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IETF 62 - IPCDN WG Update PowerPoint Presentation
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IETF 62 - IPCDN WG Update

IETF 62 - IPCDN WG Update

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IETF 62 - IPCDN WG Update

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  1. IETF 62 - IPCDN WG Update Richard Woundy Jean-François Mulé IETF IPCDN Co-Chairs Tuesday March 8, 2005 IPCDN Working Group

  2. Meeting Agenda • Agenda Bashing • Administration • IPCDN DOCSIS MIB Updates • DOCSIS Cable Device MIB v2 draft 07 • DOCSIS RFI MIB draft 13 • Notes on last DOCSIS BPI+ draft 15 update (fyi only) • IPCablecom/PacketCable MIB Updates • Signaling MIB draft 08 • MTA MIB draft 06 • Management Event MIB draft04 • CableHome MIB Modules Withdrawal • Next Steps IPCDN Working Group

  3. Note Well & Intro • Registration included materials referring to RFC 3667 and RFC 3668 • As usual, this IPCDN WG meeting and all IETF contributions are subject to the rules of RFC 3667 and RFC 3668 • Call for: • WG meeting notes takers • Jabber chat room volunteer(s) • Blue sheets These slides can be downloaded at: IPCDN Working Group

  4. Administration • IPCDN WG Charter and Updated Milestones • WG Milestones • WG milestones completed • DOCSIS Subscriber Management – RFC Ed Queue • DOCSIS BPI+ MIB • DOCSIS QoS MIB • Almost completed • DOCSIS Event Notification MIB • DOCSIS RFIv2 MIB • WG Milestones review • Sept 2004 • Update milestone for DOCSIS Cable Device MIB v2 to June 2005? • Update milestones for PacketCable MIBs to June 2005? • WG items to be abandoned • All CableHome MIB modules • Any comments on charter update from WG? IPCDN Working Group

  5. IPCDN DOCSIS MIB Updates IPCDN Working Group

  6. IPCDN DOCSIS MIBs • QoS MIB • Draft 12 released in Feb 2005, addressed all IESG comments • Status: done - in RFC Ed queue • BPI+ • Draft 15 released in Nov 2004 • • Status: done - in RFC Ed queue • Event Notification • Draft 04 considered “done” as far as WG is concerned • Draft 06 released in Jan 2005 to address comments from AD review • • Status: AD Follow-up, need to ping Bert when he returns IPCDN Working Group

  7. IPCDN DOCSIS Cable Device MIB v2draft-ietf-ipcdn-device-mibv2-07 Kevin Marez, Editor February 21 2005 IPCDN Working Group

  8. Cable Device MIB – draft-07 • Submitted on February 18 2005 • draft-ietf-ipcdn-device-mibv2-draft-07.txt • New Author • Kevin Marez, Motorola • Changes • Closed issues • Open issues • No Change • Complete enumerated listing of modifications at and IPCDN Working Group

  9. Closed Issues • References – updated and included new references • Security Considerations – addressed a number of issues regarding read-write and read-create objects not being mentioned. • Persistency of values – Clarification of some objects that did not specify persistency across reboots • Acronyms – expanded multiple acronyms on first usage • Added IMPORT entries for DiffServ • Error cases – included some error cases that were ambiguous in some Descriptions • Formatting – a number of issues were addressing regarding sections and formatting • Structure – added DEFVAL and UNITs clauses to multiple objects • Added IANA Considerations section IPCDN Working Group

  10. Open Issues (1) • Issue: Multiple entries in the docsDevGroups are deprecated • ex: docsDevNmAccessGroup, docsDevSoftwareGroup, etc • Replaced by docsDevGroupsV2 • smilint produces multiple warnings • Resolution: Unknown IPCDN Working Group

  11. Open Issues (2) • Issue: docsDevEvReporting – Description doesn’t mesh with RFC3413 guidelines • RFC3413 defines the rules for notifications (when and how) • RFC3014 defines the logging mechanism • Resolution: Statement of conformance to RFC3413 and RFC3014 in the description? • Do we need to specify differences for SNMPv1/2c vs. SNMPv3? IPCDN Working Group

  12. Open Issues (3) • Issue: Relationship needs to be defined between docsDevEventGroup, docsDevEventGroupv2 and RFC3014 • Resolution: Unknown IPCDN Working Group

  13. Open Issues (4) • Issue: docsDevFilterPolicyObsoleteGroup – what is the purpose of this group? • Since the objects have been obsoleted, is there a reason to have a separate group calling them out? • Resolution: Remove the group entirely IPCDN Working Group

  14. No Changes • SYNTAX clauses – multiple SYNTAX clauses were suggested to be changed, but were not due to backward-compatibility with RFC2669 IPCDN Working Group

  15. Cable Device MIB – draft-07 • Comments/Feedback • IPCDN WG Reflector: • • Special Thanks • Randy Presuhn for providing continuous feedback IPCDN Working Group

  16. IPCDN DOCSIS RFI MIB v2draft-ietf-ipcdn-docs-rfmibv2-13 Eduardo Cardona, Editor February 22 2005 IPCDN Working Group

  17. RFIv2 MIB Draft Status • Draft 11 considered “done” from WG prospective • Published in July 2004 • Address WGLC comments (StorageType object in docsIfCmtsModulationTable ) • AD Review started with draft 12, current status:AD Evaluation::AD follow up • Comments received from Bert Wijnen and Randy Presuhn • List of Changes in draft 13 • Next Slides provide details on pending technical comments that are awaiting resolution (13) • Items 1-4 quick resolution • Items 5-10 Proposed to leave as in ID-12/13 • Items 11-13 not in ID-13 but intended to submit as ID-14 • Technical comments Incorporated ID-13 (many) • Few Administrative comments addressed • Next steps • Validate Pending comments and final resolution • Validate Incorporated Comments in ID-13 • Submit ID-14 IPCDN Working Group

  18. RFIv2 MIB Technical Comments, pending • Clone mechanism • docsIfUpChannelCloneFrom, docsIfUpChannelUpdate and docsIfUpChannelStatus • Comment: Still objections in how that works (?) • Procedure in place in draft 05, refined and Group agreed with text in ID-10 • docsIfCmtsCmStatusEqualizationData • Comment: Justification of OCTET STRING (SIZE(0..512)) • In DOCSIS 1.x (RFC 2670) was left quite open for vendors implementation (no OCTET STRING constrains). • DOCSIS 2.0 has more deterministic size. Leave as DOCSIS 1.x? (no constrains). Note All second generation DOCSIS 1.1 supports RFIv2 MIB ID-05 (no constrains) • docsIfCmtsCmStatusValue Removed in ID-13 enumeration value 8 Added: “Value 8 is considered reserved and should not be defined in future revisions of this MIB module to avoid conflict with documented implementations that support value 8” Valid solution ? • docsIfCmStatusCode • IDs 6-to-12 were SYNTAX OCTET STRING (SIZE (0..16)), • Comment: Size constrain does not match description • ID-13 is back to RFC 2670 SYNTAX OCTET STRING, Examples T02.1 or W035.4, Up to 6 characters but may be extended in the future What should be the range? Plus indication of space for future enhancements. IPCDN Working Group

  19. RFIv2 MIB Technical Comments, pending • docsIfQosProfMaxTransmitBurst • Comment: SYNTAX reads Integer32 (0..65535), instead o Unsigned32. • Docsis 1.1 and 2.0 implementations supports Integer32 since ID-05, • Proposed to leave as is • docsIfDownChannelPower • Comment: Removed Part of the description (compared to RFC2670) • After RFC 2670 publication measurement of power level is mandatory for DOCSIS 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0, see ANSI/SCTE 22-3 2002, SP-OSSIv1.1-I07-030730 and SP-OSSIv2.0-I07-041210 • Removed from DESCRIPTION “May be set to zero at the CM if power level measurement is not supported.” • Proposed to stay with text removed • docsIfQosProfileEntry • Comment: Need rewording • Currently same as RFC 2670. Objects in docsIfQosProfileEntry were not deprecated to support DOCSIS 1.0 mode of operations compatibility. Funcitonality for DOCSIS 1.1 QOS mode of operation is in DOCS-IETF-QOS-MIB • Proposed to leave as is. • docsIfCmStatusLostSyncs • Comment: Needs Units -> UNITS "LostSyncs“ ? • Proposed leave without UNITS clause IPCDN Working Group

  20. RFIv2 MIB Technical Comments, pending • docsIfCmtsCmStatusTimingOffset, docsIfUpChannelTxTimingOffset, • Comment: Needs Units • Objects dimensions are 1/64 of DOCSIS ticks, (ticks = 6.15 usec or 64*1/10240000 Hz ) • UNITS clause value "SixtyFourthOfTicks“ ? DESCRIPTION CLAUSE already describes the units. • Proposed leave without UNITS clause • docsIfCmtsCmStatusHighResolutionTimingOffset • Comment: same as above (9) • Units are 1/(64*256) of DOCSIS ticks "SixtyFourthOfTwoHundredFiftySixthOfTicks“? • Proposed leave without UNITS clause IPCDN Working Group

  21. RFIv2 MIB Technical Comments, pending • DocsisUpstreamType and DocsisUpstreamTypeStatusTCs • Comment: Almost same TCs • Create compliance statement to indicate UpstreamType “minus tdmaAndAtdma” for docsIfCmStatusModulationType • docsIfUpChannelScdmaActiveCodes • Comment: exclude prime numbers from SYNTAX: 67,71,73,79,83,89,97,101,103,107,109,113,127 Syntax will be : SYNTAX Unsigned32 (0|64..66|68..70|72|74..78|80..82|84..88|90..96|98..100|102|104..106|108|110..112|114..126|128) • docsIfSigQMicroreflections, docsIfCmtsCmStatusMicroreflections, docsIfSigQMicroreflections Comment: Is valid to say “SHOULD”? ID-13 says “should” –lowercase-, moreover, “should” could be taken out. “This object is not assumed to return an absolutely accurate value, but should gives a rough indication of microreflections received on this interface. IPCDN Working Group

  22. RFIv2 MIB Draft Changes in ID-13 Technical. • Affects both RFC 2670 defined objects and DOCSIS 2.0 additions. • Back to RFC 2670 • docsIfObsoleteGroup OBJECT-GROUP ::= { docsIfGroups 4 } • docsIfCmtsModPreambleLen, docsIfCmtsModFECErrorCorrection • Extended ranges (new draft), old range included in RFC2670 compliances • docsIfCmtsModType • old and new compliances added WRITE-SYNTAX • docsIfCmtsQosProfilePermissions • Corrected Updated to lower case updateByManagement(1) , createByModems(2) • docsIfCmtsQosProfilePermissions • Added WRITE-SYNTAX clause (excluded createByModems(2) ) in both new and old compliances • docsIfCmtsModControl (RowStatus) • Conditions of writing while a row is active moved from docsIfCmtsModulationEntry object. • docsIfRangingResp, docsIfCmtsInsertionInterval • Indicated reason for obsolete objects • Removed extra level of compliances and groups: • docsIfCompliancesV2 OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { docsIfConformance 3 } • docsIfGroupsV2 OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { docsIfConformance 4 } • Removed, docsIfCmtsOptionalGroupV2 • ID updated to reflect latest DOCSIS requirements Objects in group are now mandatory IPCDN Working Group

  23. RFIv2 MIB Draft Changes in ID-13 Technical. • ID abstract now says Obsoletes RFC 2670 • docsIfUpstreamChannelEntry • docsCableUpstreamInterface(129) fixed to docsCableUpstream(129) • docsIfCmtsMacStorageType,docsIfDownChannelStorageType, docsIfQosProfStorageType, docsIfQosProfStorageType, docsIfCmtsModStorageType added: • Entries with this object set to permanent(4) do not require write operations for read-write objects. • docsIfCmStatusLostSyncs • Added discontinuity statement • docsIfUpChannelModulationProfile, docsIfUpChannelUpdate • Reads error inconsistentValue instead of genErr • docsIfUpChannelScdmaHoppingSeed added: • “Setting this value to a value different than zero for non-SCDMA channel types returns error 'wrongValue‘.“ • Enhanced descriptions of DocsisVersion, DocsisQosVersion, • DocsisUpstreamType, and DocsisUpstreamTypeStatus* • (*) See item 11 technical changes pending IPCDN Working Group

  24. RFIv2 MIB Draft Changes in ID-13 Technical. • UNITS "ThenthdBmV" • docsIfCmtsCmStatusRxPower, docsIfCmStatusTxPower • UNITS "TenthdB" • docsIfCmtsCmStatusSignalNoise, docsIfSigQSignalNoise • UNITS "codewords" • docsIfCmtsCmStatus… Unerroreds, Correcteds, Uncorrectables, ExtUnerroreds, ExtCorrecteds, ExtUncorrectables • UNITS "messages" • docsIfCmtsStatusInvalidRangeReqs, docsIfCmtsStatusInvalidRegReqs, docsIfCmtsStatusInvalidDataReqs, docsIfCmStatusInvalidUcds, docsIfCmStatusInvalidRegistrationResponses, docsIfCmStatusInvalidRangingResponses • UNITS "attempts" • docsIfCmtsStatusRangingAborteds, docsIfCmtsStatusFailedRegReqs, docsIfCmtsInvitedRangingAttempts, docsIfCmServiceTxRetries, docsIfCmServiceRqRetries, docsIfCmStatusRangingAborteds, docsIfCmStatusUCCs, docsIfCmStatusUCCFails • UNITS "timeouts" • docsIfCmtsStatusT5Timeouts, docsIfCmStatusT1Timeouts, docsIfCmStatusT2Timeouts, docsIfCmStatusT3Timeouts, docsIfCmStatusT4Timeouts IPCDN Working Group

  25. RFIv2 MIB Draft Changes in ID-13 Technical. • UNITS "PDUs" • docsIfCmServiceTxExceededs, docsIfCmServiceRqExceededs • UNITS "HundredOfSeconds" • docsIfCmtsInsertInterval, docsIfCmRangingTimeout • UNITS "SIDs" • docsIfCmtsMaxServiceIds • UNITS "maps" • docsIfCmStatusInvalidMaps • UNITS "ticks" • docsIfUpChannelSlotSize • UNITS "codesperMinislots" • docsIfUpChannelScdmaCodesPerSlot • UNITS "spreadIntervals" • docsIfUpChannelScdmaFrameSize IPCDN Working Group

  26. RFIv2 MIB Draft Changes in ID-13 Admin. • Draft moved to XML2RFC ver 1.28 DTD to handle automatically most of the NITS, and RTF document residual binary character inserts. • ID-12 Checked with levkowetz NITS ver 1.58 and smilint. • Added References for RFCs 2670, 3291 • IANA considerations, • Fixed IPR Disclosure Acknowledgement • Section Reformatted to prevent “weird spacing” by automatic tools. IPCDN Working Group

  27. IPCDN DOCSIS BPI Plus MIBdraft-ietf-ipcdn-bpiplus-mib-14,15 Eduardo Cardona, Editor of drafts 11-15 November 2004 IPCDN Working Group

  28. (FYI) BPI+ MIB Draft Changes Draft 15 • Status RFC Queued: • Rooted by IANA as OID 126, • Agreed text for security section on privacy and confidentiality weakness in the BPI+ MIB Module. (RFC-Editor note) BPI+ Encryption Algorithms section: The BPI+ Traffic Encryption Keys (TEK) defined in the DOCSIS BPI+ specification [1] use 40-bit or 56-bit DES for encryption (DES CBC mode). There is currently no mechanism or algorithm defined for data integrity. Due to the DES cryptographic weaknesses, future revisions of the DOCSIS BPI+ specification should introduce more advanced encryption algorithms as proposed in the DocsBpkmDataEncryptAlg textual convention to overcome the progress in cheaper and faster hardware or software decryption tools. Future revisions of the DOCSIS BPI+ specification [1] should also adopt authentication algorithms as described in DocsBpkmDataAuthentAlg textual convention. It is important to note that frequent key changes do not necessarily help to mitigate or reduce the risks of a DES attack. Indeed, the traffic encryption keys which are configured on a per cable modem basis and per BPI+ multicast group can be utilized to decrypt old traffic even when they are no longer in active use. Note that not exempt of the same recommendations as above, the CM BPI+ authorization protocol uses triple DES encryption, which offers improved robustness compared to DES for CM authorization and TEK re-key management. IPCDN Working Group

  29. IPCDN IPCablecom/PacketCableMIB Updates IPCDN Working Group

  30. IPCDN MTA MIBdraft-ietf-ipcdn-pktc-mtamib-06 Eugene Nechamkin & Jean-François Mulé, Editors – January 25 2005 IPCDN Working Group

  31. Status of MTA MIB draft 06 • Draft 04 reviewed by MIB doctor Dave Thaler • Drafts 05 and 06 address all MIB doctor comments • Main Technical Changes in Draft 06 • pktcMtaDevErrorOid table and entry objects: • Clarified what behavior of the agent is when max errors > 1024 per IETF #61 and list consensus • Defined new “TooManyErrorOID” in pktcMtaDevErrorsTooManyErrors to have a mechanism to indicated that too many errors have been encountered without relying on human readable string (to allow internationalization and easier machine processing of such errors) • Updated pktcMtaDevProvConfigKey description to be more specific on privacy algorithms • Open issues in draft 06 raised by preliminary AD review • Objects pktcMtaDevProvUnsolicitedKeyMaxTimeout and pktcMtaDevProvUnsolicitedKeyNomTimeout are read-only but descriptions invoke setting value • pktcMtaDevProvKerbRealmName and pktcMtaDevRealmName syntax (also raised by Randy Presuhn) content MUST be uppercase ASCII => change syntax to DisplayString • Value ranges for { pktcMtaDevRealmAvailSlot, pktcMtaDevRealmIndex} and {pktcMtaDevCmsAvailSlot , pktcMtaDevCmsIndex} are out of sync, is this a problem? • pktcMtaNotifications object notification OID • pktcMtaBasicCompliance and pktcMtaBasicSmtaCompliance MODULE-COMPLIANCE: contain object clauses with descriptions to only require ipv4 compliance but the object syntax is still loose => need to strengthen the syntax clauses to match what the description says • For objects that refer to FQDNs, should we specify when such FQDNs are supposed to be resolved • Next step: Update draft and complete AD review IPCDN Working Group

  32. IPCDN NCS Signaling MIBdraft-ietf-ipcdn-pktc-signaling-08 Sumanth Channabasappa, Editor February 22 2005 IPCDN Working Group

  33. NCS Signaling Draft Changes • See list of changes in archive at: • Technical changes • The MIB table ‘pktcSigDevToneTable’ was reorganized into two different tables for better indexing, and enhanced to accommodate multiple frequencies for each tone • Ref: pktcSigDevMultiFreqToneTable • New MIB Objects were added to support dynamic gain plan negotiation, viz. pktcNcsEndPntConfigTxGain and pktcNcsEndPntConfigRxGain • MIB descriptions and usage of the following MIB Objects were clarified based on comments received by the Working Group: 'pktcNcsEndPntConfigPartialDialTO, pktcNcsEndPntConfigCriticalDialTO, pktcRingCadence , pktcCodecType, pktcSigDevCodecTable • MIB descriptions for the following MIB Objects were updated based on the comments received by the working group: ‘pktcNcsEndPntConfigTSMax’, ‘pktcNcsEndPntConfigTdinit‘,’ ‘pktcNcsEndPntConfigTdmin’, ‘pktcNcsEndPntConfigMinHookFlash’, ‘pktcNcsEndPntConfigPulseDialMaxMakeTime’, ‘pktcSigDevToneWholeToneRepeatCount’ • Other information • A patent disclosure was brought to the attention of the WG by Jean-Francois Mule, ipcdn co-chair IPCDN Working Group

  34. Major suggestions not incorporated • None as of this writing IPCDN Working Group

  35. NCS Signaling MIB Status • IETF NCS Signaling MIB 8 • Posted 2/20 • IPCDN WG Last Call • 7/21-8/10 • Next steps: • New WG Last Call? IPCDN Working Group

  36. IPCDN Management Event MIB for PacketCable/IPCablecom MTA devicesdraft-ietf-ipcdn-pktc-eventmess-04 Sumanth Channabasappa, Editor February 22 2005 IPCDN Working Group

  37. Management Event MIB Draft Changes • See list of changes in archive at: • Technical changes • The draft was aligned with the latest changes made to the PacketCable MEM MIB • The MIB was extended to support ‘Event Classes’ with the addition of the MIB table ‘pktcDevEventClassReportTable ‘ and the MIB Objects ‘pktcDevEventDescrClass’ and ‘pktcDevEvReportingLevel’ • MAX-ACCESS clause for the auxiliary MIB Objects ‘pktcDevEventDescrEnterprise’ and ‘pktcDevEvLogIndex’ were corrected • Editorial Changes • Fixed formatting and accommodated boiler-plate changes • Corrected references • Appropriate terminologies were edited IPCDN Working Group

  38. Major suggestions not incorporated • None as of this writing IPCDN Working Group

  39. Management Event MIB Draft Changes • IETF Management Event MIB 4 • Posted 2/20 • IPCDN WG Last Call • 7/21-8/10 • Next steps: • Need expert and mib doctor review IPCDN Working Group

  40. IPCDN CableHome MIB Modules IPCDN Working Group

  41. Current IETF IPCDN charter includes: -- CableHome Publish MIB documents for: managing attributes of a residential gateway or home router device, managing private address-to-public address mappings for a residential gateway or home router device, managing the address lease acquisition client and the address lease server functionality of a residential gateway or home router device, managing diagnostic utilities used to remotely test the connectivity between a residential gateway and privately -addressed LAN hosts, managing firewall attributes, monitoring firewall attacks, and managing security certificates in a residential gateway or home router device, managing QoS configuration in a residential gateway or home router device. WG work items include 6 IPCDN Internet-Drafts draft-ietf-ipcdn-cable-gateway-config-mib-00draft-ietf-ipcdn-cable-gateway-tools-mib-00draft-ietf-ipcdn-cable-gateway-device-mib-00draft-ietf-ipcdn-cable-gateway-addressing-mib-00draft-ietf-ipcdn-cable-gateway-security-mib-00draft-ietf-ipcdn-cable-gateway-qos-mib-00 IDs Last updated in June 2003 No updates since Internet-Drafts became IPCDN work items Lack of WG interest and participants to make progress in IETF ipcdn WG Chairs Recommendation after consulting with vendors and CableLabs CableHome group:Abandon all above Internet-Drafts and associated WG items as of IETF #62 CableHome MIB Modules Withdrawal IPCDN Working Group

  42. IPCDN WG Next Steps • Finish all DOCSIS MIBs by June 2004 • Finish all work on active IDs • Request publication for • PacketCable/IPCablecom MTA MIB • PacketCable/IPCablecom Signaling MIB • Advance expert + mib doctor reviews for Management Event MIB for MTAs • Revise Charter Milestones for • DOCSIS, PacketCable/IPCablecom • Remove CableHome MIBs if WG chairs recommendation is validated by consensus and ADs IPCDN Working Group