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Going in red

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Going in red

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  1. Going Red in 2013 Quick Tips to Maintain Your Hair Beautifully Red in Time

  2. Whether or not you caught the red-hair bug after you saw Lindsay Lohan's new red locks or the crimson strands of Christina Hendricks, it seems this is the latest color of the season. 2013 Red color trends include red orange tones, phoenix pink, light red hair, dark red hair and copper shine red hair. These are predicted to be 2013's most popular colors. • Before you dye your hair red, keep in mind that this is going to be a long term commitment. Ask your stylist which red is best for your skin tone. Generally, it is not too hard to find a great red color. (Click here) There are chestnut reds which are more of a brown with a red tint as well as purplish brown-reds, also known as mahogany red.

  3. Red Hair for Rosy Cheeks • The best news of all is that in the event your skin tone happens to be unflattering, you can counteract this with rich hair glosses and highlights that shimmer. Just as people tend to avoid red-colored sweaters if they have a lot of pink on their cheeks, hair with warm brown-red tones will tend to bring out the flush in your face while cool colors tend to minimize this. Olive Skin • For those with olive, ashy or cool complexions, red will make you look greener. Golden warm hues, on the other hand, tend to flatter. Red hair is most flattering on complexions that are yellow-based but remember that adding too much yellow warmth might cause you to have a sallow appearance. A pretty flush on your cheeks is brought out by red colours with cool tones. Red Dye • For natural red hair that has lost its richness, you can fix this using regular red dye with a goldengloss. For those with blue-red hair, your existing locks will appear more vibrant when you add gold tones to this.

  4. Shampoo for Red Hair • No time for the salon? Get an instant shimmer with a color-depositing shampoo. Once you achieve the exact shade you were looking for, maintaining it will involve a few coloring rules. Wait a Few Days • To keep your red hair from fading, wait a couple of days before washing your hair. Immediately washing your hair the night you first come home from the stylist will result in your hair's outermost layer cuticle to become lifted up and the color seeping out. To maintain your red bright locks, a shampoo and condition that is color-treated is highly recommended. Products such as these don't contain sulfates that are harsh and this will prevent them from stripping your strands. Dry Shampoo • Using a dry shampoo will also slow down fading. There are a few great brands out there that feature dry shampoos you can use to maintain your glorious red mane.

  5. Avoid Swimming • Swimming and sunshine are both going to speed up fading and bleach out your red hair. For thisreason, avoiding sun whenever possible is highly recommended if you are interested in your hair color never fading. Use a swimming cap, a hat and products with sunscreen whenever you are outdoors. Organic Shampoo • You might also love organic shampoo as these are quite effective in helping to maintain your hair's vibrancy. Vegan shampoos, as they are sometimes called, tend to counteract darkening and fading for red colored hair. Highlight Lift • You might also want to go to your stylist to get a highlight lift to add vibrancy to your hair. This is a process of bleaching out a few hair strands all over your head about every fifth time you have your hair colored.

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