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  1. Presenter: Phillip Albonetti SCHOOL SYSTEMS

  2. Audience • If you are a new leader • Absorb and apply • Leader with experience • Train the new leaders. Most of the experienced leaders are principals, so this is the most focused time you’ll have to make sure you and your APs speak with one voice about systems.

  3. Work on the SystemsMichael Gerber • “Most entrepreneurs are actually technicians suffering from an entrepreneurial seizure. Rather than creating a business that can work without them, they create a business that works because of them.” • “Go to work on your business rather than in it.”

  4. Objectives School Leaders Will Be Able To… • Create, refine, and codify the systems that need to be implemented the first week of school by starting the Skeletal Systems Doc. • Demonstrate that they know the structure and purpose of the Skeletal Systems doc by completing at least one section of the doc to perfection. • Demonstrate their system for the classroom exit procedure by explaining, performing, and filming the procedure.

  5. Why School-Wide Systems? You realize the importance of school-wide systems when you move from teacher to administrator. Everyone cannot do everything well; observations expose all. E.g. Same lesson – different teachers Some teachers know instinctively how to instruct, redirect, and lead. Most don’t (my first year teaching, I was in the 2nd category). First year teachers who were like me need systems to guide us.

  6. Sample System How do you – as an administrator – ensure that your hallway transitions are under control and that the first 5 minutes of your next class are used efficiently? You get to suggest one system to answer this question. • Qualifier: You have to name a system that happens in the classroom. • -Video example • V: >> Exemplary Videos >> Taxonomy Techniques >> 30--- >> Mr. Stipes • -Video example 2: Mr. Schaefer #2, same folder --- start time 1:05 Why Systems? We want everyone’s classroom to be that tight.

  7. Skeletal Systems Doc • Kindergarteners can’t have the same student organization system as an early college student, so network-wide systems don’t always work. • But every school needs a system for student organization, building movement, school love, and more. • The Skeletal Systems doc does not prescribe systems for 2000 students because it can’t. But it does give school leaders a place to create, revise, and codify systems that teachers need to be ready to implement the first day students arrive.

  8. Agenda • Preview The Skeletal Systems Doc (30 min) • Culture • Academics • Classroom Exit Procedure (1 hr 30 min) • Rationale (5 min) • Revision and Monitoring (15 min) • Creation/Revision/Codification of System For Your School • Practice and Film (30 min) • Break Down the Game Film (30 min)

  9. Outline of Skeletal Systems Doc Culture • Building Movement • Arrival • Classroom Transition • Lunch • Miscellaneous Building Movement • Dismissal – Early Release • Dismissal – Regular Release • Relationships With Families • Phone Call Log Review • Professional Parent Communication – Institute Practice • 10-5 Rule for Hospitality • School Investment and Love • CPR, Scholar’s Creed, Town Hall & Community Meeting, Scholar Acts/Demerits, School-Wide Chants

  10. Outline of Skeletal Systems Doc Academics • Instruction • BBC & Measurable Objectives • Marked Up Daily Plans • Teacher Binder • Grades – Skills vs. Productivity • Academic Enhancement • Homework • Student Work Calibration • Student Organization • Lockers / Scholar Towers • Student Binders • Homework Planners • Homework Folders • Weekly Teacher Deliverables • Marking Up Daily Plans • RTI Documentation • Phone Calls

  11. Agenda • Preview The Skeletal Systems Doc (30 min) • Culture • Academics • Classroom Exit Procedure (1 hr 30 min) • Rationale (5 min) • Revision and Monitoring (15 min) • Creation/Revision/Codification of System For Your School • Practice and Film (30 min) • Break Down the Game Film (30 min)

  12. Example SystemClassroom Exit Procedure

  13. Classroom Exit ProcedureRationale • We’ve already discussed the rationale for classroom exit procedures. • How does this teacher explain the rationale for this system to his students? Why did he go to all the trouble to explain it to them? • V: >> Exemplar Videos >> Taxonomy >> 30-Tight Transitions >> Mr. Schaefer #1 --- START AT 40 SECONDS

  14. Classroom Exit ProcedureMonitoring • Monitoring • Observation – Feedback Cycle • Entry and exit procedures need to be observed, critiqued, and practiced during the observation/feedback cycle.

  15. Classroom Exit ProcedureRevision • Revision (or creation, as the case may be) • What exit procedure will your teachers implement this year? • Example: Tindley Summit Academy (next slide)

  16. Classroom Exit ProcedureRevision • Write it in the Skeletal Systems Doc. • Now practice it amongst your leadership team. • All of your administrators need to practice it at least once. • Practice! Practice?

  17. Classroom Exit ProcedurePractice and Film • We’ve seen three examples of an exit procedure. Your leadership team can watch any or all of them again by going to the V: drive >> Exemplar Videos >> Taxonomy >> Tight Transitions.

  18. Classroom Exit ProcedurePractice and Film • We can’t expect teachers to implement a system we haven’t taught them. This is your chance to show them what it ought to look like. • Now it’s your turn with the whole group. One member of each leadership team will practice with everyone else acting as students. At this point, we film.

  19. Classroom Exit ProcedurePractice and Film • Upload Video to YouTube • Make sure you have downloaded the YouTube app to your device. • Record the session on a smart phone or tablet. • Go into your photo/video library and select the video. • Click the YouTube icon to upload it to YouTube. • Share the link with us so we can watch it on the big screen.

  20. Film Study • Everyone watches the tape and analyzes it. • Analysis • Name at least one strength. • Name at least one area to refine.

  21. Conclusion • After the break we will continue to work on this Skeletal Systems doc. Ms. Marshall and Mr. Graham will join me as we dive deeper into these four systems: • Building Movement • Professional Parent Communication • School Love / Investment • Marked Up Daily Plans