Why Magento 2.0 Is Best E-commerce Solution? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

why magento 2 0 is best e commerce solution n.
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Why Magento 2.0 Is Best E-commerce Solution? PowerPoint Presentation
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Why Magento 2.0 Is Best E-commerce Solution?

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Why Magento 2.0 Is Best E-commerce Solution?
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Why Magento 2.0 Is Best E-commerce Solution?

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  1. Why Magento 2.0 Is Best E-commerce Solution ?

  2. Why Switch To Magento 2.0 Magento has played a decisive role in the growth of E-commerce Industry and itself established as a leading online business solution. Magento 2.0 is enriched with new capabilities that allow developers to build more feature rich online stores. Magento 2.0 is remarkable for its improved payment processing, order management enhancements and streamlined checkouts. Changes in Magento file structure, first everything is under one app structure and second every module has its own view directory. Magento 2 now introduces a whole new concept of container wrapper for this purpose.

  3. Advantages of Magento 2.0

  4. 1.New File Structure Changes in major file structure: First - Everything is now under one app structure, Second - every module comes with its own view directory. With this developers will easily customize the applications without modifying the core site functionality.

  5. 2. New Layout Component With this feature developers can define the layout sections in a more explicit manner. A whole concept of container wrapper has been introduced for this purpose.

  6. 3. Inbuilt With More CSS Capabilities 1.Instead of Bootstrap, the latest Magento version relies more on CSS and LESS. 2.Both CSS and LESS reduce the loading time of page and increase website performance. 3.Allow users to customize themes more easily. 4.This helps to publish the CSS with other static files located in the public directory.

  7. 4. Improve Performance and Scalability Full page caching so that all static page content can be cached and this enhances the performance of web pages. 2. Full page caching results in increasing performance and significantly reducing the server load. 3. Magento 2.0 allows to change and edit multiple admin data without any conflict.

  8. 5. Easy Upgrade Feature Magento 2.0 is compatible with the latest features and includes information about upgradation policies and compatibility. 2. Users can easily switch to new version in the future without any conflict. 3. Installation or upgradation will not affect your site

  9. 6. Amazing User Interface The backend user interface is more user-friendly. 2. Allows users to quickly check the statistics of every store. 3. The menu system is grouped in two management functions: E-Commerce and system. 4. Inbuilt with menus that clearly display the content, product for managing the online store easily.

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