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Compute the least squares estimated line. PowerPoint Presentation
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Compute the least squares estimated line.

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Compute the least squares estimated line. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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For Assignment Solution ContactnCasestudyhelp.innhttps://www.casestudyhelp.inn9422028822nnBusiness Statisticsnn1. The sample data from a research survey conducted in various countries on the amount of time 3-5 year-old children spent alone with their fathers each day is as follows:nnCountry Time with Dad (minutes)nnBangladesh 30nBhutan 46nChina 54nnNepal 50nnPakistan 46nnNigeria 42nnKorea 46nnRussia 42nnIndia 50nnFor the above sample, determine the following measures:na. The meannb. The standard deviationnc. The modend. The 75th percentilenBased on your calculations comment on the father-children relationship (10 Marks)nn2. ‘Prince’ a chaiwala at Mumbai Central station believes that the sales of tea at his tea shop depends upon the weather. He has taken a sample of a week’s data. Below you are given the results of the sample. (10 Marks)nnCups Sold Temperaturen350 50n200 60n210 70n100 80n80 90n70 100n50 110nna. Which variable is the dependent variable?nb. Compute the least squares estimated line.nc. Is there a significant relationship between the sales of coffee and temperature?ne. Predict sales of a 95 degree day.nn3. According to one of the recent study published in an International report, the cost of medical malpractice in the United States is USD 55.6 billion a year, which is approximately 2.4 percent of US annual health-care spending. An earlier research report published in 2011, in the New England Journal of Medicine revealed that, during the period 1991 to 2005, 7.4 percent of all physicians licensed in the US had a malpractice claim. These staggering numbers not only contribute to the high cost of health care, but the size of successful malpractice claims also contributes to high premiums for medical malpractice insurance. The table below contains a sample of data set of claim payments made in a year’s time and other information about the claimantnn nna. Using descriptive statistics explore claim payment amounts, and identify factors thatnappear to influence the amount of the payment. (5 Marks)nnb. Do a correlation analysis between ‘Amount’ and ‘Age’ and interpreted the coefficientnof correlation.nnnFor Assignment Solution ContactnCasestudyhelp.innhttps://www.casestudyhelp.inn9422028822nn

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Compute the least squares estimated line.

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