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MidAm District Implementation 2013-2014 PowerPoint Presentation
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MidAm District Implementation 2013-2014

MidAm District Implementation 2013-2014

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MidAm District Implementation 2013-2014

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  1. MidAm District Implementation 2013-2014

  2. Why SafeSport?

  3. What is Safe Sport?

  4. Safe Sport Module


  6. Policies Prohibiting Abuse

  7. Policies Reducing Risks for Potential Abuse

  8. Sexual Abuse Policy

  9. Physical Abuse Policy

  10. Emotional Abuse Policy

  11. Bullying, Threats & Harassment PolicyCoaches and other adults cannot ignore and must intervene

  12. Hazing PolicyCoaches and other adults cannot ignore and must intervene

  13. Locker Room PolicyLocker room supervision is one of the most critical elements to reducing risk of abuse or misconduct

  14. Electronic Communications Policy

  15. Travel Policy

  16. Billeting Policy

  17. Education and Awareness Training • Awareness training available to all at no cost • Training produced by the United States Olympic Committee • A membership number is required, but those not registered with USA Hockey may do so at no cost by registering as a manager/volunteer • SafeSport Policy requires training for those that: • Have regular, routine or frequent access to or supervision over youth participants • Are responsible for enforcing child abuse and misconduct policies • Are in managerial or supervisory roles • Are employees or volunteers • At least one person from each program must complete training by 11/30 • Affiliate is responsible for confirming and certifying compliance • To access the training click on the link

  18. Train the Trainer

  19. Screening of Staff and Volunteers When we allow a coach to hold a position, we are putting our stamp on them that they are OK. • While screening only catches offenders that have a criminal record, a comprehensive screening program demonstrates the program’s priorities • Potential offenders will look for places where they will not be caught • 42% of red flags showed criminal activity in another state • Screening is required for those that: • Have regular, routine or frequent access to or supervision over youth participants • Are responsible for enforcing child abuse and misconduct policies • Are in managerial or supervisory roles • Are employees or volunteers

  20. Screening Requirements • Affiliate manages the screening process within their Affiliate, and must submit such process each year to USA Hockey • Member programs (e.g., local programs) must comply in 2013-2014 • Screening must be completed prior to person serving in that role • Screens are valid for two (2) years • USA Hockey includes minimum criteria that must be searched, as well as additional criteria that could result in ineligibility • Screening company must perform a “national” screen • Must include identity verification process • Affiliates must report any volunteers that have been denied eligibility based on the person not consenting to be screened or failing a screen • Affiliate is responsible for confirming and certifying compliance • MIDAM already in compliance just make sure organization is in compliance

  21. Reporting Concerns of Abuse Reports to USA Hockey may be made by: • clicking on the “Report to USA Hockey” link on the USA Hockey SafeSport Program webpage • emailing to, or (3) calling 800-888-4656. Reports may also be made to Affiliate SafeSport Coordinator Elgine McArdle 2139 Market Street Wheeling, WV 26003 (304) 232-0700 (work) (304) 312-6076 (cell)

  22. What should be reported? • All cases involving suspicions or allegations of child physical or sexual abusemust be reported tothe appropriate law enforcement authorities • USA Hockey and its programs should not investigate or try to judge the credibility of an allegation of suspected child physical or sexual abuse as a condition of reporting to the authorities

  23. Mandatory Reporters • Some people in our organizations may be mandatory reporters INDIANA Professionals Required to Report Ann. Code § 31-33-5-2 - any staff member of a medical or other public or private institution, school, facility, or agency. KENTUCKYProfessionals Required to Report Rev. Stat. § 620.030 - Physicians, osteopathic physicians, nurses, coroners, medical examiners, residents, interns, chiropractors, dentists, optometrists, emergency medical technicians, paramedics, or health professionals - Teachers, school personnel, or child care personnel - Social workers or mental health professionals - Peace officers

  24. OHIO Professionals Required to Report Rev. Code § 2151.421 • Attorneys • Physicians, interns, residents, dentists, podiatrists, nurses, or other health-care professionals • Licensed psychologists, school psychologists, or marriage and family therapists • Speech pathologists or audiologists • Coroners • Administrators or employees of child daycare centers, residential camps, child day camps, certified child care agencies, or other public or private children services agencies • Teachers, school employees, or school authorities • Persons engaged in social work or the practice of professional counseling • Agents of county humane societies • Persons, other than clerics, rendering spiritual treatment through prayer in accordance with the tenets of a well-recognized religion • Superintendents, board members, or employees of county boards of mental retardation; investigative agents contracted with by a county board of mental retardation; employees of the Department of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities; employees of a facility or home that provides respite care; employees of a home health agency; employees of an entity that provides homemaker services • Persons performing the duties of an assessor or third party employed by a public children services agency to assist in providing child or family-related services

  25. PENNSYLVANIACons. Stat. Tit. 23, § 6311 - Persons required to report include, but are not limited to: - Licensed physicians, osteopaths, medical examiners, coroners, funeral directors, dentists, optometrists, chiropractors, podiatrists, interns, nurses, or hospital personnel - Christian Science practitioners or members of the clergy - School administrators, teachers, school nurses, social services workers, daycare center workers, or any other child care or foster care workers - Mental health professionals - Peace officers or law enforcement officials WEST VIRGINIA Ann. Code § 49-6A-2 - Medical, dental, or mental health professionals - Christian Science practitioners or religious healers - Teachers or other school personnel - Social service, child care, or foster care workers - Emergency medical services personnel - Peace officer, law enforcement officials, or humane officers - Members of the clergy - Circuit court judges, family court judges, employees of the Division of Juvenile Services, or magistrates - Youth camp administrators, counselors, employees, coaches, or volunteers of entities that provide organized activities for children - Commercial film or photographic print processors

  26. Responsible Reporting

  27. Responding to Reports of Abuse SafeSport does not create a new disciplinary program or system Follow USA Hockey Bylaw 10 • Summary Suspensions • Hearings • Notifications When in doubt about the process, ask… “In all cases, the disciplinary procedures and actions of USA Hockey and its Affiliates and local programs shall be proportionate, reasonable and applied fairly and equally.”

  28. Monitoring and Supervision

  29. What Others are Saying… Handbook used in seminar at John Jay College of Criminal Justice as an example of best practices for institutions that have interaction between adults & adolescents. From an Affiliate SafeSport Coordinator: “BTW, I am now on our 6th complaint…. One byproduct that I doubt anyone thought of is that when upset parents learn that myself and SafeSport exist, they are quite thankful that this program is there for them.  There is a palpable attitude amongst our constituents that nobody really cares about their concerns and that the “good old boys” will sweep the ugliness under the rug.  I make it clear that although I AM NOT their ombudsman, I am a fair and impartial investigator that will insure that the matter is fully looked into and ultimately resolved… in each case so far they have expressed gratitude that things are being handled in this fashion and are appeased to an extent (regardless of the outcome) just by virtue of the program and its inherent fairness and attention.  I would argue that SafeSport will ultimately aide in recruitment and retention of families,  in addition to safety improvement and liability reduction. Now having experienced the impact and importance of SafeSport from these varied perspectives, I am a true believer and staunch proponent.  I dare say it far more important than anyone conceived it to be.”

  30. Samples of Complaints

  31. Example of Response to Significant Matter

  32. Casey Jorgensen USA Hockey General Counsel 719-538-1143 Joyce Kulpinski USA Hockey SafeSport and Legal Administrator 719-538-1145

  33. MidAm Elgine McArdle 2139 Market Street Wheeling, WV 26003 (304) 232-0700 (work) (304) 312-6076 (cell)