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amazonas rainforest

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amazonas rainforest

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the rainforest

how big is it
How big is it?
  • Half a million square kilometers
  • 60% in brazilian lands
    • Also in Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana
  • Represents half of planet’s remaining forests
  • Largest tropical rainforest in the world
  • A lot of rivers. Main river is the Amazonas river that has several
  • A lot of animals: one in ten know species in the world lives in Amazon rainforest
  • One square kilometer contain 90790 tonnes of living plants
  • is the conversion of forested areas to non-forested areas. The main sources of deforestation in the Amazon are human settlement and development of the land.
  • Almost 20000 km2 per year: environmentalproblem.
  • But nowadays this number has declined.
  • They live in tribes. Some are big and some are small.
  • Have their own language, traditions, belief, …
  • Are not many nowadays
  • Some of them preffer not to have contact with the “real world”.
eco tourism
  • Eco-tourism is one of the only ways locals generate income from the rainforest without disturbing the environment.
  • eco-tourist dollars support local economies, provide jobs, and encourage preservation efforts.
  • Amazon is the only place on Earth untouched by the Ice Age. Hence, it contains the natural heritage of 100-million years.