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Northern California Business aviation association PowerPoint Presentation
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Northern California Business aviation association

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Northern California Business aviation association - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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January 11, 2011. Northern California Business aviation association. INTRODUCTIONS. WELCOME. John Swaney, Chief Pilot, HP Aviation Bill Hunter, ACM Aviation; Administrator Stephen Harms, Safety Officer, HP Aviation; FOQA Presenter. Board of Directors. Robert Pocica, McKesson

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Northern California Business aviation association

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  • John Swaney, Chief Pilot, HP Aviation
  • Bill Hunter, ACM Aviation; Administrator
  • Stephen Harms, Safety Officer, HP Aviation; FOQA Presenter
board of directors
Board of Directors
  • Robert Pocica, McKesson
  • Brian Adamcik, Marmalade Skies
  • John Swaney, HP
  • Regional advocacy for business aviation
  • Aviation safety
  • Mentoring and development of business aviation professionals
  • Advocacy: NCBAA Board
  • Safety: Steve Harms, Chris Vedo, Ed Wetzel
  • Mentor (Scholarship): Shannon Roth, Herv Hodgson, Ron Freswick, Victoria Collom (SJSU)
  • Administration: Bill Hunter (luncheon, meetings, membership, web site), Sterling Brandt (Sharepoint, NCBAA intranet)
corporate flight operational quality assurance
Corporate Flight Operational Quality Assurance


Presented by:

Stephen Harms


c foqa recording
C-FOQA Recording
  • DFDR supplies the data stream
  • Quick Access Recorder (QAR) records data stream on a scandisk card
  • Data is transmitted to FDS for processing
  • Pilots provide supplemental data about events
c foqa benefits
C-FOQA Benefits
  • SMS program enhancement
  • IBAC recommendation
  • Insurance rate reduction
data review
Data Review
  • FOQA events are reviewed by the Safety Officer for the following issues:
    • Safety
    • SOPs
    • Training
    • Flight Standards
    • Quality Assurance
    • Maintenance
the basics
The Basics
  • Review process must be fair and just!
  • Data must be used in a non-punitive environment!
  • Review process must not fall into the blame culture that often permeates our industry!
foqa will identify safety problems
FOQA Will Identify Safety Problems
  • Pilots provide only subjective data based on their perceptions and experiences and often report this only when absolutely necessary
  • FOQA reports objective, quantitative data on what occurred during a flight
  • FOQA yields precise, unbiased information for evaluation
  • FOQA is not based on just perceived problems or risks; it looks at all parameters
big brother perhaps
Big Brother?Perhaps
  • FOQA is used to identify suspected problems
  • Unknown problems!
  • FAR, AFM, SOP noncompliance

Resulting in a proactive safety culture to facilitate fixing problems before they become critical through :

        • Training
        • SOPs
        • Engine and systems monitoring
chief pilot issues identified by c foqa
Chief Pilot Issues Identified by C-FOQA
  • FAR violations
  • Non adherence to SOPs
  • Non adherence to AFM/AOM
  • Flying outside the box
  • Rogue behavior
  • Sloppy flying (training/performance issues)
    • Speed control
    • Bank control
    • Pitch control
    • Non stabilized approach
stabilized approaches
Stabilized Approaches
  • TOD
  • ROD below 1000’ AFE
  • LOC/GS/GP tolerances
  • EGPWS alerts
  • Secondary flight controls over speed
  • High energy approach and landings
  • Long landings
  • High energy braking
event review process
Event Review Process
  • Safety Officer receives an e-mail generated by FDS with the basic details of an event
  • Service provider web site expands on the event
  • FOQA data is then reviewed event by event for outliers and trends

Events are broken down into seconds pre and post

    • Pilots are expected to file an outlier event report
    • Generally they will beat themselves up, they get it
    • Others seem oblivious, they need to get it
    • A peer (line pilot) will then hold an interview if appropriate
    • If a serious event occurs or there is a stalemate the Chief Pilot will take over
  • All data is de-identified
  • Ops Managers do not have open access to the individuals involved
  • Only 3 people have access to the actual event data at HPA
  • Outliers are generally verified by the service provider
  • NASA
room introductions
Room Introductions
  • Name
  • Company
  • Title
next meeting

Tuesday, February 8th

11:30am – 1:00pm

Michael’s Restaurant at Shoreline

2960 Shoreline, Mountain View

Phone: (650) 962-1014


John Swaney

  • Phone: 408-291-2320
  • Email: john.swaney@hp.com