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Power Steering Fluid

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Power Steering Fluid - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Power Steering Fluid. I. The Problems. The Problems. US Driving Conditions. According to a recent survey:. 63% average trips under 20 miles 57% driving stop-and-go traffic. Short trips, stop-and-go driving, packed engine compartments, hot running engines cause:.

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Power Steering Fluid

I. The Problems


The Problems

US Driving Conditions

  • According to a recent survey:
  • 63% average trips under 20 miles
  • 57% driving stop-and-go traffic
  • Short trips, stop-and-go driving, packed engine compartments, hot running engines cause:
  • Increased demands on power steering unit
  • High temperatures and low cooling air flow
power steering critical

The Problems

Power Steering Critical
  • Today's driver expects power steering to provide:
  • Ease of steering
  • Precision steering control
  • All-temperature service
  • Power steering is critical to motorist’s safe, secure driving experience

The Problems

Sensitive, Sophisticated System

  • Power steering system is sophisticated hydraulic servo actuator:
  • “A sensing element, an amplifier and a hydraulic piston that supplies power to a mechanism used in the actuating and automatic control of a mechanical device”
  • System must function freely and precisely to provide precision steering and handling
power steering fluid life blood

The Problems

Power Steering Fluid - “Life Blood”
  • Power steering fluid is the “life blood” of the system
  • Power steering fluid is subjected to extremes in:
    • High temperatures
  • High pressure
  • Pressure in a power steering system on hard turns is much higher than an automatic transmission under load
heat and pressure

The Problems

Heat and Pressure
  • High heat and pressure cause:
    • Oxidation
  • Fluid deterioration
  • Reduced lubricity
  • Contaminant accumulation
  • Varnish and sludge deposits
    • Eventually cause power steering unit clogging
wear metal dirt contamination

The Problems

Wear Metal & Dirt Contamination
  • See following 3 slides; Power Steering Fluid Oil Analysis Results
    • Tables compiled from oil analysis reports on power steering fluids taken from a random sampling of vehicles
    • Iron, Lead, Copper, Tin, Aluminum – abrasive wear metal particles
    • Silicon – abrasive dirt particles
    • Numbers indicate parts per million (ppm) of abrasive particles
    • Numbers with “A” represent “Abnormal” (high) level of abrasives
    • Numbers with “C” represent “Critical” (very high) level of abrasives
      • "Abnormal" and "Critical" indicate need for fluid replacement
  • Observe pattern of increased abrasive wear metal and dirt particle accumulation with increased mileage

The Problems

Power Steering Fluid Oil Analysis Results - 2


The Problems

Power Steering Fluid Oil Analysis Results - 3

metal and dirt abrasives

The Problems

Metal and Dirt Abrasives
  • Abrasive wear metal and dirt particles grind at friction surfaces, seals, etc., and can cause:
    • Fluid leakage
    • Power steering unit chatter and squeal
    • Hard, rough or jerky turns
  • Premature power steering unit failure
lack of maintenance problems

The Problems

Lack of Maintenance Problems
  • Lack of maintenance can lead to power steering unit problems
  • Power steering unit repair or replacement is:
    • Expensive
  • A time consuming hassle for the customer

Power Steering Fluid

II. The Solution

map amra recommendations

The Solution

MAP/AMRA Recommendations
  • MAP/AMRA Uniform Inspection and Communications Standards for:
  • Steering and Suspension, Wheel Alignment, and Wheels and Tires

Power Steering Pumps (continued)

Condition Code Procedure

Fluid at or beyond service interval 3 Suggest fluid change

Fluid Contaminated B Require flushing and

refilling of the system

diagnostics information

The Solution

Diagnostics Information
  • Quote from “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the Ford Taurus SHO”
    • from Ford Taurus SHOTIMES mailing list, diagnostic information from technicians and owners:

“Power Steering Fluid Change

You won't find this in any service schedules or owners manuals, but the power steering system should be serviced every 30K miles. The fluid isn't subjected to acids like the engine oil, but it is subjected to heat and pressure like an automatic transmission.”

service indicators

The Solution

Service Indicators
  • Easily noticeable indications that the power steering fluid needs maintenance:
  • Dark power steering fluid color
    • PSF is clear, or red ATF. Both fluids turn dark from oxidation due to heat & pressure
  • Fluid leakage
  • Chatter or squeal
  • Hard, rough or jerky turns
  • Stiff steering on “cold starts”

The Solution

  • Flushing rids the power steering system of:
  • Oxidized power steering fluid
  • Varnish deposits
  • Abrasive wear metal and dirt particles
  • Other debris and contaminants
fluid replacement

The Solution

Fluid Replacement
  • Replacing old fluid with new power steering fluid in a clean system:
  • Restores lubricity
  • Reduces wear
  • Reduces oxidation and corrosion
  • Reduced clogging
  • Reduces foaming and “cavitation”
  • Prolongs seal and o-ring life
customer benefits

The Solution

Customer Benefits
  • Power steering system flushing and fluid replacement before damage occurs provides the customer with:
  • Major savings on repair costs
  • Restored ease of steering, eliminating jerks and squeals
  • Quiet, smooth, uniform vehicle control
  • Safe, secure steering “peace of mind”
recommended interval

The Solution

Recommended Interval
  • Flushing & fluid replacement recommended interval
  • 30,000 miles or every two years, whichever comes first
    • Low mileage vehicles frequently encounter more severe “city driving”steering conditions, with frequent turns and low cooling air flow
  • Recommendation based on:
    • Oil analysis sampling showing abrasive wear metal and dirt contamination
    • MAP/AMRA Uniform Inspection and Communications Standards
  • Technicians will also make recommendations based on observable fluid conditions

Power Steering Fluid

“Thank you”

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