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Trip to Cameroon!

Join Miss Grundy and Miss Bailey on a trip to Cameroon in Africa for 2 months. Discover the beauty of Cameroon and learn about the work of Nicky's Foundation in providing support to vulnerable children and children with disabilities. Help us raise awareness and make a difference!

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Trip to Cameroon!

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Trip to Cameroon! Miss Grundy and Miss Bailey

  2. We are going to Cameroon in Africa for 2 months…It is here on the map

  3. What is it like there? Let’s take a look https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ia4Zu0-zq-M What do you notice?

  4. Nicky’s Foundation…

  5. What does Nicky’s Foundation do? • Providing specialist equipment in the community. • Supporting vulnerable children and children with disabilities in going to school. • Sponsoring the referral for specialist medical and surgical interventions.

  6. Who has Nicky helped?Meet Lilian…She is unable to walk and relied on being carried.Nicky’s foundation funded her trike and she is now working as a hairdresser and is much more independent.

  7. What will we be doing?Working in schools and orphanages

  8. We will be teaching in schools that Nicky’s foundation has helped in the past. Here is Nicky providing the children with uniforms…

  9. The schools have very little resources…That’s where we all come in! Let’s take a look in the magic basket and see what we are going to take…

  10. Rainbow Orphanage…

  11. What are we going to take with us? • Exercise books • Pencils, pens • Whiteboards • Story books • Teaching resources • Dance materials • Clothes, glasses and toothbrushes

  12. Every single penny raised today will directly help children in Cameroon… You should be proud of that!

  13. What else can you do to help? • Sponsored events such as: running, swimming, cycling and silences! • Bake sales – Like the Cakes for Cameroon event after school today. • Donating old clothes, glasses, toys etc. • Making postersor leaflets to raise awareness about the work of Nicky’s Foundation… Spread the word! =Thank you everyone… You are amazing!

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