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Stockholm Police PowerPoint Presentation
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Stockholm Police

Stockholm Police

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Stockholm Police

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  1. Superintendent Ewa Carlenfors Senior Public Prosecutor Eva Wintzell Stockholm Police

  2. National Task Force Against Prostitution /Trafficking Police Units in Stockholm, Malmö, Gothenburg Prosecutors office, International OfficesThe Swedish Migration Board Social services in Stockholm, Gothenburg and MalmoKAST-UnitA flexible and adjustable composition depending on needs

  3. Staff - Head of Division - Group Manager of investigators - Coordination (2) - Surveillance Teams (2 Teams 1+5) - Investigators (9) - Social Services Coordinator50% (1) - Administrative help etc.(1) Stockholm Police

  4. Method - Pre surveillance and case analysis - Surveillance - Investigation - Preliminary research done for the prosecutor The precondition for successful work is that all groups involved in the various efforts work together. Investigators and prosecutors are already involved in the pre surveillance phase and follow the case all the way to court. Stockholm Police

  5. Trafficking in Sweden - Sweden is not a source country for trafficking but a transit as well as destination country. - Around 400 to 600 women and girls that are victims of trafficking come to Sweden every year. NCID- National Rapporteur - Most of them come from the Baltic countries, Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. Cases from Thailand, Nigeria, India, Venezuela etc. Stockholm Police

  6. Organ Trade Trafficking BrB 4:1a Sentence of at leasttwo years up to 10 years Forcedlabour Sexualexploitation

  7. Trafficking BrB 4:1a Chapter 4 § 1 a of the Penal Code (2010:371) A person who, in a case other than those stated in Section 1, by using unlawful coercion or deceit, by exploiting someone’s vulnerability or by any other such improper means, recruits, transports, transfers, harbours or receives a person with the aim of exploiting him or her for sexual purposes, the removal of organs, military service, forced labour or any other activity in a situation that involves distress for the person thus exploited, shall be convicted of human trafficking and sentenced to a minimum of two years and a maximum of ten years in prison. Anyone who commits a crime as referred to in paragraph 1 against a person who has not yet reached the age of eighteen, shall be convicted of human trafficking even if none of the improper means stated therein have been used. If a crime, as referred to in paragraph 1 or 2, is of a less serious nature, this is punishable with up to four years imprisonment

  8. Procuring / Aggravated procuring, BrB 6:12 • - Anyone who promotes or undue economic advantage that a person has casual sexual relations against payment • - Imprisonment for at least 2 years or up to 8 years • - Imprisonment for up to 4 years

  9. Procuring/ aggravated procuringChapter 6 § 12 of the Penal Code (2004:406) “Anyone who encourages or improperly economically exploits a person having casual sexual relations in return for payment is sentenced for procuring to a term of imprisonment of a maximum of four years. If a person who has leased an apartment with a right of usage becomes aware that the apartment is being used entirely or to a significant degree for casual sexual relations in return for payment and does not do what may reasonably be expected in order for the lease to come to an end, and if this activity continues or is resumed in the apartment, then he or she shall be regarded as having promoted the activity and will be sentenced for culpability in compliance with para. 1. If a crime as referred to in para.1 or 2 is regarded as grievous, then the perpetrator shall be convicted for aggravated procuring and sentenced to a term of imprisonment of a minimum of two and a maximum of eight years. When considering whether or not the crime is grievous, special attention shall be paid to whether the activity was conducted on a large scale, entailed significant financial gain or involved the ruthless exploitation of another person.” Stockholm Police

  10. Examples of procuring

  11. Sex purchase law “A person who, obtains casual sexual relations in return for payment, shall be convicted of purchasing a sexual service and sentenced to a fine or a prison term of at most 1 year. The provision of the first paragraph also applies if the payment was promised or given by another person.” (Swedish Penal Code, chapter 6, section 11) Stockholm Police

  12. Sex purchase law -Attempt is illegal -Helping someone else is illegal -The payment can be other than money -The law is gender-neutral Stockholm Police

  13. Not a victim - Unwillingto be labeled as a victim - Unawere of her rights and the assistance granted to a victim of trafficking - Having feelings of guilt or shame - Afraid of revenge - Afraid of imprisonment - Dependent on the abuser (“Stockholm Syndrome”) - Regardingher situation as ”better” thanprevious Stockholm Police

  14. Background Demand perspective -A focus on the root causes, the recognition that without men’s demand for the use of women and children for sexual exploitation, the global prostitution industry and the organizing networks would not be able to flourish and expand -With no demand for sexual services there will be no market for sexual services -It's all about the demand – sexbuyers feeds the traffickers. The traffickers can not survive without the sexbuyers Stockholm Police

  15. Prostitution in Sweden Open prostitution Hidden prostitution

  16. Location process

  17. Ewa c Stockholm Police

  18. Suspects in case ”Daniela”

  19. Map Romania, Bucharest and surroundings

  20. Ireland/ NorthernIreland

  21. Igor shopping in Galway

  22. Lura, Isabelle, Monica and Lisa in Belfast

  23. Suspects in Stockholm April 2012

  24. Suspects and girls in Stockholm

  25. Persuade the woman to tell - the invisibleprison -get herconfidence -several hearings -detailquestions

  26. Identifya victimof human trafficking

  27. Laura from a suspect in custody to a thbvictim

  28. Economicanalysis as evidence

  29. Igor receivestotally 333 066 kr

  30. Most importantchallenges -Get supportiveevidence (witness, wiretapping, films and photos) -pedagogicalchallenge, the Presentation of the case in court,

  31. Aggravated procuring or trafficking - 1. recruits, transports, transfers, harbours or receives a person 2. by using unlawful coercion or deceit, by exploiting someone´s vulnerability or by any other such improper means 3. with the aim of exploiting him or her for sexual purposes

  32. Thank you Ewa Carlenfors, superintendent Eva Wintzell, senior public prosecutor Stockholm Police