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  2. Unlocking Possibilities with RADiON Powerful DICOM Workstation • RADiON is perfectly suited for any imaging facility – No matter what size. Open Architecture/Standards • RADiON is developed in conformance to DICOM 3.0 • Easy migration of data to enterprise-wide PACS anytime with least effort RADiON represents a paradigm shift in DICOM workstations

  3. Unlocking Possibilities with RADiON Versatile DICOM Solution Highly Customizable UI • Is it a diagnostic workstation? Is it a reporting station? Is it a distribution solution? Is it a Teleradiology solution? – RADiON is all of it and more. • Save cost by buying a single solution for multiple uses – RADiON, the Versatile DICOM solution. • Different Radiologists with different preferences for analysis and diagnosis. RADiON’s Highly customizable UI caters to every need. • Customize toolbar , image overlay, image layout based for each user. RADiON provides customers the lowest cost of total ownership


  5. Primary Diagnostic/Reporting Station • Standard image processing tools include zoom, pan, flip, rotate, Hounsfield value, ROI zoom, image sharpness and image histogram. • Measurement tools like Linear, Angular and Area • Annotation tools like Line, arrow, rectangle ellipse and text annotation • 2D viewer with multiple display options including Multiple viewing matrixes for comparison of multiple image series, Multiple image layout within a series • View images/studies on multiple monitors making it easier for Radiologists to easily navigate between his worklist and image viewer. Unlocking a whole visual experience

  6. Primary Diagnostic/Reporting Station • Template based reporting module, that includes pre-stored customizable templates for each study. • “Create your own Study” template tool for easy creation of customized report • Prevent unauthorized alterations – Report Finalization. • Prepare reports by using pre-defined report layouts and print them on Windows based printers. Unlocking a whole new reporting sphere

  7. Advanced Visualization • High quality volume rendering achieved with State-of-the-art 3D visualization plug-in for CT and MRI DICOM • Interactive UI includes Real-time Interactive MIP rendering, with MIP radials, slabs, thresholding, bone-removal Taking Visualization to a whole new level

  8. Advanced Visualization • MPR functions include interactive oblique and double-oblique sectioning, multi-MPR series generation, MPR slabs and curved MPR • Region segmentations can be defined on the 3D or MPR display and measurements can be calculated for the selected region. • Volume interiors are visualized using a Cut-Plane to slice through the volume and reveal the interior regions. Taking Visualization to a whole new level

  9. Media Distribution Station • DICOM Print – • DICOM print composer allows users to select and organize the images in a highly customizable layout. • Select one of the pre-defined layout or even create your own layout. • Configure multiple DICOM printers as well as film orientation (Portrait or Landscape). • Windows Print – • Print reports with reference images on pre-defined layouts using Windows based printers • Multiple image layout options – 1,2,4,6,12 images per page or report with images side by side. RADiON makes DICOM study distribution simple and easy

  10. Media Distribution Station • DICOM CD/DVD burn – • Intuitive CD/DVD distribution facility • Integrated with automatic disc publishing systems (Rimage or Primera) • Write DICOM studies in an automated manner. • Print a customized label on the CD/DVD • Option to burn with a embedded DICOM viewer and anonymize patient details. (OR) (CD/DVD) RADiON makes DICOM study distribution simple and easy

  11. Teleradiology Solution (DICOM Routing) Internet • Sends images automatically to specific DICOM nodes • Pre-defined rules for sending images based on AE Title, IP address, modality, patient information, and DICOM attributes. • Rule-based routing enables an imaging center to automatically route images to reading physicians whether onsite or remote. • Another benefit of the automated routing feature is that images can be archived remotely Unlocking a brand new communication gateway

  12. Unlocking Non-DICOM Modalities • RADiON’s DICOM converter module interfaces with non-DICOM modalities including Endoscope, legacy Ultrasound, CT, MRI modalities and converts them to DICOM 3.0 format. • View non-DICOM data side by side with DICOM images • Save the cost of upgrading a non-DICOM modality and add more clarity to DICOM images

  13. Unlock Possibilities today! Email