chapter 18 changes during adolescence n.
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Chapter 18 Changes During Adolescence PowerPoint Presentation
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Chapter 18 Changes During Adolescence

Chapter 18 Changes During Adolescence

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Chapter 18 Changes During Adolescence

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  1. Chapter 18Changes During Adolescence

  2. Adolescence begins with puberty as a person starts to mature physically, emotionally, and mentally.

  3. Puberty: A Time of Changes Adolescents begin moving toward adulthood during puberty. After infancy, adolescence is the second fastest period of growth.

  4. Puberty: A Time of Changes Adolescence is a time of many challenges and changes. Adolescence The period between childhood and adulthood

  5. Puberty: A Time of Changes Voice Changes Body Begins to Fill Out Physical Growth

  6. Puberty: A Time of Changes Puberty usually begins sometime between the ages of 12 and 18. Puberty The time when a person begins to develop certain traits of adults of his or her gender

  7. Puberty: A Time of Changes Hormones are chemical substances produced in glands that regulate many of the body’s functions and create changes that affect teens during puberty.

  8. Physical Changes During puberty, sex characteristics develop. Sex characteristics are traits related to a person’s gender.

  9. Physical Changes Primary sex characteristics relate to the production of reproductive cells, or gametes. The onset of these changes indicates sexual maturity and the ability to reproduce.

  10. Physical Changes The male gametes are sperm. The production of sperm by the testes begins at puberty.

  11. Physical Changes The female gametes are the eggs, or ova. At birth, a female’s body contains all the eggs she will ever produce. The eggs mature during puberty, with the onset of ovulation.

  12. Physical Changes In any group of teens, there is a variety of body sizes and shapes. Growth rates vary from person to person.

  13. Physical Changes

  14. Mental and Emotional Changes The cerebrum, though, continues to develop during adolescence, increasing memory and cognition. Cognition The ability to reason and think out abstract solutions

  15. Mental and Emotional Changes

  16. Mental and Emotional Changes During adolescence you will learn to anticipate the consequences of a particular action understand different points of view think logically

  17. Mental and Emotional Changes Most adolescents begin to search for Personal values A sense of self Meaning

  18. Social Changes Friends from different cultural backgrounds share their traditions and cultural interests.

  19. Accomplishments in Adolescence Adolescents will develop independence, find their identity, and establish their personal values. You will begin to establish career goals, and you will find that practicing healthful, responsible behaviors will help you achieve these goals.

  20. Accomplishments in Adolescence Emotional and psychological independence Personal value system Accomplishments in Adolescence Vocational goals Control over behavior