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QuickTime. http://www.schooltube.com/video/bcef4580516f12afcad4/. Framing Questions. • By the end of the 1960s, what had African Americans overcome? • How had the civil rights movement affected the lives of African Americans?

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Framing questions


Framing Questions

• By the end of the 1960s, what had African Americans overcome?

• How had the civil rights movement affected the lives of African Americans?

• What remained to be overcome, not just for African Americans, but ALL Americans?

Who has advanced the dream
Who has advanced the dream?

  • Medgar and Myrlie Evers

  • Myrlie continues the work n

    now 50 years after Medgar’s


  • We envision a world in which everyone deserves respect and dignity. With collective conviction, people have the capacity, power, right, and responsibility to achieve and secure economic, social, and political justice.


Born in 1933, Myrlie Evers-Williams was the wife of murdered civil rights activist Medgar Evers. While fighting to bring his killer to justice, Evers-Williams also continued her husband's work with her book, For Us, The Living. She also wrote Watch Me Fly: What I Learned on the Way to Becoming the Woman I Was Meant to Be. Evers-Williams served as chair of the NAACP from 1995 to 1998.

After her husband's murder, Evers-Williams fought hard to see his killer brought to justice. Although Beckwith was arrested and brought to trial on murder charges, two all-white juries could not reach a verdict in the case. It would take approximately 30 years for justice to be served, with Williams-Evers keeping the case alive and pushing for Beckwith to pay for his crime. Her efforts were not in vain. In the early 1990s, Beckwith was again arrested and later convicted by a multi-racial jury.

In 1976, Evers-Williams married Walter Williams, a labor and civil rights activist. She continued to explore ways to serve her community and to work with the NAACP. Los Angeles mayor Tom Bradley appointed her to the Board of Public Works as a commissioner in 1987. Evers-Williams also joined the board of the NAACP.

Who has advanced the dream1
Who has advanced the Dream?

  • The Mississippi 3

  • Michael Schwerner

  • James Chaney

  • Andrew Goldman

  • They gave their lives so that people can register to exercise their right to vote.

Who has advanced the dream2


Who has advanced the Dream?

  • Nelson Mandela

  • Spent 27 years as a political

    Prisoner of South Africa’s

    Apartheid government

    Worked to abolish apartheid

    Recipient of the 1993 Nobel Peace prize Helped heal the country’s racial wounds

Who has advanced the dream3
Who has advanced the Dream?http://www.history.com/topics/nelson-mandela/videos#nelson-mandela-champion-of-freedom

  • MalalaYousafzai

  • Activist for women’s rights and


    16 years old

    Survived an assassination attempt after getting off the school bus

    Made the cover of Time as one of the 100 most influential people in the world





The Dream




What will you do to advance the dream?