pre departure ceremony july 2 peli 2011
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Pre-Departure Ceremony July 2, PELI-2011

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Pre-Departure Ceremony July 2, PELI-2011 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Pre-Departure Ceremony July 2, PELI-2011. Baela Raza Jamil Director Programs . Pakistani Educational Leadership Project & Institute – or the art of the possible .

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pre departure ceremony july 2 peli 2011

Pre-Departure Ceremony July 2, PELI-2011

Baela Raza Jamil

Director Programs

pakistani educational leadership project institute or the art of the possible
Pakistani Educational Leadership Project & Institute – or the art of the possible
  • We gather today to bid farewell to the 8th Cohort of Pakistani educators ready for the 4 week Summer Institute at Plymouth State University (PSU) sponsored by the US State Department Bureau of Educational & Cultural Affairs (ECA) we must recognize that this is truly a microcosm of what Pakistan symbolizes :
    • Diversity of Landscapes - 9 Areas from FATA to Sindh
    • Diversity of Languages - 12 Languages
    • Diversity of Educational Experiences and Challenges
    • Bonding through rich, highly professional and caring shared experiences in USA & Pakistan as the Pakistani Education Leaders
peli coverage 2004 2011
PELI Coverage 2004-2011








Funded by the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs


pel project institute launched
PEL Project & Institute launched
  • Launched in FY 2003. In 2004 Pakistani Educational Leadership Institute (PELI) was the inaugural program superseding the 9/11 Commission Report that included a recommendation to “strengthen long-term U.S. international commitments to the future of Pakistan.
  • An open competition award in FY2007, an ECA grant supported institute implementation phase in Pakistan was added, creating a more robust & meaningful project.
our partners in pakistan
Our Partners in Pakistan
  • Departments of Education – Public Sector
  • Universities & Higher Education Institutions – Public and Private Sector
  • Education Foundations
  • Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)NGOs
    • An opportunity to network, scale up and multiply the PELI impact… ..upgrade the diploma to a formal degree and share best practices widely and implement widely
pakistani educational leadership institute peli project
Pakistani Educational Leadership Institute (PELI) & Project
  • The Pakistani Educational Leadership Project is a hybrid- takes place in both US and Pakistan
  • Professional development in: a) educational leadership for Pakistani educators and b) a cross-cultural and –educational exchange for Pakistan and U.S. citizens.
  • A Four Weeks Intensive US Phase of Professional development program for secondary level educators housed at Plymouth State University (PSU).
  • Follow-on professional development and implementation activities in Pakistan demonstrate impact and outcomes of institute training
key players
Key players
  • Sponsors: The U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA): grant funded the project
  • Hosts: Plymouth State University : hosts the externally funded project and project director
  • Pakistan Service Providers: Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi (ITA) /Institute for Professional Learning (IPL): sub-award organization
  • Supported by: The US Embassy in Pakistan : For Visa Process & In-country Alumni and other relevant activities/programs
cross cutting areas in peli
Cross Cutting Areas in PELI
  • Science,
  • English,
  • Mathematics,
  • Leadership;
  • Research and Evaluation;
  • ICTs,
  • Environment,
  • Citizenship,
  • Conflict Resolution and
  • Communication
the 8 th pakistani educational leadership institute peli 2011
The 8th Pakistani Educational Leadership Institute (PELI) 2011

Leadership in a Climate of Change

  • “Leadership in a Climate of Change” Project will support development of leadership skills and enhance literacy, specifically in environmental education skills. It will enable citizens to help build a sustainable future as part of a global learning community in the 21st century.    
leadership in a climate of change
Leadership in a Climate of Change


  • Examine tenets of leadership that address change for adaptation to Pakistan’s education reform
  • Explore environmental education models and standards that identify challenges and implement solutions in curricula and community
  • Provide enriched English immersion for enhancement of linguistic skills and cultural understanding
  • Translate Institute content, highlighting best pedagogical practices, into culturally and geographically appropriate initiatives to affect positive change and growth in literacy in communities in Pakistan
  • Share activities and outcomes with the global learning community
  • Foster respect amongst the diverse cultures of Pakistan and the United States by building relationships through cross-cultural and –educational exchanges that transcend boundaries
team for the pel project s summer institute 2011
Team For the PEL Project’s Summer Institute 2011

Project Team:

  • Project Director: Ms. Blakeman H. Allen
  • Pakistan coordinator: Ms. Riffat Ayesha
  • Assistant to the Project: Ms. Sally Kilfoyle
  • Graduate Assistant: Adam Sheetz

Institute Team:

  • Institute Coordinator: Andrea Ladd
  • Mary Lyon Residence Director: Julie Crisafi
  • Mary Lyon Residential Community Advisors: Lisa Dalzell; DeoMwano; Sam Wisel
  • Educational Leadership: Christie Sweeney, Leo Sandy, Kathleen
  • Technology: Jo Ann Guilmet, Norm Shippee. 
  • Master Action Portfolios: Julie Tallman, Kim Sychterz as leads. 
  • Environmental Education : Mary Ann and Marguerite Crowell
overall gender profile for peli
Overall Gender Profile for PELI

Overall % of Women (2004-11) = 70.5 %

Percentage of Women 2011= 75.0%

Female-Male ratio (2004-11)= 2.4 : 1

Female-Male Ratio (2011)= 3.0 : 1

PELI 2011

30 females (75%) and 10 males (25%) from Pakistan for the Summer Institute 2011

criterion for selection in peli
Criterion for Selection in PELI

An overwhelming 85% - 90% of the candidates are from the public sector institutions each year

supplementary criteria
Supplementary Criteria
  • Qualified candidates who have not attended trainings outside Pakistan previously.
  • Equity consideration for candidates in disadvantaged districts/areas.
  • Positive inter-personal and communication skills.
  • High possibility to extend learned skills to maximum teachers/educators upon return from USA.
  • Healthy and not in the family way (due to health complications in travelling).
  • Agree to sign an institutional commitment form for the institute and the post institute work.
selection of the candidates
Selection of the Candidates
  • Institutions are formally approached from geographical areas as per Grant Specifications from the Project USA, for nominations of preferred and alternate candidates (post 9/11 visa regime is strict).
  • Professional/institutional documents are submitted and vetted.
  • Written Tests and interviews of nominated candidates by a panel from ITA, target institution and PELI Alums.
  • Shortlisted candidates’ details are sent to the PELI Committee for review.
  • Successful candidates (both preferred and alternate) are notified for visa processing.
alumni of the program defining features
Alumni of the Program- Defining Features
  • The 160 PELI Alums have trained at least over 200,000 teachers/educators since their return – the MULTIPLIER EFFECT OF TEACHERS WITHOUT FRONTIERS.
  • A majority promoted since returning from the PELI experience.
  • The alumni are armed with attitudinal changes, research designs and master action plans (MAPs) to implement the knowledge skills and attitudes that they have acquired over the 4 week Summer Institute.
  • The alums are facilitated by the ITA-PELI secretariat in Pakistan for (a) MAP or research support grant disbursement and (b) follow up through field monitoring, on-line conversations and documentation.
  • The thematic master action plans of the 2008 -2011 alumni documented available on the websites of ITA/IPL and PELI-PSU.(, and or
professional network of peli alums
Professional Network of PELI Alums
  • The alumni from 2004-2010 encouraged to work through virtual and face-to-face alumni networks
  • ITA has been encouraging PELI alumni to become members of this wider community and to benefit from continuous professional development, professional networking and opportunities for innovation.
  • The Alums of 2010 have just established a registered PELI Alumni Network in Pakistan housed at the Institute of Professional learning (IPL)/ITA.
  • The alumni are being tracked rigorously by ITA/IPL and linked to other networks such as the Professional Teachers Association Network (PTAN) in Pakistan.
  • The PELI Network has just produced its PELI Directory 2004-2010 to be updated each year for outreach to teachers without frontiers
resources available for alumni of u s department of state
Resources Available for Alumni of U.S. Department of State
  • All alumni are encouraged to join the Pakistan-U.S. Alumni Network, an umbrella organization of over 8,000 U.S. government-funded alumni of exchange and English language programs, which actively promotes and funds alumni-organized community activities.
celebrating valuing diversity
Celebrating & Valuing Diversity
  • Each year since 2004 the PEL Project & Institute is best symbolized by local and cross cultural diversity
  • Pakistani educators selected from all corners of the county through a very transparent process- the best and most deserving
  • They spend 4 weeks with each other not just reaching out to their counterparts in USA but also to each other within Pakistan – they rarely have an opportunity to meet across provinces – this Program provides them with just that
  • First Time for Many : Not just the Great Lakes of New Hampshire & Washington but for many it is also Taxila & Islamabad for the first time – an opportunity to celebrate

heritage, rich contexts and value of diversity

proposal i for the future peli ii to be simultaneously held in pakistan in collaboration with psu
Proposal - I for the Future PELI II To be Simultaneously Held in PAKISTAN in Collaboration with PSU
  • Multiplying Education Leadership & Environmental Stewardship for Pakistani Educators in USA & Pakistan
  • Expand the PEL Project & Institute through a two pronged sustainable approach
    • Summer Institute & Follow On Program in Pakistan for 30-40 participants annually – simultaneously on the same pattern as at PSU and in collaboration with PSU
    • Summer Institute in USA /at Plymouth State University & Follow On Program in-country in Pakistan
    • Annual Conference of selected high performers in Pakistan with publishable learning materials for wider usage in Pakistan schools and universities
Proposal II : From PELI Diploma to Masters Program- 15 Graduate Credit Hours by PSUs – A Case of Pioneering Professional Up gradation!
  • Strategic conversations at PSU by 2009 cohort finally led to professional up gradation .. PSU’s College of Graduate Studies (CoGS) supported by its President & Provost have generously decided to award 15 Graduate Credit Hours for the PEL experience in USA & Pakistan . The participants need to enroll in this option upon arrival.
  • In Pakistan the Institute for Professional Learning (IPL), ITA’s subsidiary & its partner universities will provide facilitation in Pakistan for support to the in-country work.
  • We, at IPL can offer blended courses for the extra 15 credit hours to take it to a Masters Program, expanding enrolment in higher education for Pakistan ..for our educators especially women in this case
an opportunity to earn graduate credit hours details
An Opportunity to Earn Graduate Credit Hours- details

Options the On-Campus work:

  • EP 5400 – Educational leadership and Planning (3 cr) – This will be the on-campus MAP course, for which Kim would be the instructor of record (i.e., the person who can enter grades).
  • EP 5430 – Intercultural Human Relations (3 cr) – This will be the work done with Christie, Kathleen, and Leo. Christie would be the instructor of record.
  • EP 5430 – Environmental Stewardship and Intercultural Collaboration (3 cr) – Faculty will be Mary Ann, Warren and Marguerite; Mary Ann will be the instructor of record.

Options MAP – Master Action Plans – Post Summer Institute in Pakistan

  • EP 5440, The work completed after the return to Pakistan (the full MAP) would be worth 6 credits.  If it is allowed by the way the course was set up and approved, participants would register for 6 credits of EP 5440,
  • EP 5410 Capstone Experience. If that is not permitted, they would register for 3 credits of EP 5410, Special Topics in Intercultural Education, as well as 3 credits of EP 5440.
  • George Tuthill would be the instructor of record, and grades would be entered after the final MAPs are received and evaluated by a team of faculty here at PSU.