Space logistics technical committee asm 2012 conference meeting
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Space Logistics Technical Committee ASM 2012 Conference Meeting. Pete Paceley, Acting Chair Gaylord Opryland Convention Center , Lincoln C Meeting Room January 10, 2012 1830 Hours. Agenda for January 10, 2012 ASM Conference Meeting.

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Presentation Transcript
Space logistics technical committee asm 2012 conference meeting

Space Logistics Technical CommitteeASM 2012 Conference Meeting

Pete Paceley, Acting Chair

Gaylord Opryland Convention Center, Lincoln C Meeting Room

January 10, 2012

1830 Hours

Agenda for january 10 2012 asm conference meeting
Agenda for January 10, 2012 ASM Conference Meeting

  • Welcome and Introductions, Roll Call

  • SLTC Background Information

  • Approval of Minutes from Space 2011 Meeting, Status of Action Items

  • Latest Newsfor the AIAA Space Logistics TC

  • SLTC Priorities

  • Report from Conference Sub-Committee Chair Oeftering

  • Report from Publications Sub-Committee Chair Shishko

  • Report from Awards Sub-Committee Chair- Bachman

  • Confirm Schedule of activities and meetings for 2012-2013

  • Open Discussion and Adjournment

Welcome and introductions 2011 roster roll call
Welcome and Introductions – 2011 Roster – Roll Call

Total: 30

1 New Members in 2012

  • Introductions

  • - Name

  • - Background

  • - Current Job

  • Interests

  • Update

Space logistics definition
Space Logistics Definition

  • Definition

    • Space logistics is the theory and practice of driving space system design for operability, and of managing the flow of materiel, services, and information needed throughout a space system lifecycle.











History of aiaa space logistics tc
History of AIAA Space Logistics TC

  • AIAA Space Logistics TC was formed several decades ago

    • Primarily focused on ground logistical operations to support space launch

    • Had discontinued operations in 2000

  • Committee restarted in 2002/03

    • broader agenda including in-space logistics operations

    • intentionally broad definition of space logistics

    • Initial members included Mike Snead, Karen Barker, Ray Erikson, Pete Paceley, etc.

  • Last 5 years

    • Increasing membership and level of activity fueled by

      • ISS logistics becomes mainstream, NASA Constellation, Commercial space transportation services (COTS, CCDEV), USAF responsive space, increased lifecycle focus

    • Cooperation with International Society of Logistics (SOLE) – Andy Evans

    • Mike Snead Chair (2004-2006)

    • Ray Erikson Chair (2006-2008)

    • Olivier de Weck Chair (2008-2010)

    • Alan Johnson (2010-2012) / Pete Paceley 2012 (acting to complete term)

Space logistics tc organizational structure
Space Logistics TC – Organizational Structure

Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary-Treasurer

Sub-Committee Chairs





Meetings, Minutes, Action Items, Website, Charter

AIAA Space Logistics

National Award


Service Awards

Membership Upgrades


Newsletter, Membership,

Public Policy





Space 20XX

Other Conferences


Liaison with Other TCs


AIAA Progress Series (Book)

Standards, Position Papers,

Yearly Highlights Article,

JSR Special Issue/Section


Space 2012 tc minutes and action items
Space 2012 TC Minutes and Action Items

  • Discussion of Minutes from Space 2012 Meeting?

    • Approval by TC

  • Action Items:

    • Review Bob Shisko’s subset of the JCS lexicon / Sarah

    • Place SL definition on the wiki site / Michael

    • By January, each person on the wiki team will have at least one chapter summarized and posted on the site / Andy (past/present), Paul (Earth Analogs), Bob (Modeling), TBD (New Opportunities)

    • Review Space 2011 papers and determine if any can be used as book chapters / Bob (Tovey willing to help)

    • Add section to website for past winners of best paper / Sarah

    • Determine process for membership upgrades and communicate to the TC / Josh

    • Contact SSTC and STTC to ask about partnering on student competitions / Pete

    • Post slides and minutes to website / Sarah

Latest tc news
Latest TC News

  • Bob Shisko now working at the Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center as IPA

  • Membership remains healthy

    • Roster updates in work – please contact Sarah with any updates

    • The sharepoint list is our working roster

    • Reminder to make sure your membership in AIAA is current

    • Please continue to recruit new members

  • Pete Paceley now acting chair for Alan Johnson to complete 2012 term

  • Leadership election is complete

    • Tovey Bachman is chair elect for 2012-2014

    • Jennifer Green is vice chair elect for 2012-2014

    • Under new approach, Jennifer will rotate into Chair position after Tovey and we will elect a new Vice Chair at that time

    • Congratulations to Tovey and Jennifer!

      • Both participated in TC leadership training this past Sunday

Latest tc news1
Latest TC News

  • Year end reports are complete and were submitted to SMG on time (thanks Alan!)

    • Metrics Review (refer to spreadsheet)

    • Will post them to the sharepoint website

Tc priorities
TC Priorities

  • Strengthen our TC

    • Continue to grow our membership, and emphasize participation

  • Recognize TC Member Contributions

    • Awards & AIAA membership upgrades

  • Emphasize TC Output

    • Conference participation

    • Foster book completion

    • Make Education Subcommittee active

  • Follow-up from Space 2012 discussion on TC opportunities

    • Engagement with emerging commercial space industry

    • Resume Brown Bag Seminars

    • Ideas from other TCs / Joint TC collaboration opportunities

    • Public Policy?

  • New leadership will have opportunities to shape TC direction

Conference sub committee oeftering space 2011
Conference Sub-Committee (Oeftering): Space 2011

  • Space 2012 Status

    • Abstract deadline is January 26th

    • TC members are encouraged to submit abstracts and collaborate with others on papers relevant to Space Logistics

    • Conference will be in Pasadena, 11-13 September 2012

  • Other near term conferences:

    • RAMS 2012, Reno, 23-26 Jan

    • SpaceOps Stockholm, 11-15 June 2012


Publications sub committee standards shishko
Publications Sub-Committee: Standards (Shishko)

  • Lexicon (Nomenclature for Space Logistics) canx

    • Superceded by 2011 JCS Joint Logistics Lexicon


    • We are substituting Space Logistics Wiki rewrite:


      • Existing entry heavily uses 2005 ActaAstronautica article “Commercial cargo transport service for ISS” by Baker and Eichstadt

    • Base our rewrite on the Progress Series Volume Table of Contents

  • Class of Supply

Aiaa progress series volume on space logistics
AIAA Progress Series Volume on Space Logistics

  • Title (original): Space Logistics: Enabling New Frontiers

  • Rationale

    • Traditional focus on only spacecraft performance and trajectories

    • Recognition now that operations costs (incl. logistics) are major drivers for lifecycle cost, mission operability and safety

    • This edited volume presents the latest state of the art in the field. Space Logistics is a specialty area dealing with supply chain management of human and robotic space missions for scientific and exploration purposes.

    • The field includes modeling, planning, simulation and optimization of the flow of vehicles, crew, and cargo from the landing, manufacturing and refurbishment sites on Earth, through ground processing, launch, in-space operations, entry-descent-and-landing, as well as surface operations.

  • Have about 60% of the 28 Chapters

  • Submissions and Revisions are ongoing

  • Hope to publish in 2011 (main challenge is time and focus to review and edit)

Awards subcommittee bachman
Awards-Subcommittee (Bachman)

  • Space Logistics Best Paper Award

    • Selection Committee for Space 2010 papers: Andy Evans, Sarah Shull, Andy Carlson, Andrea L’Afflitto, and Jason Ring

    • We have our first winner!

  • Membership Upgrades

    • Need to actively promote upgrades to senior member, associate fellow, fellow

    • This is an area that we need to improve, Associate Fellow nominations deadline is April 15, 2012


  • SMG Meeting Report (Paceley)

  • TC Charter (AIAA SLTC Policy and Procedures Manual)

    • Revisions needed to awards section

New business for the sltc
New Business for the SLTC

  • Discussion on new business topics from members

Sltc schedule for 2012
SLTC Schedule for 2012

  • Teleconference in March

    • Would like to hold quarterly teleconferences as routine meetings

    • Special topic teleconferences as needed

  • Space 2012 Conference and Exposition, Pasadena, 11-13 Sep 12

  • Other opportunities for meetings?

Sltc website presence
SLTC Website - Presence

Official Website:

and Google Groups (for emails only)

Old Website: