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ZAPT Personalized Workout Coach

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ZAPT Personalized Workout Coach. Akshaya Venkat Michael Zhou Tom Lehmann Brenna Smith. Contextual Inquiry and Task Analysis. Overall Problem and Solution . Lack of information about exercise prevents people from having and implementing fitness goals. Trouble finding the information.

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zapt personalized workout coach

ZAPTPersonalized Workout Coach

Akshaya Venkat

Michael Zhou

Tom Lehmann

Brenna Smith

Contextual Inquiry and Task Analysis.

overall problem and solution
Overall Problem and Solution
  • Lack of information about exercise prevents people from having and implementing fitness goals.
  • Trouble finding the information.
  • ZAPT aims to provide personalized workout plans that fit the users schedule, body type, and exercise goals.
contextual inquiry
Contextual Inquiry
  • 4 people (Different ages and different fitness goals.
  • Age, technology proficiency, physical mobility and time and money constraints.
  • Hitting a plateau while trying to achieve their goals.
  • Didn’t know how to start exercising or had started but wanted a more personalized plan.
  • Gym setting
task analysis part 1
Task Analysis Part 1:
  • primary users will smartphone users
  • Biggest constraints were time and money.
  • Most participants knew exact goal but didn't’t know of target-specific exercises.
  • Scheduling aspects were highly sought after and requested.
  • Tools to critique form and fix it if necessary.
  • Both outdoor and Indoor workouts.
task analysis part 2
Task Analysis Part 2:
  • Workouts that didn’t work with one’s lifestyle. (Too long, lack of equipment/gear)
  • Large gap between the large amounts of data the users are finding, and the data that the users need to develop a successful workout plan.
  • Older generation: usually found workouts through magazines or books
  • Younger generation: usually found workouts though mobile applications, internet, social media and YouTube.
task analysis part 3
Task Analysis Part 3:
  • Social communication is key within target customers
    • Motivation
    • Face to face support
    • Scheduling purposes
    • Sharing via social media
  • interviewees felt that the majority of their time effort was wasted on organizational tasks.
  • Finding a workout, learning the exercises, and completing the workout.
  • Health restrictions and frustrations to be minimized
representative task part 1
Representative Task Part 1:
  • Getting a personalized workout (simple, high importance, high frequency):
    • Customers could easily express what they wanted and the constraints they had.
    • Users want to be able to quickly specify what they need and get a personalized workout.
    • Done frequently by users (needs to be accessed quickly and easily)
representative task part 2
Representative Task Part 2:
  • Scheduling workouts (complex, moderate important, low frequency):
    • A significant barrier to working out.
    • Users want a work out that will fit their schedule, allows time for recovery and work out with friends.
    • Having to play workout times that were suitable for both themselves and their friends was reported as being difficult
representative task part 3
Representative Task Part 3:
  • Learning how to do exercises (moderate, high importance, moderate frequency)
    • Most mentioned/frustrating aspect of workout and achieving goals.
    • Often felt they were doing exercises wrong or that they were ineffective.
    • Needs an option to explicitly see how a workout is done, and want feed back on their own form.
  • Main idea: Creating an app that produces a personalize workout schedule and plan for individuals.
  • Taking into consideration time/money/facility constraints.
  • Easy and effective scheduling feature for motivational and group exercise purposes.
  • Proper guidance of all exercises for user.