business software in singapore what your small n.
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Business Software in Singapore

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Business Software in Singapore

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Business Software in Singapore

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business software in singapore what your small

Business Software in Singapore:

What your small business needs

When looking for business software in Singapore, you need a program that

works with you and grows with your business. Out with the conventional

systems and in with the 21st century.

Running a small business is a thrilling endeavour. Yet the tediousness of getting

your financial books, payroll and inventory in order. Often tasked to employees,

its saps all creativity and excitement out of entrepreneurship. Yet, without

concrete data and you’re essentially steering a ship without

instrumentation. You run the risk of hitting the proverbial iceberg.

That’s why as entrepreneurs, we bite the bullet and diligently keep up with it. It

doesn’t have to be so painful though. The beauty of business software is

that automation takes away the repetitive nature of entries.

POS Systems

Any business that doesn’t have one, is bound to crack under the pressure of

massive crowds. A good POS has a fast user interface that can handle an influx of

crowds. Every second counts and shaving second off transactions can mean more

profit for a business. Credit and Debit card purchases are essential for any small

business and airpos functionality should never be considered a

luxury. Convenience for your customer always leaves a great impression.

That’s not all. POS Back end information is the end game. Simply processing

transactions is only half the job. Getting vital accounting data and structuring it

in reports for ledgers, journals and balance sheets is iceberg.

Check out these demos for autocount POS systems that can handle all these and


accounting software

Accounting Software

Ledgers and journal entries are the bane of every business. Thankfully, with

accounting software, you don’t have to spend hours after every business day

slogging away at an excel spreadsheet. Good programs categories condense

and organize relevant information by mere prompts.

Check out some power house autocount accounting software available in the

singaporean market.

Payroll and Inventory

Management Software

nothing is more embarrassing than not making

Nothing is more embarrassing than not making the payroll on time. Losing your

employees trust and demoralizing them is hardly a productivity booster. Payroll

systems automize the process significantly. This includes banking, so you don’t

have to deal with long cues.

Lets face facts, inventory shrinkage is REAL. From shoplifters, to employees who

occasionally sample the merchandise, businesses take a massive hit when you

can’t figure out why you have less stock than you should. Keeping track of

inventory data saves time and money that can be redistributed to growth and


With many options available, you need a autocount payroll system that work

with your growth projections.