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Horizon Business Insight Performance Management System

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Horizon Business Insight Performance Management System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Horizon Business Insight Performance Management System. Single point of acce s s to consolidated management information Executives, managers, analysts Web-based interactive analysis Multidimensional drilldown Data manipulation (rank, qualify, filter)

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Horizon Business Insight

Performance Management System

horizon business insight
Single point of access to consolidated management information

Executives, managers, analysts

Web-based interactive analysis

Multidimensional drilldown

Data manipulation (rank, qualify, filter)

Beyond Reports… Highlights key performance measures

Graphs, control charts, tables, interpretations

Alerts, thresholds, E-mail notification

Scorecards with Radar Charts

Diverse data sources

Decision support, operational systems, other documents (HTML, Word, Excel, PDF, Text, etc.)

Horizon Business Insight
horizon business insight1
Single unified point of access for organizational performance information

Automates reporting “scorecards” against strategic and tactical objectives

Proactive alerts focus managers’ attention on critical issues

Built-in analysis tools enable quick identification of problems and issues

Horizon Business Insight
Standardand Personalized Views - Users can access standard folders or customize their Web page view by using personal folders to meet their unique needs.

Descriptions - Electronic post-it notes allow users to view customized information about Highlights, Reports and Resources.

Status - New, Update and Alert icons are automatically displayed when new information is available.

Resources - Incorporate multiple sources of information, including Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Project, Access and Binder, WinZip, Crystal Reports, Adobe PDF, ASCII, HTML documents – and more.
Highlights - Contain multidimensional, modifiable views that are presented as graphs, tabular reports and text interpretations.

In this Patient Satisfaction analysis, drilling to physician indicates a possible correlation between ICD-9 procedure and patient satisfaction.

Alerts and E-Mail Notification - Horizon Business Insight alerts automatically inform users via e-mail when critical performance measures are outside of acceptable ranges.

Highlights can be accessed from the user’s Horizon Business Insight folders, via a scorecard or from an automated email alert.

Horizon Business Insight will automatically trigger an alert - previously defined by the department manager - and send an e-mail to the responsible manager. By clicking on the highlight name in the email, the manager is brought directly to the highlight.

DynamicInformationReview - Users drill to supporting levels of detail and manipulate the data to answer questions as they arise. Columns can be sorted in descending or ascending order.

In this example, we drill into the Net Income line on the scorecard.

A highlight displaying Net Income by Payor displays. From here we drill into the Oxford MA bar by clicking on the graph.

This reveals a potential concern in the General Surgery area.

Modify- Users dynamically change drill order and reorganize the view of data to facilitate analysis “on the fly.”

Qualify- Users interactively qualify highlights to trim the data and focus their analysis.

Drilling into Cardiology reveals a net income loss in PTCV, but the next drill level is Attending Physician. To view more meaningful information – such as cost per case by attending physician – simply deselect the Net Income from the display area and select Cost/Case.

Further refining the analysis, the data is qualified to show only Medicare cases. We can see that Dr. Emerson and Dr. Duncanson have notably higher costs than their peers. Further analysis may be warranted.

hbi data flow


Desktop Files

Excel Word



HBI Data Flow

Data Sources

Shared Folders

On HBI Server

HBI Web Sites


ASCII flat

file exports

Subset Definition Source Files

Subset Editor Site


Create subset definition

Import into subset

Highlight Editor Site


Create and edit highlights

Scorecard Editor Site


Create and edit scorecards

WBT files

(FTP or NFS file transfer)

Viewer Site


Administrator Site






Report Files


  • View highlights, resources, reports, scorecards, and alerts
  • Create personal folders and map report objects to them
  • Create private alerts
  • Set personal viewing preferences
  • Export data

WTR files

(FTP or NFS file transfer)




  • Maintain user and group accounts
  • Grant functional privileges
  • Assign object viewing privileges
  • Map objects to public folders
  • Administer entities
  • Create public alerts
  • Refresh reports and resources


Extract to flat file for subset


  • Resource Files
    • (Excel, html,
    • Pdf, Word,
    • text)