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.... unlocking opportunities

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.... unlocking opportunities
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.... unlocking opportunities

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  2. BUA GROUP PROFILE • THE BUA GROUP WITH A COMBINED CAPITAL INVESTMENT IN EXCESS OF US$5BN CONSISTS OF: • BUA Sugar Refinery Limited • Lafiaji Sugar Company Limited • BUA Flour Mills Limited • BUA Pasta Limited • Nigerian Oil Mills Limited • BUA Oil Mils Limited • Damas Shipping Co. Ltd • BUA Ports & Terminals Ltd • BUA Estate Development Ltd • BUA Oil & Gas Limited • BUA International Limited • BUA Cement Nigeria Limited • Cement Company of Northern Nigeria Plc • Edo Cement Company Ltd, Okpella BUA GROUP

  3. BUA GROUP PROFILE • BUA SUGAR REFINERY LTD • Second Sugar Refinery in Nigeria • Current valuation in excess of US$500 million • Installed capacity of 2,000mt per day • Second plant of same capacity to be built in Port Harcourt • BUA FLOUR MILLS LTD • Capitalisation is over US$50million • Business includes the processing of wheat into flour and bran. Consists of 2 factories with output of 1,000mt per annum. Capacity being expanded to 3,000mt per day • Plants are located in Lagos in the south and Kano in the north of Nigeria BUA GROUP

  4. BUA GROUP PROFILE • An emerging indigenous group in Nigeria • The Group was established in 1988 by Abdulsamad Rabiu • The Group’s business can be segmented as follows: Manufacturing: Food & Beverages, Building Materials, Maritime, Property Development, Oil & Gas, Iron & Steel


  6. BUA PORTS & TERMINALS • Business of Terminal Operations/port management • Concessionaires and Managers of Port Harcourt ports, Terminal B • Strategic for the establishment of various projects as Flour, Pasta Plant, Cement Bagging Plant, Sugar Refinery, etc.

  7. EXPANSION and Development Projects BUA GROUP


  9. CEMENT COMPANY OF NORTHERN NIGERIA (CCNN) • Incorporated as a private limited liability company 15th August 1962 and listed on the 4th October 1993 • Leading supplier of cement within the North-West • Best cement product in the North-West Nigeria • Located in Kalambaina – on a pure limestone belt of over 200 million tons, capable of sustaining the plant’s operation for at least 100 years

  10. CCNN Expansion Program/Update

  11. BUA Cement Co. Ltd • Inc. as a private limited liability company in 2008 • It currently operates out of Port Harcourt through a Floating Cement Vessel, MV BUA Cement 1 • BUA Cement 1 commenced operations in 2009

  12. BUA CEMENT CO. LTD. • BUA Cement 1 is 200 metres long and has a storage capacity of 40,000 metric tonnes • The vessel is equipped with a Siwertel ship unloader capable of receiving cement at a rate of 800 metric tonnes per hour from incoming cement ships • Capable of bagging with 4 packers with each machine capable of packing 120 metric tonnes per hour • It has capacity daily to pack and discharge 4,500 metric tonnes of high quality BUA cement in 50 kg bags

  13. Edo Cement Company Ltd • Established in 1964 with Indigenous Shareholders • Located at kilometre 34, Auchi-Okene Road, about 5km north of Okpella town, Edo State • The Federal Govt privatisation act led to its acquisition by Damnaz Cement Company Ltd which BUA later bought

  14. Edo Cement Company Ltd • BUA Group has 87% holding in Edo Cement Coy Ltd • Presently 400,000 mt p.a cement plant • BUA Group and FLSmidth of Denmark recently signed a U$500m for construction of a new plant to bring the installed capacity to 2.9mt pa upon completion


  16. BUA’s Sugar Business • April 13 2005: Incorporated BUA Sugar Refinery Ltd as a private limited liability company with an installed capacity of 720,000 MT/Annum • 2008: Commenced production at the Sugar Refinery. The company refines imported brown sugar • BUA Sugar Refinery is the second largest Sugar Refinery in West Africa • 2009: BUA acquired Lafiaji Sugar Company for backward integration;

  17. Expansion Program/Update – Sugar Business

  18. BUA’s Sugar Projects • BUA Sugar Refinery Ltd. Port Harcourt (New Plant): In 2011 commenced the construction of a new Sugar Refinery with installed capacity of 720,000MT/Annum • Lafiaji Sugar Company Ltd (New Sugar Factory) – Development of new sugar factory alongside a sugarcane plantation of production capacity - 720,000mt p.a. • On project completion, BUA’s total sugar production capacity would be at least 2.16m mt/ p.a.

  19. BUA’s Flour Business • March 2005: Incorporation of BUA Flour Mills Ltd. to primarily engage in the production of flour for both local and international market • BUA Flour Mills has a current production capacity of: • 156,000mt per annum for the Lagos Plant • 156,000mt per annum for the Kano Plant • Expansion projects have commenced on both plants to increase capacity by 100% (each) to 312,000mt p.a.

  20. BUA Flour Projects • 2009/2010: Commenced construction of a Pasta Plant to produce Semolina (360MT/day) and Pasta (240MT/day) • Production Capacity of Pasta Plant of 156,000MT/Annum • Upon completion of the BUA Flour expansion and Pasta Plant projects, BUA’s total production capacity would be 780,000 mt p.a. BUA GROUP

  21. BUA’s Expansion and Development Projects Financing Structures

  22. BUA’s Project Financing Structure BUA’s project financing structure can be broken into three distinct stages • Stage 1: (EQUITY) • Commence with a100% equity financing then ‘part refinancing’ • Stage 2: (DEBT/EQUITY) • A mixture of debt & equity with the debt arrangement done through Syndication • Stage 3: (Future Financing Plans) • Capital market, Issuance of Bonds, etc

  23. BUA’s Financing Strategies There are three major financing strategies that we use in achieving our financing goals Key Issues • Local and Foreign exchange lending mix • Long-term loans for projects • Competitive pricing of credit facilities – cost of capital

  24. BUA’s Project Financing Plans • CCNN US$300m Expansion Project: • Debt Financing of US$ • And Hybrid offer/IPO valued at US$300m • Edo Cement US$500m Project • Debt Financing of US$ • Greenfield project for BUA Cement • Debt Financing of US$ • BUA Sugar Refinery Ltd Project: • Debt Financing of US$ • IPO value

  25. In Conclusion • BUA’s expansion plans in the cement industry is being driven by the huge and growing demand for affordable housing & growth in infrastructural development & the construction industry in Nigeria • BUA is poised to become the 2nd largest Cement manufacturer by 2015 with an installed capacity of 9.052mMT per Annum • We are positioned to become market leaders in Sugar production by 2014 with an installed capacity of 2.16m mt p.a. • BUA’s healthy cash flow and the benefits of debt financing drive our project financing plans which is mostly centered around achieving a 50:50 debt/equity ratio

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