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Senior Life

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Senior Life.

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senior life
Senior Life

Notice: This training material, including all handouts, video, written documentation and verbally--provided training, are considered confidential proprietary and trade secret information. No reproduction, video, audio or other recordings or disclosure of this information may occur without the express written consent of the home office of Bankers Life and Casualty Company, Bankers Conseco Life Insurance Company and Colonial Penn Life Insurance Company.

senior life objectives
Senior Life Objectives

At the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • Effectively complete a role play using the Bankers Life Insurance flipchart
  • Effectively complete form 12671-insert or BLNY 12671-insert to establish a dollar amount need for the life insurance need
  • Transition to a product specific solution and utilize a closing technique
  • Explain how to tie information obtained during Fact Finding to the product presentation
senior life presentation
Senior Life Presentation

Assume the following was uncovered during Fact Finding:

  • Have very limited liquid assets
  • Stated: “I wouldn’t want my daughter to have to pay for my burial expenses.”
  • Only expressed interest in the need to pay for their burial
  • The total need above current coverage owned was identified as $8,000 while using the “How Much Money Will it Take?” form
role play setup
Role Play Setup
  • Break up into groups of 2.
  • Decide who will play the agent for the first case and who will play the agent for the second case.
  • Read only the background information for your assigned role:
    • Case 1—Julie Merrill
      • Agent role—read page 5 in Participant Guide
      • Prospect role—read page 6 in Participant Guide
    • Case 2—Jim and Kate Smith
      • Agent role—read page 7 in Participant Guide
      • Prospect role—read page 8 in Participant Guide
  • After role play and then debrief.