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Organizing development work PowerPoint Presentation
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Organizing development work

Organizing development work

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Organizing development work

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  1. Organizing development work   Key principles for development work In its beginning phase, the development work requires new perspectives. In order for the work to get started, it is necessary that people who already have fresh ideas take part in the project.

  2. Organizing development work The participants must be prepared to work 24 hours a day if so required. Hardly ever has anything new and remarkable been created within office hours.

  3. Organizing development work The organization must have separate bodies for planning and management which set goals and monitor their fulfilment.

  4. Organizing development work The work force must be heterogeneous. When developing the educational use of ICT, one must be prepared to develop both teaching methods and the technology itself. Therefore, experts of teaching, visual arts and technology should take part in the project, much like in the making of an educational TV programme, for example.

  5. Organizing development work There are two key requirements the work should meet: it should be widely publicized and its achievements should be evaluated openly. The former requirement is useful in terms of creating spontaneous contacts, while the latter is known to effectively support innovative work.

  6. Organizing development work Work efforts must be rewarded with prizes and financial gain as well as “psychological currency” in the form of fame, better contacts and other such merits.

  7. Organizing development work The development work must be accompanied by a joy of work.

  8. Organizing development work Do not bypass field studies ! If we want to help teachers and students, we have to seek them where they live, work and play and observe their ways of doing things. If you want to design a better wheel chair the best thing to start with is to move around with a current model for a couple of weeks.