and Sustainable
new employee development institute
New Employee Development Institute
  • Enterprise-wide Support of New Employees
  • Role of KCTCS Colleges in the Commonwealth
  • Improved Training for first Time Faculty
  • Reduced Costs through a Standardized Program
  • Peer to Peer Developed and Delivered Programs
premier professional development
Premier Professional Development
  • Needs Based
  • Accessible and Ongoing
  • Quality Assurance for Content Design and Delivery
  • Collaborative – PD Peer Team and OPDI Close Working Relationship
  • Performance Based
  • Tied to Specific “Pain” and System Initiatives
  • Cost Effective
  • Efficient
  • High Impact Service and Support
new vision for professional development
New Vision for Professional Development
  • Transition from Attendance-based to Performance-based PD
  • Transform from Conference Model to Institutes
  • Accessible, multi-modality, performance based offerings
  • Minimum Quality Standards
  • Content and Learning Management Structure
  • Innovation Focused – Jumping Gaps
  • Proactive and Responsive
new vision for professional development1
New Vision for Professional Development
  • One-stop Portal for All PD
  • Coordinated PAIN focused Offerings
  • Collaborative Planning and Offerings
  • Faculty and Staff Driven
  • Badges Model
  • Collegial Learning Models
  • Innovation and Research Focused
opdi immediate response
OPDI Immediate Response
  • PeoplesoftRegional Trainings (ARR)
  • Excel Regional Trainings
  • KOILS: Innovation T & L (pedagogy & tech day)
  • April T & L Regional Institutes
  • Leadership Institutes
  • Master Trainers/Certified Trainers
  • Continue to Look for Trends (locally, regionally, statewide)
  • Jamie Justice, System Director for Professional Development and Innovation
  • Kentucky Community and Technical College System