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Pre-Departure Orientation PowerPoint Presentation
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Pre-Departure Orientation

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Pre-Departure Orientation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Pre-Departure Orientation . Introduction Logistics Safety Issues BREAK Health Issues - Insurance Cultural Awareness Packing. LOGISTICS. Passport and Visas Mail-in Service, Expedited Service, Walk-in Service

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Pre-Departure Orientation

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    1. Pre-Departure Orientation Introduction Logistics Safety Issues BREAK Health Issues - Insurance Cultural Awareness Packing

    2. LOGISTICS • Passport and Visas • • Mail-in Service, Expedited Service, Walk-in Service • Tickets/Photos • Money Matters • Create a budget • Traveler’s Checks, Credit Cards, Currency, ATM & Check Cards • Don’t keep all your money in one place • Packing Tips -PACK LIGHT • Major Hassles (train stations, hotel stairwells etc.) • Airline Limitations

    3. AGENDA – PRE-DEPARTURE ORIENTATION MAY 9 Gateway Center Room 2509 Assuming the Risks for your own health, safety and well-being 9:00 INTRODUCTIONS 9:15 STA TRAVEL: Services that STA can provide ·Discounted Airfares for students ·Advantages of student tickets ·Eurail train passes in Europe, travel passes Australia ·International student identify cards Benefits provided for $25! (I’ll send you the list) ·Assist with travel itineraries ·Travel Tips ·Tour Books 9:30 LOGISTICS CONT’D • Luggage • ID INSIDE & OUT (local and home) • Be able to carry all your belongings • Count luggage pieces each time you move • Packing • What’s the weather going to be like? • Don’t keep everything in one place • Keep essentials in carry-on bag • Make Copies of important documents • passport, travelers checks, credit cards, airline tickets • leave set with family at home

    4. The Basics Passport ATM Card Travelers checks Address Book Travel Insurance Eyeglass prescription/supplies Emergency Phone Numbers Camera, film & batteries Pictures from home Clothes Toiletries Equipment Backpack Money belt/neck pouch Travel combo-lock Rain poncho Electrical converter First Aid Kit Alarm Clock Things to Share Gift for host family Pack Light! PACKING 101

    5. TRAVEL TIPS • Travel Guides • Lonely Planet • Let’s Go • Berkeley Guides • Rough Guide • Get a Journal • Comfortable Shoes • Calling Card • Global One –

    6. SAFETY AND SECURITY Types Of Risks • Minor incidents-pickpockets and scams • Natural Disasters • Civil Unrest • Terrorism Acts-within host country • Terrorism Acts-against Americans • Terrorism in America • Cancellation of Programs • What then?

    7. SAFETY Continued… • Know before you go! • Inform yourself of local and university rules/laws (drugs/ plagiarism etc.) • Know what the US Embassy/Consulate can and cannot do for you • Realize your limitations based on new geography and language abilities • Be prepared to handle unsupportive attitudes: Political and Cultural differences • Avoid Political Demonstrations • Don’t dress like a Southern Californian!

    8. Keep yourself informed: State Dept. Alerts www.state/gov Cautions Advisory Warning SDSU does send out periodic notices via email to students and coordinators abroad but it is your responsibility to check our website at Read local papers and/or Int’l Herald Tribune Listen to BBC or CNN SAFETY


    10. SDSU Paperwork • Academic Approval Form • Contractual/Consortial Agreement • Liability Waiver • Medical Self-Assessment • Change of Address • Power of Attorney (optional) • Financial Aid Forms (FAFSA) Read the “SDSU Student Handbook for Study Abroad”

    11. HEALTH MATTERS • Getting Healthy before you go • Be aware of health conditions in host country and surrounding locations • Review recommended vaccinations • Revisit services of SDSU Health Center • Get Healthy BEFORE you go • Medical Exam • Dental check-up/work • Stay healthy while in-country • Sufficient Sleep • Deal with stress by getting involved in outside activities • Eat/drink sensibly • SARS Update • Review Packet information • Review Centers for Disease Control website

    12. Travel related illnesses include: Diarrhea Tetanus/Typhoid Hepatitis A -contaminated food/water Parasitic Infections Malaria Yellow Fever Dengue Fever Keep the following in mind: Make sure immunizations are up to date Drink only boiled water, coffee, hot tea, canned or bottled carbonated water/soft-drinks, bear or wine Wipe/wash cans and bottles before drinking Avoid ice Take care when eating fresh fruits/vegetables Avoid salads Avoid un-pasturized milk and cheeses Stay away from street vendors In Restaurants: Look for busy restaurants If in doubt—pass on by Use guidebooks for recommendations TRAVEL-RELATED ILLNESSES

    13. PRESCRIPTIONS & INJECTIONS • Remember: • Consult with your doctor • Wear/Carry ID regarding any medical conditions • Carry a letter from physician describing medication and any treatment you may need • MEDICINES • Bring enough for trip • Bring copies of prescriptions, including generic names • Keep medicines in original containers • Bring an extra set of glasses AND eye prescription • Note Special health needs on medical history forms/host family questionnaires • Educate yourself about laws regarding importation of medicines

    14. HEALTH MATTERS continued… • English-Speaking Medical Care Abroad • Program Director/On-site Coordinator • American-Embassy/Consulate/Hotels/Travel Agencies • AIDS - SAME CONDITIONS APPLY OVERSEAS! • Protect yourself from: • Unprotected Sex • In Developing Countries-Bring own supply of LATEX condoms • Be careful of unscreened blood – avoid transfusions, shots • Be aware of use of unsterile needles-including both drug and tattoos • Know your HIV status—Some countries deny entry for HIV+ people • Educate yourself • Log onto CDS website • Copy list of emergency numbers for help if you get into trouble

    15. INSURANCE Mandatory Medical Insurance (must include: repatriation, medical evacuation benefits) • You must have Medical/Accident Insurance • You might need liability insurance • Understand what’s covered/required • Do you have to pre-pay costs, get reimbursed? • Carry or download reimbursement forms/information • KNOW HOW TO OBTAIN HELP ---know your policy • One of three types of Insurance are required: 1) Purchase SDSU Insurance or 2) Provide other insurance such as an HMO, PPO (Kaiser, Blue Cross, HealthNet, etc.) PLUS the purchase of the SDSU Repatriation/Medical Evacuation Insurance. The International Student ID Card is not acceptable 3) Purchase required national government insurance PLUS the SDSU Repatriation/Med. Evac. Insurance

    16. CULTURAL ADJUSTMENT • Initial Anxiety • Honeymoon • Culture Shock • Initial Acceptance • Mental Isolation • Acceptance • Reentry Shock F E E L I N G S TIME

    17. Defining Culture Examples of different patterns of behavior What does it mean to be an American? Personal Space In/interdependence Use of Rules What are host country values regarding… Personal space? Rules? Professors? Seniors? Group vs. Individual? Time? CULTURAL AWARENESS

    18. CONTACT INFO • Vikki Serrano- Travel/Study Programs (619) 594-5154 or • Robert Carolin-International Student Center (619) 594-3440 or • Angie Caruso-Financial Aid (619) 594-1632 or • Debbie Hegmann-Disbursement (619) 594-1532 or • Melissa Zimmerman-Cashier’s (619) 594-4469 or • Schedule of Classes:

    19. Bon Voyage! Buen Viaje! Shchestlivogo Puti! Kiotskete! Gute Reise!