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  • Uploaded on Temporomandibular Joint, What Is Bruxism, Teeth Grinding At Night, Who Treats Tmj, Tmj Splints. The Real Cause of TMJ Disorders\n\nThe temporomandibular joint disorder, called the TMJ in short, is a fairly common disorder of the jaw which affects nearly sixty million people in the American population. People who suffer from this condition are likely to experience pain that may be temporary, but may also last for at least a few years. For those who are affected with this problem, it is important to understand what causes TMJ disorder in order to treat it. It can\'t be stated for certain exactly what causes TMJ disorder, although there are some standard contributing factors. These factors can be categorized into the following groups:\n\n1.Dental issues: TMJ disorder is most commonly caused as a result of derangement of the jaws. This is a condition known as \"malocclusion\" wherein your teeth are no longer able to fit together the way they are supposed to. This condition can be a result of situations such as ill fitting dentures, tooth removal or any minor or major dental surgery, missing teeth, advent of pre molars and growth of wisdom teeth.\n\n2.Trauma: About 99% of TMJ sufferers claim that their condition was a result of some sort of trauma or injury. Even minor blows on the head, face or jaw can result in trauma. Whiplash and traction appliances used in whiplash injuries or problems like ill fitting braces can also prove to be contributing factors.\n\n3.Habits: Some of the things we unwittingly do in our daily lives result in TMJ disorder. A common cause is bruxism, or the habit of continually clenching one\'s teeth. Bruxism puts undue pressure on the teeth and jaw resulting in the damage of cartilage and ligaments in the TMJ area. Other bad habits include chewing on pens/pencils, biting finger nails, chronic gum chewing and bad postures that put pressure on your face and jaw, such as, sleeping on your stomach and holding the phone on your shoulder. \n

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