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MarkupBox offers plenty of ways for people to get the contents of HTML documents organized and prepared in as sensible manner as possible.

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Markup ServicesDead or New Beginning


  • Introduction

  • Current Scenario

  • New Beginning

    • New Technologies

  • What we offer?

    • Pricing

    • Skilled Workforce

    • Adapting To New Technology


In the recent past, many Markup Service providers have shut down its operations due to various reasons like Pricing, Skilled Workforce, Google Updates, Rapidly changing market demand, New technologies.

With the evolution of new technologies in the market there has been continuous demand shift.

In the markup services, customer is not asking for HTML only, these days customers are asking for the conversion services for e-commerce development, cms development along with the latest jquery implementations.

Current Scenario

Various JS libraries like Meteor.js, Angular.js, Node.js, ECMAScript 6, and many others have been launched in recent past. Each library has its own WOW effects and customers are getting attracted towards them. Thus, along with the PSD to HTML conversion services customers ask for the implementation of these WOW factors.

There was a time when customers were focused on PSD to WordPress, HTML to WordPress, PSD to Magento, and its similar services but these days, customers are asking for the dedicated Front end developers also.

The reason behind this might be due to the high demand in front-end projects. It is economical for customers to hire dedicated front end developers.

Thus it is controversial to comment that

Markup Services Are Dead Or It’s Just New Beginning

USA: +1 404 857 1565

UK: +44 192 360 6144

[email protected]

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New Beginning

Companies which were not able to cope up with the evolution of new technologies and increase in demand for the dedicated developers had to close their operations and shift their focus to the conventional Web Design and Development Services.

Whereas, companies like who have the complete infrastructure for upgrading the skill sets of the developers to work on latest technologies, strong team size (approx 150 employees) and processes, are not only sustaining in the market but leading the market share.

New Technologies

The new JS libraries are being used these days to make it easier for markup services to work.

The Meteor JS framework is one such choice to use. This works with a cross-platform setup so it can be read on more devices. It is easier to create prototypes with this setup as well.

The Node JS option focuses on a more event-driven setup to make it work. This is a scalable option that works for real time setups and uses the Google V8 engine to get codes executed and administered.

The Angular JS framework is an open source option that may also be added. Angular JS works in that works on MVC and MVVM architectures and is designed with testing purposes in mind. It will read the HTML page first and then read custom tag features while binding information carefully and quickly.

What we offer?

MarkupBox offers plenty of ways for people to get the contents of HTML documents organized and prepared in as sensible manner as possible.

Services are able to work wonders on a variety of different programs but that does not always mean that information can always be easy to handle.

We work with many procedures like creating and editing elements for a program and for adjusting content based on its appearance, how it is to be divided and so forth.

The key is to make the content cohesive, easy to read and divided to where everything being used makes perfect sense for all needs.


The price of services for today’s markup services can vary based on the tasks that have to be used.

For instance, it may cost more to get a file converted from a PSD or Sketch format to the CMS / E-Commerce format.

May vary based on the number of subpages that have to be created.

The key is that it costs more when a site is more diverse and has to be divided into as many sections as possible.

The complexity of the setup can entail different points relating to how many sizes are to be used, how items are to be displayed on more screen types and so forth.

Thus, MarkupBox provides an option to order it online. It is very transparent process.

USA: +1 404 857 1565

UK: +44 192 360 6144

[email protected]

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Skilled Workforce

The people responsible for handling markup services must be trained and skilled to where they can easily handle different projects without being too confusing or otherwise hard to work with.

The timing for a project is crucial as many providers can have an extended variety of projects to work on plus ones that might be more complicated or harder to handle than others.

The workforce has to be trained properly to make it easier for people to take care of all kinds of traditional functions and controls. If used properly, it should not be all that hard for people within the industry to learn how to take care of many traditional functions without being any harder to follow than necessary.

Adapting To New Technologies

The markup service industry has evolved to include plenty of technologies and coding options.

The industry has been growing quite well and is expected to stay strong for years to come.

The new choices for markup options that are being introduced on a regular basis will especially make it easier for people to work with some of the newest setups rather quickly.

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About MarkupBox

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