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Ohio Aviation Association. April 22, 2014. Welcome and introductions. Dave Dennis – Aviation Planner, ODOT Office of Aviation; Project Manager for Focus Study; Ohio Airport Grant Program - Apps due May 1! Jim Bryant – Administrator, ODOT Office of Aviation

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Welcome and introductions
Welcome and introductions

  • Dave Dennis – Aviation Planner, ODOT Office of Aviation; Project Manager for Focus Study; Ohio Airport Grant Program - Apps due May 1!

  • Jim Bryant – Administrator,ODOT Office of Aviation

  • Chuck Dyer – Liaison with ODOT Division of Planning


    Dave Dennis, 614-387-2352

Project advisory committee
Project Advisory Committee

  • Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association - AOPA

  • County Commissioners Association

  • FAA Detroit Airports District Office – Det. ADO; 90% AIP grant

  • National Air Transportation Association - NATA

  • National Business Aviation Association – NBAA

  • Ohio Regional Business Aviation Association - ORBAA

  • Ohio Aviation Association - OAA

  • ODOT Office of Aviation

  • ODOT Office of Statewide Planning

  • Ohio Department of Development

  • Ohio Chamber of Commerce

  • Ohio Municipal League

Role of project advisory committee
Role of Project Advisory Committee

  • Provide advice on policy issues, e.g., adding instrument approach to the airport classification criteria

  • “Sounding Board” - Assist in the flow of information to and from aviation stakeholders

  • Review study deliverables

Focus study purpose and goals
Focus Study Purpose and Goals

“The Focus Study will be used to optimize investment in Ohio’s airport system with an eye toward safety,efficiency and economic growth.

It will identify needed system improvements, develop a framework for prioritizing those projects, and assess the economic impact of each publicly owned airport.

The Study’s findings will assist ODOT and FAA in making hard decisions on proposed airport development in a period of limited funding.”

Project facts
Project FACTS

  • Inventory

    • All 104 system airports were visited

    • 100% response from airport managers

    • 70% response rate from economic development agencies

    • Data on 500+ general aviation airport tenants

  • System Facts – Airports with:

    • 5,000-foot runways: 42

    • Air traffic control towers: 15

    • Weather reporting: 62

    • Precision approaches (ILS): 21

    • Jet fuel: 79

Data collection inventory phase
Data Collection – inventory phase

  • Airport Management Surveys

  • Airport Business Surveys

  • Pilot Surveys

  • Non-Aviation Business Surveys

  • Economic Development Agency Surveys

General aviation activity forecasts
General Aviation Activity Forecasts

  • Projections 20122032

    • Based aircraft: 4,687 5,182

    • Annual operations: 2.7 million 3.0 million

  • Considered Ohio demographic shifts and national general aviation trends

  • Jet Operations

    < 300 jet ops: 28 airports

    300 to 700 jet ops: 21 airports

    > 700 jet ops: 55 airports

Airport classification
Airport classification

  • Identify how Ohio’s airport system serves our state today

    • Build on national FAA classification system – NPIAS, Asset Study

    • Airports serve different market segments

    • One size does not fit all

    • Availability of funding is not a factor in developing classifications

Airport classification1
Airport classification

  • Air Carrier Airports – Support scheduled airline operations (7 airports, not the focus of this study)

  • General Aviation Airports – Split into two groups, those that serve turbine (jet and turboprop) aircraft, and those that serve piston (propeller) aircraft

Airport classification2
Airport classification

  • Level 1 Airports – Serve nearly all the needs of general aviation turbine powered aircraft and their users.

  • Level 2 Airports – Serve many, but not necessarily all, the needs of turbine powered aircraft.

Airport classification3
Airport classification

  • Level 3 Airports – Serves piston powered aircraft predominately, meeting nearly all their needs.

  • Level 4 Airports – Serves piston powered aircraft, but may not meet all aircraft needs.

Airport classification criteria
Airport classification criteria

Criteria used following extensive PAC input:

  • Runway length – under/over 4,000’

  • Type of fuel available – sales of 10,000 gallons of jet fuel

  • Maintenance services available – turbine, piston, none

  • Instrument approach capabilities – precision, non-precision, circling

Ohio aviation association

Ohio airport classifications

7 Air Carrier Airports

33 Level 1 Airports

18 Level 2 Airports

29 Level 3 Airports

17 Level 4 Airports

Airport classification uses
airport classification uses

  • Develop facility and service recommendations

  • Measure system performance

  • Identify system’s capital needs

  • Assess service areas

    • Overlaps

    • Gaps

Ohio aviation association

Airport service Areas – all system airports

Ohio’s Airport System provides convenient airport services to more than 97% of the population.

Compliance and stewardship will be considered
Compliance and stewardship will be considered

  • Are airports in compliance with select FAA requirements?

    • Pavement maintenance

    • Through-the-Fence (off-airport access)

    • Leases – standardized

    • Land use compatibility

    • Runway Protection Zone controls

    • Runway Safety Area compliance


Pavement Condition Index*


*Based on ODOT

inspection data


Examples of compliance issues
Examples of compliance issues

  • Through-the-Fence (TTF)

    • 26 airports have TTF activities

    • Considers commercial and residential properties

    • Are there airport/TTF agreements in place?

  • Obstruction Removal

    • On airport

    • Off airport: Easements, land acquisition

Unique aspects of ohio s airports
Unique Aspects of Ohio’s Airports

  • Aviation Education and Training

    • 73 airports with aviation education or training programs

    • World class aviation college and university facilities:

      • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

      • Kent State University

      • Ohio University

      • The Ohio State University

Unique aspects of ohio s airports1
Unique Aspects of Ohio’s Airports

  • A Leader in the Fractional Ownership Industry

    • Headquarters of NetJets (Port Columbus) and Flight Options (Cuyahoga Co.)

    • 1,400 direct jobs

General aviation tax impacts
General Aviation Tax Impacts

  • Annual Tax Impacts

    • General aviation fuel tax revenues: $15.9 million

    • Aviation services tax revenues: $13.7 million

    • Total sales tax from aviation: $29.6 million

    • Data on fuel sales and aviation services was collected during inventory phase, high level of confidence

    • Tax revenues from aviation fuel and services NOT set aside for aviation purposes

Focus study next steps
Focus Study - Next steps

  • Finalize compliance evaluation

  • Complete Geographical Information System (GIS) analysis of service areas, regional needs and capacity – gaps and overlaps

  • Develop recommendations for system improvements

Focus study next steps1
Focus Study - Next steps

  • Continue working with Project Advisory Committee

  • The draft system recommendations will be available for public review and input during the final round of public meetings in the Fall 2014

  • Publish final report December, 2014

Ohio aviation association

Thank You


Dave Dennis, 614-387-2352