center for applied science and mathematics for innovation and competitiveness n.
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Center for Applied Science and Mathematics for Innovation and Competitiveness PowerPoint Presentation
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Center for Applied Science and Mathematics for Innovation and Competitiveness

Center for Applied Science and Mathematics for Innovation and Competitiveness

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Center for Applied Science and Mathematics for Innovation and Competitiveness

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  1. Center for Applied Science and Mathematics for Innovation and Competitiveness

  2. History • Fall 2004: Rocky Mountain Middle School Math and Science Partnership • Increase middle school math and science teachers content knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge. • Scholarships for middle school students for summer camps. • Internship opportunities for UCDHSC students in middle school classrooms. • October 2005: Developed the idea for CASMIC • April 2006: Business plan signed off by the chancellor. • June 2006: Carole Basile appointed as Director • August 2006: Move into new offices; CU700M • September 2006: Kick-off

  3. Key Messages The Center for Applied Science and Mathematics for Innovation and Competitiveness (CASMIC) is designed to promote partnerships between the University of Colorado at Denver and Health Sciences Center, School Districts, other Institutions of Higher Education, and the Business sector to: • Create opportunities for all students to develop the knowledge and skills necessary for career exploration in disciplines requiring math and science; • Advocate for policy that promotes teaching, learning, and research of math and science in applied settings; • Examine behavioral and social environments and their influence on math and science learning; • Bridge gaps across K-20 schools, colleges, and universities, community advocates, and business partners so that students can use math and science to be competitive in a global society; and • Promote innovation across the sciences, mathematics, engineering, and technology to expand interdisciplinary learning, teaching, and research.

  4. Submitted Grants • Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (PI: Gita Alaghband, Engineering) ($500,000/5 years) • Goal: Scholarship opportunities for engineering students. • GK12 (PI: Robert Damrauer, Chemistry) ($3,000,000/5 years) • Goal: Advance science achievement in grades 3-5, and close existing performance gaps between subpopulations of students by providing support from university STEM graduate students. • Math and Science Partnership (PI: Charlie Ferguson, Biology) ($5,000,000/5 years) • Goal:To advance achievement in high quality mathematics and science coursework by all students by providing summer institutes to high school teachers and having secondary-postsecondary interface and discussion related to attrition rates in early STEM courses. • Academies for Youth in Science (PI: Carole Basile, CASMIC)($800,000/3 years) • Goal: Provides at-risk children in grades 5-8 in the Denver Public Schools with out-of-school experiences featuring experiential exposure to exciting work occurring in STEM-related government agencies and businesses around the Denver metro area • Howard Hughes Medical Institute Grant (PI: Robin Michael, Neuroscience, HSC) ($750,000/3 years) • Goal: Providing teacher research experiences in research labs at Health Sciences Center; opportunities for graduate assistants to gain mentoring and K-12 experience; community events related to health sciences research and student performance in science. • Colorado Commission on Higher Education (PI: Carole Basile, CASMIC) ($125,000) • Goal: Providing stipends to Denver Public School teachers to participate in the RM-MSMSP.

  5. Grants in Progress • STEP (PI: Martin Huber, Physics) ($1,000,000/5 years) • Goal: To create research lab models that include undergraduate and graduate students; prepare freshman and sophomores for research experience; support faculty development in mentoring of student researchers. • Informal Science Education (PI: Karen Koellner, SEHD) ($3,000,000/5 years) • Goal: Integration of mathematics in informal science venues including the Denver Museum of Science and Nature and the Children’s Museum of Denver.

  6. Robert Damrauer, Professor, Chemistry Randy Tagg, Associate Professor, Physics Doris Kimbrough, Associate Professor, Chemistry Doug Dyckes, Chair, Chemistry John Lanning, Professor, Chemistry Brad Stith, Professor, Biology Lisa Johansen, Associate Professor, Biology Ken Ortega, Professor, Civil Engineering Michael S. Jacobson, Professor, Math Lynn Bennethum, Associate Professor Bill Briggs, Professor, Math Charlie Ferguson, Associate Professor, Biology, Associate Dean Doug Dyckes, Chair, Professor, Chemistry Michael Greene, Assistant Professor, Biology Lisa Johansen, Assistant Professor, Biology Cheri Jones, Senior Instructor, Biology Martin Maltempo, Professor, Physics Kim Reigier, Instructor, Biology Deborah Thomas, Assistant Professor, Geology Joanna Wright, Assistant Professor, Geology Mary E. Coussons-Read, Associate Professor, Psychology and Health and Behavioral Science; Chair Dave Young, Senior Instructor, Information and Learning Technologies Heidi Barker, Regis University Rock Levinson Professor, Physiology, Lynn Bemis, Assistant Professor, Medical Oncology Diego Restrepo, Professor, Cell and Developmental Biology/Director of the Neuroscience Jack Westfall, MD, Family Medicine Gretchen Guiton Associate Professor, Education Angela Sauaia, Curriculum Specialist, Diversity  Timberly Roane, Associate Professor, Biology Martin Huber, Professor, Biology Faculty Associates

  7. Denver Public Schools Adams 14 Schools Jefferson County Public Schools Adams County 12 Five Star Schools Mapleton Public Schools Westminster 50 Public Schools Elizabeth Public Schools Gilpin Public Schools Englewood Public Schools St. Vrain Public Schools Brighton Public Schools Colorado I Have a Dream Space Science Institute Lockheed Martin Corporation Children’s Museum of Denver Denver Museum of Science and Nature Other Partners

  8. Grants Under Discussion • Research Experiences for Undergraduates • Developmental Learning Sciences • Research Experiences for Teachers • Discovery Research K-12 • WIRED • Others

  9. Other Activities Under Construction • Website that would connect STEM activities across UCDHSC. • Partnership with Faculty Development to create venues for data-based conversation and showcasing faculty work in STEM research, experiential learning, and K-12 connections. • First Bridge Conversation: 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM Friday, October 13, 2006; Facilitated by Charlie Ferguson and John Lanning; • Continued pursuit of partnerships and funding for innovative ideas.

  10. Faculty that would like to be associated with CASMIC and notified of possible opportunities and linkages. Faculty who would like to take advantage of CASMIC’s network and pursue innovative ideas. Faculty Associates

  11. Strategic Advisory Board • Faculty and partner representatives that would like to serve on an advisory board for CASMIC. Meeting four times per year to provide advice, ideas, and vision.

  12. Interest Survey • Name • Interest Areas or Ideas. • Work you are already doing that we should know about…website, etc. • Willing to be a faculty associate or partner or serve on the strategic advisory board.

  13. Thanks for Coming!!