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The Challenge How to eliminate the inherent inaccuracy of tote tanks? PowerPoint Presentation
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The Challenge How to eliminate the inherent inaccuracy of tote tanks?

The Challenge How to eliminate the inherent inaccuracy of tote tanks?

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The Challenge How to eliminate the inherent inaccuracy of tote tanks?

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  1. The Challenge How to eliminate the inherent inaccuracy of tote tanks?

  2. The Solution ELIMS 6500 Gallon 10ft. X 12ft. Bulk Poly Tank

  3. The foot print of 5 Poly Tanks is the same as a single 500 bbl. Frac Tank

  4. Proposed Equipment vs Existing Equipment ONE POLY TANK REPLACES 20 TOTES

  5. Additional Benefits Eliminate inventory adjustments & write offs (100% savings / job) Real time on-site field inventory management Fewer man-hours in the field and in the yard (approx. $6,000.00 / job) Reduced trailer fleet rental expense (approx. $5,500.00 / job) Reduced third party hauling/demurrage (approx. $8,000.00 / job) Eliminate tote disposal cost (approx. $10,500.00 / job) Eliminate partial tote handling, consolidation, risk of contamination Reduced risk of tote connection spills (environmental & safety concerns) On-site end of job print out of chemical totals

  6. ELIMS at work

  7. -3” Inlet and Outlet provide ideal flow characteristics -Check Valves on both sides - The latest configuration has a 90 degree fitting that alleviates space issues and allows more configuration options Poly Tank Connections outlet assembly inlet assembly

  8. Poly Tank Level Monitoring Wireless Communication to each individual tank (up to 16) within 400 feet line-of-sight Master Monitoring Panel is a portable self contained unit that allows for the local level and real time monitoring of each individual tank.

  9. Logged totals can be printed after each stage or at the end of the job. Printouts can be all totals, totals per tank, present stage totals or totals for all stages.

  10. ELIMS can be utilized to monitor fluid level in any container the customer needs.

  11. Master Monitoring Panel Display 1 CLAYMAX SURFACTANT SURFACTANT 4000 gal. 3000 gal. 300 gal. FR FR X-LINKER 5000 gal. 4500 gal. 4500 gal.

  12. Off Location Remote Monitoring Monitor the progress from any desktop or laptop computer with Internet connection

  13. Satellite Communications Improved communication technology has allowed ELIMS to maintain website access to in-field data without cell service coverage. Geostationary Earth Orbit satellites eliminate issues with satellite connectivity experienced in the past.

  14. Solids Monitoring ELIMS has the ability to monitor bulk solids as well. Seamless integration into the ELIMS system adds the capability for ELIMS to monitor all consumables on any frac site.

  15. 3D Solids Monitoring The sensor technology adds 3D mapping of the solid volume which can be converted into a weight figure if desired. Multiple 3D heads can be outfitted to solids containers to ensure every compartment is monitored with an accuracy near 1% while consuming.

  16. Safety Valve • Automated • Electronicaly Actuated • Programmable • Manual Over-Ride • Remote Over-Ride • Alarm Indicator • The Safety Valve is programmable with customer determined set points. • Set points are entered into the touch screen monitor and can be adjusted, over-ridden, and/or eliminated at any time. • - Alarm Indicators are shown on the monitor allowing the customer to diagnose and repair the issue as quickly as possible.

  17. All remote data can be viewed via an Internet connection by logging in at

  18. Each user will be provided a user name based on their email address and a temporary password that can be changed by the user at any time.

  19. Current tank levels and historical data can be viewed in multiple formats.

  20. A database of historical pumping volumes is compiled at the end of every job and is accessible by authorized users on the website at zero cost.

  21. Job History to Date Jobs that have used ELIMS: 44 Jobs that have used ELIMS successfully: 44 Crews currently running ELIMS: 7 Stages completed using ELIMS: 533 Pumped gallons monitored by ELIMS: 400,000+ Potential error savings: 32,000 gallons and countless hours of labor

  22. Chemical Usage • Types of chemicals being used to date: • - Clay Control • Low pH buffer • High pH buffer • - Guar Gel • Delayed Borate X-Linker • Instant Borate X-Linker • FR • Surfactant • Gel Stabilizer • Chemicals and solids planned for future use: • Breaker • Scale Inhibitor • Acids • Acidizing Chemicals • Water • Frac Sand • Dry Guar

  23. Areas of Operations Current Operations: Main Operations and Production Facility – Houston, Tx Field Technician – Kilgore, Tx Bulk Storage Facility (Soon)– Waskom, Tx Field Technician – Pleasanton, Tx Bulk Storage Facility – Karnes City, Tx Warehousing Facility – Midland, Tx Planned Areas of Expansion: Utica Eagle Ford Haynesville Williston Basin Marcellus Wolfberry Niobrara

  24. The new cost effective and safe way to monitor your consumables in the field, office, mobile phone, home, deer stand, or anywhere an internet connection is available. The ELIMS solution