navigating senior year college applications life after northwest n.
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NAVIGATING SENIOR YEAR, COLLEGE APPLICATIONS, & LIFE AFTER NORTHWEST. Agenda. Graduation Requirements Where should I apply? College Application Procedures Family Connection Questions. Graduation requirements. Earn 22 Credits. Pass 3 HSA Tests. Earn 75 SSL hours. 4 English 4 Math

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Graduation Requirements

Where should I apply?

College Application Procedures

Family Connection


graduation requirements
Graduation requirements

Earn 22 Credits

Pass 3 HSA Tests

Earn 75 SSL hours

4 English

4 Math

3 Science

3 Social Studies

1 PE

.5 Health

1 Technology

1 Fine Art

2.5 Elective

Program Completer


English 10


Students must earn hours from an approved site.

Visit or for a listing of approved sites.

SSL forms can be downloaded from

narrow your list
Narrow Your List
  • Search for colleges. Look at about 10 schools seriously.
  • Look at websites, communicate with college reps, and consider campus visits.
  • Apply to around 5-6 schools during the early fall of your senior year.
    • Target Schools
    • Safety Schools
    • Reach Schools
  • Visit the schools you are applying to and speak with current students if possible.
what does it take to get into college
What Does It Take to Get Into College?

University of Maryland receives over 26,000 applications for a class of 4,000.

NWHS students who were accepted in 2013 had an average GPA of 3.6 and SAT of 1890.

Towson University receives over 17,000 applications for a class of 3,000.

NWHS students who were accepted in 2013 had an average GPA of 3.38 and SAT of 1694.

Mount St. Mary’s University receives over 4,900 applications for a class of 430.

NWHS students who were accepted in 2013 had an average GPA of 3.35 and SAT of 1650.

college evaluation process
College Evaluation Process

When considering a student for admission, colleges will evaluate:

  • Transcript
    • GPA, Courses & Grades
  • Testing
    • SAT I, SAT Subjects, ACT and Accuplacer Scores
  • Essay(s)
  • Resume
  • Extracurricular Activities/Service
  • Letters of Recommendation

Unweighted GPA

Weighted GPA

step 1 the application

Step 1: The application

Go to the college website. Does the college have its own application or is it part of the Common Application?

You will complete each application and hit send by the deadline. You will not be able to start applications until August 1st at the earliest.

This is where you will write your short answer and essay prompts. Be thorough and make yourself “human” to the admissions officer.

It’s a good idea to keep a folder for each college. Write your username and password on the inside flap of the folder. Keep hardcopies of any correspondence.

3 ways to apply

3 Ways to Apply

The Common Application

Over 500 colleges and universities are part of the Common App. The general application is the same for all schools, but each school will have its own supplements.

All information will be submitted electronically. (Example: UMBC)


Any college or university that is not part of the Common App, but allows for their

information to be sent electronically, is part of the Edocs system. All information will be submitted electronically. (Example: University of Maryland)

US Mail

Some colleges still require that you send a hard copy of the application and all

supporting documents through the mail. (Example: Penn State)

step 2 link accounts

Step 2: Link accounts

When applying through Common App or Edocs, you will have to link your accounts to Family Connection.

The process for linking your accounts will be finalized in July or August. We will be meeting with all seniors during the first few weeks of school to explain the process and answer any questions.

step 3 complete ferpa waiver

Step 3: Complete Ferpa Waiver

FERPA is a federal law that protects the privacy of a student’s education records.

In regards to college, a parent must authorize the school to send a student’s transcript as this is part of a student’s confidential record.

Print your signature and/or electronically sign the privacy notice waving your right to see your recommendations. It is HIGHLY recommended that you check “yes” and waive your right to see/access recommendations.

step 4 request transcripts

Step 4: Request Transcripts

Return the completed Transcript Request Form along with fees to the Registrar’s Office before school, during lunch or after school.

If applying by US Mail, submit a 9 x 12 envelope addressed to the college and with 3 stamps in the upper right hand corner.

step 5 send sat or act scores

Step 5: Send SAT or Act Scores

You will send this directly from College Board or ACT to each college.

NWHS does not send official scores.

step 6 request letters of recommendation

Step 6: Request Letters of Recommendation

Update the self evaluation form. This is your brag sheet. Include all information that will help us “make you real” to the college admissions officer reading your application.

Each college determines the number of recommendations needed so check the college website carefully.

Personally speak to teachers that you would like to write a letter on your behalf. Follow up with an email request through Family Connection.

Allow teachers and your counselor at least 3 weeks to complete the recommendation letter.

your application is complete when the college receives

Your application is complete when the college receives…

The Application

Test scores

Transcript (school info)

Letters of Recommendation

  • Senior Survival Guide
  • The Common Application Essay Prompts and Hints
  • NWHS Top College Picks
  • NWHS Student Service Learning
  • JAG Scholarship Forecast Bulletin
family connection what is that again
Family Connection… What is that again?
  • Receive periodic emails and notifications regarding scholarships, special opportunities, & more.
  • Complete a career interest profile, explore various careers, salaries, education and training needed.
  • Generate lists of colleges that may be a good match based on your GPA & test scores.
  • See when College Reps will visit NW and sign up to attend in the College/Career Center.
  • Track your transcript requests.
family connection log in
Family Connection Log In

college search1
College Search

Click on


Click on college search

college search2
College Search

Through Family Connection, you can conduct and save many advanced college searches. Note that there are many categories of criteria: type, location, students, etc.


College Scattergram

Click on Scattergram to see if your GPA & SAT scores would be a good match for a particular college.