ospfv3 stub router advertisement l.
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OSPFv3 Stub Router Advertisement PowerPoint Presentation
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OSPFv3 Stub Router Advertisement

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OSPFv3 Stub Router Advertisement - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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OSPFv3 Stub Router Advertisement. draft- shishio - ospf - ospfv3 -stub. Shishio Tsuchiya shtsuchi@cisco.com Gunter Van de Velde gvandeve@cisco.com Tomohiro Yamagata to-yamagata@kddi.com. history. 00 - May 30, 2010 published

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OSPFv3 Stub Router Advertisement

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Presentation Transcript
ospfv3 stub router advertisement

OSPFv3 Stub Router Advertisement


Shishio Tsuchiya shtsuchi@cisco.com

Gunter Van de Veldegvandeve@cisco.com

Tomohiro Yamagata to-yamagata@kddi.com

  • 00 - May 30, 2010 published
  • I have received a lot of feedbackcisco and KDDI internal.
  • 01 - Aug 28,2010 published
  • difference point of between 00 and 01
      • add author Gunter Van de Velde gvandeve@cisco.com
      • correction of “R-bit” clear behaviors
problem statement
Problem statement
  • OSPFv3 has “no transit capability”,it is R-bit and v6-bit
  • OSPFv2 does not has “no transit capability” as the protocol,so most of venders supports RFC3137 as a technique.
  • OSPFv3 has same metric information field of all of LSAs(except of Link-LSA),so RFC3137 method can be adapted in OSPFv3.
problem statement cont d
Problem statement cont’d
  • OSPFv3 should support both “R-bit,v6-bit” and “max-metric” as the protocol.
  • This draft described both methods to archive “OSPFv3 Stub Router advertisements”
today s ospfv2 operation
today’s OSPFv2 operation
  • RFC3137is informational RFC,but most of venders already support,anda lot of customer are using now.
    • Wait for time/BGP[RFC3137]
    • LDP IGPSyncronization [RFC5447]
    • configuration change [RFC3137]
ospf stub router advertisement

New Flow Of Traffic

Primary Flow of Traffic

OSPF Stub Router Advertisement


Router can now be upgraded with minimal network interruption

router ospf 123

max-metric router-lsa

r bit v6 bit
  • RFC5340 Errata describe how to process “R-bit,V6-bit”


  • If router supports “R-bit clear”,router should support wait for BGP or time same as RFC3137.
ospfv2 compatibility mode max metric
OSPFv2 compatibility mode-max-metric-
  • OSPFv3 has metric information of all of LSAs(except of Link-LSA.)So,therouter can announce set to LSInfinity(0xFFFF).


| 0 |Nt|x|V|E|B| Options |


| Type | 0 | Metric |


| Interface ID |


  • This draft does not require protocol enhancement
  • OSPFv3 should suport “R-bit clear” and “max-metric” as the protocol
  • The draft’s purpose is definition of both modes to avoid confusing for operators.
next step
Next Step
  • accept it is WG item?
  • informational or standard?
    • RFC3137 is informational RFC but
      • RFC3137 was published in 2001,and some vendors has been supported for 8 or 9 years.
      • A lot of customers are using in their commercial network.
      • There is some RFCs are referingRFC3137. such as RFC5443,RFC5286.RFC4970,RFC4915,RFC3277
      • RFC3137 is stable and well-known.

So I felt RFC3137 should be Standard.